(Minghui.org) Back in 2009, I made a conscious decision to improve my life. I worked on six gardens in addition to working in the fields. I got up early and worked until very late. For the whole year, I hadn’t studied the Fa well and didn’t do the exercises. I put all my effort into my work and was very tired. As a result, I had a fever and a severe cough for over two months.

My Condition Deteriorates

I didn’t give it much thought and was soon too tired to work. I lay down and didn’t even have the energy to heat our Kang bed-stove (a traditional bed with heated stones used in northern China during the winter).

My husband worked away from home, so I didn’t tell him of my condition. However, he heard from our relatives that I was sick and returned. He saw me coughing all night long and complained that I hadn’t seen a doctor. 

I didn’t want him to have misunderstandings about my faith in Falun Dafa so I went to see a doctor at a hospital in Jilin Province. The doctor asked me how long I had been like this. He didn’t believe me when I told him it had been two months and commented, “I don’t believe you. I would believe it if you said two years!”

I had a bronchoscopy but the doctors couldn’t give a proper diagnosis. I then went to a larger hospital in Changchun to have another bronchoscopy, where five medical experts finally diagnosed me with lung cancer.

My family wasn’t sure what to do. My sisters and sisters-in-law cried. I was at a loss, and no one dared to tell me or let me leave the hospital. They merely said that they were waiting for the results.

I couldn’t eat and was very tired. I was also unable to breathe through my nose, had swollen eyes, and was skin and bones. A relative told me that I would probably live for only two more months.

Returning to the Fa

I had stayed in the hospital long enough. I felt uncomfortable having an injection and threw up when I took medicine. I told my older sister, “I don’t want to wait for the results anymore. I won’t be scared even if it is cancer. Let me return home to study the Fa and do the exercises. Master Li (Dafa’s founder) will take care of me.”

I remembered a story of a Dafa practitioner who was diagnosed with cancer. There was no hope for him. He didn’t think anything of it and only focused on Fa study, and his disease disappeared.

When I returned home, my husband still needed to work to support the family so he couldn’t stay to take care of me. My two children also needed to go to school, so we decided to stay at my mother’s home.

Fellow practitioners knew my situation and came to see me. They shared their experiences and gave me an MP3 player so I could listen to the Fa and do the exercises. I needed to look within to find my shortcomings.

I hadn’t studied the Fa or done the exercises for a year. Instead, I quarreled with people with strong attachments to profit. As a result, I spent all the money we earned and fell into debt. When I faced conflicts, I didn’t look within and was quick to criticize others.

I realized that I was wrong, so I changed my many incorrect thoughts and started to use the Fa's standards to measure myself. In addition, with the care and encouragement from fellow practitioners, I recovered very soon.

At first, I couldn’t do the exercises well. My sister, also a Dafa practitioner, frequently called to encourage me to keep doing them. I was afraid to disappoint her, so I tried to do them even when I didn’t want to. I am now very thankful to her.

The most touching thing is before the Chinese New Year, two practitioners rode a motorcycle in heavy snow to my mother’s home while asking for directions the entire way. My mother was very moved, “Dafa practitioners are closer than relatives!”

I was determined to study the Fa and do the exercises well. Otherwise, I would fail to live up to Master’s expectations, and the devotion of my fellow practitioners.

People Praise Dafa

Half a year later, my nose was no longer blocked. I could breathe normally, eat well, and walk outside. My neighbors saw me return home and exclaimed, “Falun Dafa is good. Please continue to practice Dafa!” Obviously, everyone knew I was once in critical condition.

A neighbor saw me walking on the street and turned to his coworker and said, “Who would say Falun Dafa is bad? See this woman, she’s doing much better than before.”

A person from another village came to my home to look for my husband. He looked puzzled and asked, “Are you his wife?”

“Yes,” I replied with a big smile. “Did you think I had died?” He had an embarrassed expression. People in over 10 villages knew about my illness and were certain that I wouldn’t survive.

My Family Is Blessed

My family found some secret herbal remedies that I tried, but I later realized everything was caused by karma. Whatever I suffer is to pay off my karmic debt, so I stopped taking any form of medicine. My siblings were angry, so I had to explain it to them patiently: “It’s okay, I have my Master and will be fine.”

My mother backed me up, “Yes, she has Master. What are you worried about?”

Because of her positive thoughts, my mother has been blessed with good health. She is over 80 and can still take a cart full of produce to sell at the market.

My daughter had a mid-term exam and was stuck on a question. After she finished the remaining part, she rested her head on the desk and thought, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” She then asked Master to help her figure out the answer.

She soon knew what to do. When she returned home, she exclaimed, “Mom, Master opened my wisdom!” It turned out that she got the top score in her class.

My husband once crashed his motorcycle while drunk and fractured his shoulder. I told him to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” and Master would take care of him.

He didn’t feel pain for the whole night after surgery and didn’t need to take any painkillers. I knew Master helped my husband. Because of the persecution these past years, he has suffered a lot from the pressure.

When one person learns Dafa, the whole family benefits. Thank you, Master! Your infinite grace illuminates my home!