(Minghui.org) As Dafa practitioners, the first thing we do every morning is to practice the exercises. Minghui.org recently published a few articles regarding this issue. Therefore, I will also like to take this opportunity to share my cultivation understandings with fellow practitioners about practicing the exercises.

A few days ago, while I was doing the exercises in the morning, I suddenly had this thought: “If Master is personally watching me practice the exercises, what would I do?” I thought that I should be on full alert and follow Master’s instructions strictly. I will follow Master’s speed closely and focus my concentration to make sure that I perform every move to the standard. I would also do the exercises with a more solemn and sacred attitude. When I thought in this way, I could clearly feel that the energy field was stronger.

Master said,

“Joining our group exercise sessions is better than anything similar you could do, and you will find, if you practice at one, that it does more for your health than any therapy or form of treatment ever could. My spiritual bodies sit in a circle there, and above the practice site is a shield, with a massive falun on it, and a gigantic, spiritual body watching over the site from above the shield. This isn’t like most sites where regular people gather to do exercises, but a place for spiritual refinement. Many among us with extrasensory powers have seen that wherever we gather to practice Falun Dafa the spot is enveloped by a shield of red light, and all within is bathed in this light.” (The Third Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Actually, every one of us will experience the energy field that Master mentioned when we do the exercises, except that the size of the coverage may be different. Furthermore, Master’s spiritual body is always by our side, watching our every thought. Of course, there are also countless gods out there watching us too. Therefore, we should behave like Master is personally watching us. We should practice the exercises with a solemn and sacred attitude and do every move as accurately as possible. If all of us can take note of this point, the effects of the entity when we do group exercises together will definitely be better.

When doing the exercises with fellow practitioners, I discovered that some veteran practitioners who have cultivated for many years are still not doing the movements accurately. Through what I understood, I know that other practitioners have already corrected these veteran practitioners many times but they just would not change. This made me feel really bewildered. Actually, this is not just a problem of whether the movements are accurate superficially or if the cultivation mechanism will be led astray; this is actually not treating cultivation seriously, not treating the Fa seriously and not being responsible to oneself.

On the other hand, when I do the morning exercises in an especially good state, I can feel Master’s vast benevolence when I study the Fa, to the point that tears well up in my eyes. At the same time, Master also lets me see and understand more Fa principles. It is really marvelous, and these are things that I would not be able to experience during normal times. I also learned that when I am able to study the Fa with a solemn and pure attitude, Master will bestow me with wisdom and show me higher-level Fa principles.

Through this article, I hope to remind fellow practitioners and also more to warn myself: Master is always by our side everyday. When we remind ourselves of this at all times, will we still do those things that we usually do not feel so good about? Will we still do those things that way? Are we able to correct them? For things that we feel we have done properly, can we do it even better? Will we be more diligent in our cultivation? If we really can do that, our projects will perform better and have a bigger effect in saving sentient beings, and we can live up to Master’s expectations more.

Of course, we also cannot use this thought that “Master is always watching us by our side” to urge ourselves to do better. As Dafa practitioners, it is our duty to do the exercises and all the things that we are supposed to do with respect for Master and the Fa and a solemn and sacred attitude.

Let us start respecting Master and the Fa from our daily morning exercise sessions.

Kindly correct me if there is any room for improvement.