(Minghui.org) One night last August while I was in the shower, I had three visitors come to my house. I walked into the room and saw that two of them were wearing uniforms, and one was in plainclothes. I was startled, and then my righteous thoughts arose. My family had served them tea. I smiled and sat down with them.

The one dressed in plainclothes said he was a Party secretary. He was friendly and asked me if I still practiced Falun Dafa. When I responded with a yes, one of the others said it was against the government and I should stop. I explained it was not the government that opposed Dafa. He stayed quiet but attempted to take my photo. I told him I would not talk to them if he took my photo, and he stopped.

I began to think that I am the protagonist and they must listen to me. I told them that I previously had many illnesses, such as gastroenteritis and hemorrhoids, among others. Although not serious, I was uncomfortable. The illnesses were all cured after I began to practice Falun Dafa. That was not the only positive change in me. I used to be a difficult person, selfish and only thinking of myself. Now I am correcting my behavior and letting go of my anger.

I told them that it was only because of Falun Dafa that my health and behavior improved. I said, “You told me to give up the Falun Dafa exercises, what should I do when I get sick, as the hospital could not cure me.” They were speechless. I also said that now the country is open. People travel abroad and come back, saying that Dafa is good. Can there be anything wrong with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance? On the contrary, it is the best. I said history will prove it all, just watch!

During the visit, my practicing family member kept sending forth righteous thoughts in the room. He saw in his celestial eye that the evil were injured, killed or ran away. In this dimension, the visitors seemed to be restrained. The eldest of the group kept perspiring and wiping his forehead. He stood up to leave. One uniformed agent asked me to read his flyer before they left. I refused.

We protect ourselves with righteous thoughts. The visit was over in less than an hour. Afterwards I realized that we need to remember at all times that we are cultivators. The evil is gone with strong righteous thoughts. With Master by our side, we can remain peaceful inside as well as on the surface, for we have nothing to fear.