(Minghui.org) One summer day, I went to a rural area and talked to people about the truth of Falun Dafa. I came back at noon. It was hot. I was thirsty and hungry, so I bought a loaf of bread and bottled water for lunch. As I began heading back, I saw an old man hobbling along the road. He carried a broken bag with a wooden stick. He looked miserable and dirty.

I could tell that he was a beggar. I thought maybe we were meant to meet, so why not help him out. I rode up to him and asked him gently, “Grandpa, why are you out by yourself on such a hot day. Did you have your lunch yet?” He looked at me and said, “No.” So I handed him the bread and water I just bought.

At that moment, someone behind me said, “Girl, why are you so kindhearted? He did not ask for food, but you gave him all you had.” I turned around and saw a man in his sixties, speaking to me with an approving gaze.

I said, “I felt sorry for him.” The man said, “I know him. His life is pathetic. He is in his eighties and lives across the river. He has several children, but none of them help him. He wanders around and begs for food every day. In this world there are not many good people like you. Why are you so kind?” I said, “Uncle, I wanted to give him a hand because I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Our Master taught us to behave according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Our Master also taught us to think of others first and be kind to others. So when I saw that he was in trouble, I wanted to help him out.”

The man froze when he heard the words Falun Dafa. It looked like he didn’t know the truth about the persecution. I said, “Uncle, please don’t believe the propaganda about Falun Dafa on TV. It’s all lies.”

I then told him the facts about Falun Dafa. I told him how wonderful Falun Dafa is, the destructive history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and why it persecuted Falun Dafa. I also told him about the staged self-immolation event at Tiananmen Square, and other things.

He listened attentively and nodded in agreement from time to time. He said, “This is the first time I’ve heard this. Everything you said makes sense. I now understand that Falun Dafa teaches people to be good. It is the most righteous; the CCP does bad things and leads people to destruction.”

I asked him, “Will you quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations?” He said quickly, “Yes! Of course, I will! Seeing how good you are, I believe what you said.”

As I clarified the truth to the man, the old man also listened carefully. He said I was right about everything. He told me he had not joined the CCP’s youth organizations because he had not gone to school. I gave him an amulet and taught him to read the nine words printed on it: “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” I asked him to recite these nine words often and wished him a good future. He smiled and said, “Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa practitioners are so good, so good!”

Return of a Lost Cell Phone

One morning I noticed a cell phone laying on the ground. I was on my way to drop my child off at school and there was no one around. I thought, “The owner must be worried. If other people find it, they may not return it to its owner. I will pick it up and return it.”

After ten minutes the cell phone’s owner called. After I verified it was her cell phone, I asked her to wait for me near my child’s school and said I would give her the cell phone after I dropped off my child.

I saw a middle-aged couple waiting anxiously near the school entrance. I handed the woman her cell phone. She was happy and grateful. She held my hand and said, “You are really a good person! If it were anyone else, they wouldn’t have given it back to me so easily. This phone is a new model, and it has a lot of my personal information on it, so it would be a problem to lose it. Thank you so much!”

I said, “You are welcome! I practice Falun Dafa. Our Master asked us to be good people according to the standards of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Returning the cell phone to its owner is what I should do.”

Then I told them the truth of Falun Dafa and hoped that they could distinguish between good and evil. I hoped they would show respect for Falun Dafa and stay away from the CCP to have a better future for themselves and their families. The lady hurriedly said, “We are all Party members, but I am willing to quit the CCP.” The man also said, “It is a good thing to withdraw from the CCP. I will quit!”

The lady said, “We will always remember that Falun Dafa is good. We also want to be good people!”