(Minghui.org) Not all judges know the law as well as they should.

After I was released from 10 years in prison in July 2020, officers with the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, the 610 Office, and the police station told me to check in with the local police once a month for the next year. I didn’t want them to come to my home, so I went to see them at the judicial office.

Local Officials Listen and Understand

Actually, they were curious as to why I hadn’t been “transformed” during those 10 years. By the end of my term, I refused to even look at—let alone sign—any documents. They knew I hadn’t signed anything during that time, so why would I sign for them now? They did not insist on getting my signature.

A few months later, two police officers and one neighborhood official came to my home. One of them started to record me with a small video camera as proof that they’d visited me.

I stopped him and said, “What you are doing will harm you! No one who participates in the persecution of Falun Gong will come to a good end. Heaven has brought about the pandemic to weed out the bad people!”

They said, “China has the pandemic under control.”

“Really?” I asked. “Don’t you realize that all of us are important and have come to this earth from high levels? That is why Heaven has given the Chinese people chance after chance to know the truth! If you still don’t value this period of time, you will face even more dire consequences!

“Look at Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Li Dongsheng, and those in the 610 Office in charge of persecuting Falun Gong. Aren’t they incurring retribution?” They all tacitly agreed.

I said, “We have a great predestined relationship. You see me once a month so that I can explain the facts to you.” They understood and left and never harassed me again. And I never did go to the judicial office.

Keeping Further Harassment at Bay

Someone with the Intermediate Court called me on June 25, 2021. Judge He told me that they’d received a “letter of appeal” that I’d written in 2017. The Supreme Court had forwarded it to them, and they wanted additional information from me.

My family members told me not to go and not to believe any of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) claims. They did not think the CCP was qualified to rehabilitate Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa). They did not want me to be harassed any further.

But I thought, although I was released from prison, the persecution was still continuing. Besides, my Dafa books had still not been returned, and I still had not received my pension. I should go and clarify the truth!

I agreed to see judge He. I consulted some articles on the Minghui website about writing letters of appeal and the pertinent laws. I went to the courthouse on the morning of July 23, 2021. Judge He was waiting for me in her office.

She asked about the “appeal letter.” I said, “I wrote about 40 appeal letters to the Supreme Court to request that all the charges against me be dropped and that I be released immediately. They never responded other than to send me a ‘refusal notice’ in 2016. I won’t give up my right to appeal!” The judge said, “Yes, you can still appeal to the People’s Congress and the Political Consultative Conference.”

She then asked, “Not even one day of your prison term was commuted?” I said, “No.” The two people working in the same office stopped what they were doing and listened carefully.

I said, “I refused to plead guilty and insisted on my belief. That’s why they didn’t reduce my sentence. I went home with a clear conscience. I always try to be a good person by following the Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I try to consider others’ needs first and endure hardship. Since I have been practicing Falun Gong, I’ve improved my health and moral standards and maintained harmony in my family. I am benefiting society and the nation. However, I was wronged and sentenced to 10 years in prison. I can’t accept that!”

When she then said, “But Falun Gong is a cult,” I quickly challenged her: “You are a judge. Please quote the law that supports that statement!” She couldn’t, so I told her, “No law in China says that practicing Falun Gong is illegal. In fact, Document No.50 of the National Press and Publication Administration has lifted the ban on Falun Gong books, so it is legal to possess Falun Gong books! But you never returned my books.”

I asked her if she had any more questions, and she asked again, “Not even one day of your 10-year prison term was commuted?” I reaffirmed that I’d served every day of those unjust 10 years. When she asked if I’d followed the correct procedures when I wrote and mailed my letters of appeal, I said, “Yes, it is a detainee’s right to appeal. I followed the standard format and put the letters in the appeals mailbox. In fact, I saw the officer from the Procuratorate who was stationed in the prison take the letters once a month.” She said, “I am taking note of what you said today. So you won’t sign it?” I said, “No, I won’t.”

I reminded the judge of the law calmly and compassionately. On my way home, I enlightened that Master had given me hints and inspired me. I understood that I should continue to study the Fa well, cultivate myself well, clarify the truth better, and save more people!