(Minghui.org) I had been very ill since childhood. When I was only in my 30s, I had all kinds of illnesses, my life seemed to come to an end. Then through Falun Dafa cultivation, I regained a new life.

Struggling with Severe Illness 

After I turned 30, I suffered from more than 10 kinds of major and minor illnesses, the most serious ones being neurasthenia, gynecological diseases, and heart disease. A nervous breakdown made me often sleepless. On the next day, I felt dizzy and my head was heavy. As soon as my heart felt discomfort I lost consciousness. I had to put some cold water on top of my head. 

After I gave birth to my daughter, I had back pain every day. All year around, my legs felt cold from the knees down, and I felt my lower legs discharging a lot of cold air. In summer, I didn’t feel warm even though I put a thick quilt over me. Sometimes, I woke up from being cold after falling asleep. 

Without my existing illnesses being healed, I developed new ones. My lower back hurt even more to the point where I couldn’t sit for a little while. When I relapsed, both my legs and thighs were sore. In addition, this disease caused my thigh to be crooked. As a result, I limped when walking.

My family was not financially well off. But, in order to cure my illnesses, I had to take a lot of medicines. Sometimes when some domestic medicines had no effect on me, the doctor would have to prescribe imported medicines. He told me because of the side effect, I could only take a small portion. 

When I was between 37 and 38 years old, my illnesses worsened and I was in great discomfort. I lacked strength every day and always felt tired. I could barely carry anything and was short of breath when walking.

An Amazing Story of My Oldest Sister 

One day in mid December 1998, I went to celebrate my father’s birthday. I saw my oldest sister who had traveled for thousands of miles away to see our father. After we had dinner, my oldest sister, who was 49 years old, began to talk about her miraculous stories – How the miracles of Falun Dafa manifested in her in terms of her health improvement. She said she used to have a excessive and longterm menstrual bleeding. She went to see doctors from two leading hospitals, but none of them could help her. At that time, her hemoglobin was only a few grams, and she was at the brink of death. Her family was in distress and helpless. 

Her friend told her about Falun Dafa in 1998. Then her friend invited her to go to the practice site to watch Master’s Fa-lecture recordings. She said sadly, “My health is like this already, I can’t be bothered with cultivating Buddhahood. I won’t go.” But her friend still insisted on her going, she said, “I want you to go to take a look. It doesn’t cost you anything. Even cancer patients recovered, why wouldn’t you!” My biggest sister went along with her. 

When she came to the practice site, she felt her body was very comfortable. While watching Master’s lecture recordings, she could feel Master’s compassion. It was as if it was something that she was waiting for. The more she listened to Master’s lectures, the more she enjoyed listening to them. After she finished watching them, her bleeding stopped, and she had recovered from her other illnesses.

At that time, because I was an atheist, I didn’t know what Buddhas, Daos and gods were about. I also didn’t believe the miraculous stories that my oldest sister shared with me. But when I saw my sister’s rosy complexion and healthy body, I thought to myself: Look at my sister’s complexion through practicing Falun Dafa, it was so wonderful! Whereas I still limped and led a difficult life. 

Recovered from Illnesses Within a Few Days

The next day my oldest sister and I took the same bus. She continued to talk to me about the benefits of practicing Dafa. I didn’t seem to take it to heart, nor wanted to. However, she told me that Falun Dafa teaches people to be good people, not to fight or talk back. I was a bit shocked and said to my sister, “It’s so great to be good people. I’ll follow you to practice Falun Dafa.” She said she’d arrange some time to teach me. Then I got off the bus. 

A few days later, as she promised, she came to teach me the exercises, she also brought Master’s lecture recordings in Jinan City, and the exercise music. On the first day, she taught me how to do the standing exercises, then on day four, she showed me how to do the sitting meditation. Only after I finished learning the sitting meditation, did I remember I was sitting, since I didn’t feel any pain in my lower back. Before that, I couldn’t sit for one minute. Also from then on, my lower back no longer hurt. 

Only within a few days after I learned the exercises amazing things happened to me: I had recovered from all my illnesses. I was in good spirits and I could fall asleep easily at night. I had rosy complexion, compared to my poor complexion from before. Since I didn’t need any medicine I tossed it all. It has been 23 years passed since then and I have been healthy. 

When my sister left, she asked me to find a practice site, to study the Fa and do the exercises with fellow practitioners. I asked her, “Where should I go to find one?” My sister said, “Since our Master began to impart the Fa in 1992 up to now (1998), people from all levels and trades, seniors and children, people of all different ages all practice Falun Dafa. There are many big and small practice sites all over the country.” I said, “So many people practice it, but how come I didn’t know about that? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

In a few days, I went to a practitioner’s home to return her copy of Zhuan Falun. When I was half way to her home, I felt my body was as light as a feather. I wondered how come it was like that, it was truly amazing! 

Before that, when I walked, I would be short of breath. I never knew the feeling of being illness-free. But right then, I felt it. I couldn’t express in words this kind of wonderful feeling! I felt so delighted for being be able to cultivate in Dafa. It was my wonderful Master who had me truly experience the beauty of having illness-free and witness the preciousness of Dafa. 

My Colleagues Praise Falun Dafa

After I began to cultivate, I felt I was filled with energy. At work, I didn’t need my coworkers to help me lift up heavy items any more. Also in order to be a good person, I stopped only picking light-duty work. When my colleague asked me, “Do you think you can lift the tub of laundry paste?” I said, “I sure can.” She was very surprised, saying, “My sister, you seem to be uplifted, as if a new person. You can really lift the tub, can you? You told me your illnesses were gone, and your lower back doesn’t hurt any more. How did that happen?” I said to her happily, “I was healed through practicing Falun Dafa!” 

