(Minghui.org) I am a 67 years old farmer. Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I suffered from neurosis, rhinitis, bronchitis, neurasthenia, pleurisy, pharyngitis, cholecystitis, arthritis, hemorrhoids, and insomnia. I consulted hospitals throughout the year. Doctors joked with me: “You are a relative of our hospital!” My husband’s income was not even enough to cover my hospital bills. No one could help me – neither Western nor Chinese doctors.

Bitterness in the First Half of Life

I lost my mother when I was five. My family was poor, and there were many children. My father alone could not take good care of all of us. From a young age, I was helping my family to do hard labor. I remember once I got lice in my hair. It was so itchy and I scratched my scalp so hard that it was bloody, and later turned into pus. No family member took care of me. Finally a neighbor suggested that I put insecticide powder in my hair, which killed the lice.

I only went to school for two years. My father withdrew me from school because I was needed to do house chores. I had to take care of my younger siblings and cook meals.

After my three older sisters got married and moved away from home, I became the main labor in the family. I was about 15. In the winter, the edge of the water well was covered in ice, slippery and dangerous. I had to get water from the well and carry it home. I also did heavy labor in the village to earn money. Sometimes I even worked throughout the night. I was working harder than all the others.

After I turned 30, the damages of the past hardship showed. I came down with bronchitis and lung problems. Whenever the weather was cold, my bronchitis would be worse, and I was often short of breath. I had to see a doctor and get injections. As soon as the symptom became less severe I would stop the medical treatment, because we did not have money.

I constantly suffered from various illnesses. Seeing my husband had to work so hard to support our family, and even sometimes he came back with his legs almost frozen, I felt bad.

It was hopeless. When would this end? Several times I thought, what should I eat to kill myself? But, if I die, what would become of my young children? I knew how hard it would for kids without a mother! I could not let my children suffer that much. So I continued to live.

The Buddha-light Illuminates: After Suffering Comes Happiness

I met my nephew in 1997. “Auntie,” he said, “You have a lot of health problems. I heard Falun Dafa is known to improve people’s health. You should try it!”

“Nonsense,” I retorted. I did not believe it. “If Falun Dafa can treat illnesses there would be no hospitals!” I waved my hands and wanted to walk away. My nephew stretched out his arms and blocked me: “Auntie, give it a try!”

In the evening I talked about it with my husband. He said: “There are some people in the village who practice Falun Dafa. Let’s talk to them.”After dinner, my husband and I went to visit several Falun Dafa practitioners. All of them said that they benefited from the practice, and they recovered from their illnesses. I was tempted.

I initially planned to go to see a doctor in a larger city the next day. My eldest daughter arranged a long-distance truck to pick me up in the evening. She said if the medical bills are too high we could sell the pig we raised.

After supper, I went to the Dafa practice site in the village. When the truck came, my daughter did not find me. When she learned I went to learn Falun Dafa, she was worried: “Would Dafa treat her illness? She is supposed to go to a big city to see a doctor!”

On the third day of practicing Dafa, I had recovered from my long-term rhinitis. In the past my nose was always stuck shut and I had to sleep with an open mouth. In the morning my mouth was usually extremely dry. All of a sudden I could breathe through my nose! I immediately told the good news to my husband. He was very happy too and encouraged me to continue. I recovered from all of my illnesses. My family members witnessed Dafa’s wonder. All of them supported me to practice Falun Dafa.

Miracles After a Tractor Rollover

It was a summer day. My husband and I and our two daughters went to open up a wasteland. There was a big tree root. My husband roped it and tied another end to our farm tractor. He asked me to drive the tractor and pull the tree root while he would chop it with an ax.

I learned to drive the tractor not very long ago. I sat in the driver’s seat and slammed on the gas pedal. The tree root did not move. The front wheels of the tractor were suddenly in the air, and then the tractor rolled and ended upside down. The steering wheel was pinned to my left chest.

My husband and daughters were completely dumbfounded. Just when they thought I had died they heard me calling from under the tractor: “I’m OK! Just lift the tractor a little bit so I can get out.” I crawled out. They were so terrified their legs were wobbling. My left chest was very painful. My ribs had collapsed.

