(Minghui.org) Greetings Master! Greetings fellow practitioners! I am cultivating in Falun Dafa, and as requested by Master Li (Dafa’s founder) I am doing the three things. Over the years I have been making truth-clarification phone calls, hoping to awaken the conscience of people.

Saving People Despite Wind and Rain

In the beginning, my clarifying the truth about Dafa projects were focused on making and distributing Dafa informational materials. Then, with fellow practitioners’ help, I joined the telephone calling project, and also produced and distributed Dafa informational materials.

Master Li always guided me when making truth-calling phone calls to save sentient beings. From not knowing how to talk at the beginning, I became knowledgeable in how to talk, and clarify the truth with wisdom. When I began to make phone calls, my voice was loud and my tone was stiff. I was influenced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) indoctrination. During the first week, not a single person I talked to agreed to quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

I was disappointed and discouraged. However, fellow practitioners encouraged me so I continued to make calls. After eight days, I gathered my courage and dialed a number. A gentleman answered the call. To my surprise, he agreed to withdraw from the CCP and its youth organizations. I was so grateful for Master’s encouragement!

Clarifying the truth via phone calls requires that my xinxing be high. Studying the Fa well is a must. If I did not concentrate, and allowed my thoughts to wander during Fa study, whatever I said during the phone calls did not have the power from the Fa. Thus, the result was not as good. It also requires one to have a pure heart and strong righteous thoughts. When I went to a location to make phone calls, I often kept sending righteous thoughts. I also sent righteous thoughts while making phone calls to dissolve all the evil elements that prevented people from being saved.

For safety reasons, we often changed locations for making the calls. Sometimes it was far away, and I would leave home extra early so that I would make it there on time. Sometimes there was a big slope, and I had to push my bike. During hot days, I wrapped a towel around my neck to prevent sweat from dripping down.

One day, it started to rain as soon as we were making calls. It soon became a downpour and thunder interfered with us. I had never experienced such a heavy thunderstorm in my life. I opened my small umbrella, went under a tree, and dialed a number. Very soon my umbrella started leaking and I was wet. The person on the other end did not hear me well because of the thunder. I raised my voice, “I’m calling you in a thunderstorm! I just want you to quit the CCP’s Young Pioneers you joined!” The person understood and agreed to quit.

My cell phone got completely wet in the rain. But it was still functioning well.

In the spring it is often very windy. We could not find a place to shelter from the wind so we simply made calls against the wind. On one very windy day, the person on the other end of the line heard a loud wind sound and asked, “Are you flying in the sky?”

I laughed loudly, “It’s very windy here. I’m calling you for your own good. How about I help you withdraw the Young Pioneers you joined?” The person agreed. Sometimes, making truth-clarification phone calls can be fun too.

Returning to Dafa

Occasionally, the person who answered the phone used to practice Dafa. They stopped practicing as they were afraid of the CCP’s persecution. I told them the truth and many of them returned to the practice.

One young man told me that he practiced when he was a child. “I used to watch the news after breaking the internet blockade. But later, the software stopped working.” I told him where to download the new software. I also told him “Dafa practitioners are still holding up their beliefs,” and told him to remember “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” He was very happy and said he will remember. Merciful Master never abandoned him.

When making truth-telling phone calls, I felt great compassion toward people and shed tears. Although I only hear their voices, I felt that they were my family members. A young man in Fujian Province believed in the CCP and rejected the truth. Tears came to my eyes. “My friend,” I said sincerely, “you are so young. What will you do when facing the big disaster – when the CCP is eliminated by the heavens?” Perhaps he was moved by a Dafa practitioner’s compassion. He agreed to quit the CCP’s Young Pioneers.

Last winter was one of the coldest in many years. Every time when I went out to make truth-clarification phone calls, I had to put on a long coat, extra-thick winter shoes, and multiple layers of pants. They were very heavy. Whenever I came home and took them off, I felt my body was so light!

Winter wasn’t too bad during sunny days. But we had many snow days. The wind blew snow in my face and it hurt like a knife. Sometimes even my mouth was frozen, and my tongue became stiff. I continued to make phone calls, even during the coldest days. Every day there were people who agreed to withdraw from the CCP and accepted the truth of Dafa.

On one snowy day, I fell from my bike when making a turn. My electric bike was very heavy. Miraculously, the bike slid away and did not fall on me. I was not hurt at all. I am so grateful for Master’s protection!

Breaking Through Karma Elimination Interference

I understood that I must do the three things well, and meanwhile, my body is continuously being cleansed and purified by Master. During cultivation, I kept righteous thoughts and improved my xinxing. I treated all karma elimination symptoms as good things, and I never stopped clarifying the truth.

I was overweight before practicing Dafa. Simply walking would make me out of breath. When making phone calls I endured hardship, and Master cleansed my body. I lost 20 kilograms. I felt light and was almost floating when walking.

For some time, I had a karma elimination symptom: I felt thirsty constantly. My throat was very dry and it was painful to speak. I had to drink between two phone calls. I was bringing a large bottle of water with me. The situation lasted for about a year.

On occasion, my throat was so painful that it felt as if a knife was cutting me. I endured it and continued to make phone calls. After a few days, Master took out a mass of a white substance from my mouth. I immediately felt relief. This happened several times. I thank Master for cleansing my body!

The karma symptom that lasted longest for me was sleepiness. For a long period of time, I always felt sleepy, even during Fa study. I kept yawning when making phone calls. One day, I was so sleepy that I almost fell off my bike. Constant sleepiness was painful.