When some coworkers got together for a chat, they said cheerfully, “You were healed by practicing Falun Dafa. Falun Dafa is truly amazing!” I added, “Falun Dafa also teaches people to be good.” One coworker said, “Sounds great! I’ll follow you to practice when I’m retired.” One coworker said to another colleague, “My sister, don’t you have illnesses? Why don’t you practice now?” They became live media since they have all witnessed what happened to me. 

My coworker Lin, who was only 40 years old, suffered from lumbar disc disease and was in great pain. When she walked, she was hunched over like an old lady. As a result, she could barely work. She has undergone acupuncture treatment at the hospital, but in vain. Since she couldn’t work, she had no income. She felt painful and so depressed. When she heard that I had recovered from my illnesses by practicing Falun Dafa, she came to check on me. I told her, “There have been numerous stories of people having benefited from practicing Falun Dafa. Why don’t you practice!”

After that, she went to the practice site to study the Fa and do the exercises. Soon enough, her lower back stopped hurting and she could stand straight, so she could walk properly. She also recovered from her other illnesses. 

Cultivating “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance”

After I learned the principle of “no loss, no gain”, how we should value virtue and do good deeds, as well as the cause and effect of an illness, I have held myself against the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. 

Master said, 

“So while they take that approach, we don’t. We instead ask that you find a way to take the material things around you lightly, and the results we get are the most solid.” (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

One time, the unit custodian asked me to take a bucket of detergent. I refused. She had thought I misunderstood her, so she said to me, “It’s free.” I said, “I won’t take it even though it’s free.” She said, “Other people took it. It’s a pity if you don’t. Please take some, just pick one from the few left.” But I still insisted. She said I was so dumb. I said, “I can’t take advantage of my company.” 

In addition, the water taps in our company often didn’t shut off properly and dripped water. After I began to practice, when seeing that, I turned them off with extra effort. This was something I wouldn’t have done before. 

Prior to my cultivation, I used to get along very well with my coworker Mei. For whatever reason, she started giving me the cold shoulder. Because of that, I stopped talking to her. Even in our interactions at work, we tried to ignore the other party. A close coworker of mine tried to mediate, but none of us wanted to talk first, worried that one of us would feel inferior to the other. 

Master said, 

“Then how should we handle situations like these? When we get into a disagreement we should first of all stay calm and not act like others.” (The Fourth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

“When we experience these trying situations we shouldn’t respond in kind. If you stoop to the other person’s level, then you are no different from them. And not only shouldn’t you respond like them, neither should you feel hatred or resentment. And I sincerely mean that.” (The Fourth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I thought since I was a practitioner, I shouldn’t treat things the same way as an ordinary person. I should be considerate of others, let go of my attachments to face, resentment, competitive mentality and get along well with my coworkers. After I talked to Mei, our conflict was resolved. 

A Medical Miracle

My father was born in the 1920s. He has been poisoned and deceived by the false history and atheism of the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) throughout his lifetime. Although he wasn’t a CCP member, as soon as I brought up the false history of the wicked CCP, he didn’t want me to talk. He said, “I have witnessed it myself. What do you know?” 

Two years before he passed away, he was diagnosed with a large pulmonary alveolus, and his lungs collapsed. So he couldn’t get air, or survive without an oxygen tube. He had been hospitalized and discharged from the hospital back and forth a few times. Despite the high elevation of oxygen flow, it did not help and he nearly suffocated to death several times. Later, the pain in his bones and flesh was unbearable, to the point where he rolled all over the hospital bed and screamed. At night, he screamed even more, affecting the rest of the ward. The doctor said there was no medicine to relieve the pain, and there was nothing we could do. My father said he could not afford to suffer and wanted to pull out the oxygen tube several times to end his life.

My sister and I said to him, “We can only see you suffering, but can’t do anything about it. Only Falun Dafa can help you, why don’t you give it a try, to sincerely recite the phrases ‘Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!’” Before that, when we asked him to recite the phrases, he used an excuse, saying, “I’m feeling uncomfortable. I don’t have the heart to recite it.” This time, he agreed. So we recited the phrases with him. 

Sure enough, his pain was alleviated, he could also breathe. Even his doctor said, “This old man is really strong.” His family members have also witnessed Dafa’s preciousness. Sometimes my father had me recite the phrases for him, saying it made him feel very comfortable.

Then he stopped feeling pain, and was no longer dependent on oxygen. After about six months, after he returned home, he passed away peacefully at the age of 94. 

My uncle is 82 this year. In the fall of 2019, he talked to me about a miraculous thing that happened to him. In summer 2019, my uncle and aunt took the train to go to their hometown in the countryside. On the train, my uncle suddenly spit out a lot of blood. Right then, people used all kinds of ways to try to stop that, but in vain. They were stunned and quickly took him to the county hospital. However, no matter what they tried, they couldn’t stop him from bleeding, on top of that, he also vomited non-stop. 

He didn’t want to stay there, but rather decided to quickly go back to where he lived. In transit, he recalled what I told him before – when facing danger, one needed to sincerely recite the phrases. So he kept reciting them, until he stopped bleeding and vomiting before returning home. My uncle said, “Falun Dafa is truly miraculous!”