“I am a Dafa practitioner. I have my Master to take care of me!” I thought. I told my husband I would be fine. I sat down on the ground and wanted to cross my legs. I found my legs hurt badly. I could not cross them. 

After a short while, I heard a clicking sound from my collapsed ribs. The tractor was in terrible shape. The steering wheel was smashed into pieces. The exhaust pipe had fallen off and the driver’s seat was broken. Hot water from the tank trickled out – but only after I came out from under the tractor. I dared not imagine what would have happened if the hot water had poured on me! It was Master who protected me!

My husband borrowed a vehicle and took me home. In the evening I wanted to go to the Dafa exercise site. My husband was worried about me and asked our daughters to accompany me. As soon as I arrived at the exercise site, I knelt before Master’s portrait. A practitioner asked what happened. I showed her my injuries. She was shocked. I told her about the tractor rollover. “The tractor ended on top of me. Master saved me!”

The next morning I was unable to get up myself. My left chest was bruised and my left arm hurt so bad that I could not lift it. My husband was scared and kept urging me to go see a doctor. I told him I only needed to study the Fa and do the exercises.

My brother-in-law did not believe practicing Falun Dafa could heal my injures. “You will die from these injures if you don’t go see a doctor!” I told him not to worry and I guaranteed that I will be okay.

A month later I had completely recovered. “Look! I recovered by practicing Falun Dafa, without seeing a doctor or taking medication,” I said to my brother-in-law. “Isn’t Dafa amazing?” He went quiet. I know he was convinced.

Benefiting from Dafa Physically and Mentally

I am near 70 years old now. Yet I am as strong as a young person. I carried 6 or 7 bags of corn weighing 90 kilograms with my husband without feeling tired. All my family members were impressed.

Once, my nephew needed the water bucket. I easily lifted the half-full bucket over the fence and handed it to him. He was amazed: “Auntie, You are so strong! You shall continue to practice Dafa!” His wife and my husband all nodded, smiling.

Practicing Falun Dafa not only gave me good health, but also improved my character. I followed Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I used to be well known for swearing and cursing at people all the time. Once I was chatting with my father-in-law. Somehow I got upset. As soon as he noticed I was unhappy, he ran away from me to avoid having to listen to my swearing. After I began to practice Dafa, I stopped swearing immediately.

Before practicing Dafa, during arguments with my husband, I was always the “winner” who would say all bad things until my husband gave up. Nowadays it is the opposite. When he blames me I do not get angry. I am able to not fight back when being punched or insulted.

Master taught us to always consider other people first. In my neighborhood there is a small shop. A portion of the road to the shop always got muddy on rainy days. It was quite inconvenient for locals. I convinced my husband to use the pebbles we planned for paving our yard to pave the public road to the shop. On summer days I cleaned the weeds by the road so people could pass easily.

Whenever I heard a neighbor had any difficulty, I would offer my help. Because I practice Falun Dafa, I learned to be considerate and put other people first.

Family Members Supported Dafa and Were Blessed

The former CCP leader Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Dafa practitioners in July 1999. All media in China denigrated Falun Dafa, and slandered Master, publishing lies about Dafa. In order to let people not be fooled by the CCP, practitioners began to make and distribute materials clarifying the truth about Dafa.

I went out to distribute the truth-telling materials whenever I got them. Sometimes my children went with me.

My oldest daughter went with me to distribute the materials often, even during some snowy nights. Sometimes I ran out of them, and I wanted to make more but my education is limited. My daughter helped me. Sometimes she wrote messages on cardboards which we put on top of snow piles on the roadside. Sometimes I wanted to distribute in neighboring towns. She would not let me go because she was afraid I may get too tired. She would go on her motorbike with her husband and distribute the materials.

My daughter had polyps on both sides of her throat about five years ago. The doctor said she must undergo an operation. She did not want to do it. I taught her to recite “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” She did and no longer had any problem.

Two years ago, my daughter and her husband got jobs at a chicken farm. The farm hired seven couples. Later, all couples, except them were fired. They were rewarded by Dafa!

With practicing Falun Dafa over the past 20 years there is so much I could say. Master saved me from all the miseries and gave me a new life. I can never repay Master’s kindness!

I wish all kinds of people in the world will learn that Falun Dafa is good, will support Dafa, survive the catastrophes, and have a glorious future!