During Fa study, I read every sentence with great concentration. If I was sleepy when reading a sentence, I would repeat reading the sentence multiple times. If I felt sleepy during truth-clarification, I reminded myself that my main consciousness should control my mouth. I shall clarify the truth with my heart. Due to studying the Fa and memorizing the Fa, I gradually passed this sleepy state.

Balancing Work, Family, and Truth-Telling

When I started to go out to make truth-clarification calls, the first test I faced was personal gain. I run a business. Many customers come for consultation in the mornings. So in the beginning, I wished the truth-clarification call would not be done in the mornings. I was afraid that my business would be affected.

Master taught us:

“...as a cultivator should follow the course of nature. If something is yours, you will not lose it. If something is not yours, you will not have it even if you fight for it.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

I came to understand that the most important thing is saving people. Master taught us “following the course of nature,” I will do what Master told us. I re-arranged my schedule. Every morning I went out to make truth-clarification calls, and every afternoon I took care of customer service and shipments that had to do with my business.

After I let go of my selfishness, my business was not negatively affected. Instead, it is getting better. During the busiest time, I sometimes worked on customer service issues until 2 a.m. The next morning I would go out to clarify the truth as usual.

My wife always asked for a bigger house, since the old one was small and had no living room. When we bought a larger one, my father came to remodel the house for us. Each morning, after making truth-clarification calls, I needed to rush to do grocery shopping, cooking and then delivering lunch to my father.

Suddenly I was extra busy. My family members did not understand why I spent time clarifying the truth. In their opinion, I should use the time when I clarify the truth on our house remodeling.

I firmly kept my righteous thoughts, not wavering despite others’ opinions. I know what I am doing, and I know what I’m doing is right. I must clarify the truth and save more people!

I rearranged my schedule again and tried to balance things better. I also started to hand copy Zhuan Falun. After lunch, while everyone was taking a nap, I sat down and copied pages from Zhuan Falun. Dafa gave me the strength. I overcame all obstacles – one after another.

Helping Practitioners When Joining the Truth-clarification Project

After we improved our truth-clarification phone calls, many more practitioners joined the project. From my own experience, I knew the biggest challenge for a beginner is not knowing what to say when talking to people. I wrote down in detail what one should say, such as how to start the conversation, materials to use, and sentences for urging people to quit the CCP.

I printed out what I wrote and gave the materials to the practitioners who newly joined the truth-clarification project. It helped them. In the beginning, they could just read from the printout. Gradually, they learned and they improved in what they should say. Often, when going out with a newcomer, I tried to position myself not too far, so I could give some pointers for improvement after they made calls.

At the same time of helping newly joined practitioners to start making truth-clarification calls, the practitioners also helped me eliminate many of my attachments, such as selfishness and laziness.

I recalled an incident. A practitioner did not know how to add money to his phone card. I was trying to do it for him while making a truth-clarification phone call myself. It was a bad idea. Not only did the person on the phone not quit the CCP, but also I did not succeed in adding money to the card. I realized I should concentrate on what I do. So I hung up and helped the practitioner to add money first. This time it immediately worked. Afterward, I called the person who hung up. This time, the person agreed to quit the CCP.

In this incident, at the beginning, I put “self” first. I did not want to delay myself to make the truth-clarification call. When I put others’ needs first, I met the standard of the Fa, then everything became smooth.

Keeping Clarifying the Truth No Matter How the World Changes

During the CCP virus pandemic, my fellow practitioners and I continued to go out clarifying the truth, despite the lockdown order.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Wuhan was the worst-hit area. We focused on making truth-clarification phone calls to Wuhan. When people in Wuhan heard the lucky words, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” I could feel their happiness and that they were grateful for our suggestion.

The CCP tried to block us from telling the truth by disabling our phone cards. Sometimes our phone cards got canceled after making a few calls. Sometimes the cards were blocked before we even used them. We put down our attachment to personal gains and kept making the truth-clarification phone calls.

When facing danger, we asked Master to strengthen us and kept sending forth righteous thoughts. Gradually the problem about blocked phone cards was resolved. We kept telling people the truth of Dafa, and asked them to remember “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” and it would bring them blessings.

Last year the U.S. presidential election affected many people. We remained firm and kept clarifying the truth. 

Master said,

“Though a battle between good and evil is taking place, you have to ensure that you do not let it negatively affect you, and should do even better at getting the truth out and saving people. ” (“Greetings to the Taiwan Fa Conference”)

We understood that we practitioners should not be affected by the changes of human society. All we should do is save more people.

Under the CCP’s “Zero-Out” Campaign, the atmosphere was tense. Still, we continued our truth-clarification phone calls.

To force me to sign a statement that I would stop practicing Dafa, the CCP officials harassed my wife and my parents. They tried to have my family members sign the statement for me. I was gratified to see my family members resist the CCP’s campaign and refused to sign.

In July, the CCP officials called my wife and asked where I was. She refused to tell them. I am happy she had righteous thoughts and made the right choice. 

After making truth-clarification phone calls for years, somehow we noticed the number of people we could save per day had been decreasing. We used to be able to save at least 20 people per day. Why is it becoming less?

Master’s new lecture shows clearly what we should do. I understood that we needed to cultivate ourselves, study the Fa, and clarify the truth. We reminded each other that we should not be attached to the number of people who quit the CCP. What we should do is to continue clarifying the truth and saving people every day.

On the path of cultivation, there are times when I am at a loss and lonely. Each time Master hinted that I move forward. Every progress I made came from Dafa. Every improvement was a result of Master’s strengthening. The longer I practice Dafa, the more I feel that Dafa is broad and profound. Whenever I face difficulty or danger, Master is always near me and guides me. I will follow Master, cultivate well, and fulfill my prehistoric vow.

Thank you Master again! Thank you fellow practitioners!