(Minghui.org) There have been many ups and downs in in the world in the past two years, and sometimes our thoughts have fluctuated along with them. Although the things happening in the world are related to the elimination of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), we should not be attached to them.

We tend to extrapolate, analyze, and draw conclusions about what is happening in the world with our human mindsets. For example, if we see something that seems to be good for the destruction of the CCP, we are happy. If something happens that seems to uphold the CCP, we are depressed. But actually, things may not be what they seem. The events were arranged by gods so we don’t know what their ultimate purpose is.

Master said,

“Our ordinary human society progresses according to the law of history’s development. You may wish it to develop in a certain way and to achieve a certain goal, but those higher lives do not consider it this way.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

It is very difficult to fully understand higher lives’ true arrangements with ordinary human thoughts. There are many things that cannot be imagined with human reasoning about the divine’s arrangements—and unless gods reveal the true situation people may never see it.

We therefore don’t need to be attached to when the CCP will fall, nor should we rely on certain persons or events. Everything is determined and done by gods. Heaven is going to eliminate the CCP, so we need not worry.

What we should focus on is exposing it’s crimes in order to save people. We need to continue doing the three things better and save more people in the very limited time we have left.