(Minghui.org) A Falun Dafa practitioner told me that a factory cafeteria was looking for a cook around July 2014. After I began working there I heard that the previous cook was a spendthrift. After the factory owner went home, the cook allowed the factory workers to drink alcohol and eat expensive dishes. When the owner found out he fired the cook.

The manager told me what to cook, and how much meat to use. I always followed Master’s Fa and carefully watched how much money was spent, thus saving the owner money. Besides, I treated the workers well and prepared great food. 

Sometimes the raw vegetables the manager bought were rotten. The workers told me, “Just throw them away and tell the manager to buy better ones.” I told them, “No, I’ll pick out the good ones and try not to waste anything.” 

I often asked the workers their opinion of the dishes I cooked. Were they too salty and were they satisfactory? They always told me everything was good, clean, and delicious. Sometimes they told me, “You don’t need to be so careful. The food is great. We’re just workers. Who takes us seriously?” They all thought that I was too kind to them.

The quantity of the raw vegetables and meat I received wasn’t always enough. When there wasn’t enough, I ate less or ate pickled vegetables and let the workers eat their fill. When there were leftovers, I ate them and served the workers fresh dishes.

When the workers saw me eating the leftovers while they ate the freshly prepared dishes they didn’t understand. They asked me, “Why are you so frugal? You can just throw away the leftovers.” I said, “We should try to not waste things even if they are not our own. It’s not good to waste anything.” Later, some workers voluntarily ate the leftovers with me. They all learned to not waste things.

Sometimes the owner went to a nice restaurant and brought back some delicious dishes. I always served this food to the workers. After a while, they said to each other, “How can there be such good people? The cooks usually save the best food for themselves and rarely give it to others. They also take good food home. But our cook never takes anything home and doesn’t waste anything. Where can you find such a good person?!” The workers later told the manager what I did.

Speaking Up for the Cook

The kitchen had no heat so it got cold in the winter. I didn’t think much about it because I felt if others could bear it, then I could too. One day the accountant and two shipping workers told the manager, “Look at how much money the cook has saved you. She doesn’t waste anything and she cooks with great care. But there is no heat in the kitchen. Isn’t this unfair to her?”

I was not there at the time. One of the delivery workers told me about it. He said, “We told the manager today to install a heater or radiator for you. It’s cold in the kitchen.” Within a few days, the manager connected a radiator to the kitchen. There was also a kang (bed-stove) in the kitchen, so the room became quite warm.

Another manager also brought me an electric heater. The workers were very happy. They teased me and said that even the managers didn’t have three heaters. I laughed. I knew compassionate Master made all the arrangements for me.

I clarified the facts to the workers and they asked me about things they didn’t understand. After a while, most of them understood the truth about the persecution. I began helping them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. 

Two workers began to practice Falun Dafa. They found time to read Dafa books during the day and did the exercises with me in the evening, When practicing the fifth exercise, one was able to sit in the full lotus position for half an hour the first time he tried. He said that when he meditated, he had no thought in his mind and felt as if he was sitting inside an eggshell.

Quitting the CCP Organizations

Many buyers came to the factory to pick up their goods. I did my best to clarify the facts to them and give them brochures. After a while, the workers all knew who had not yet quit the CCP. When a new worker was hired they would tell me, “Someone new is here. Come and help them quit the CCP.”

Some buyers agreed to quit immediately while others had to think about it. The workers would help me and tell the buyer, “You should quit. What’s the use of upholding the CCP? We have all quit.” Often the buyer would then agree to quit. This had happened many times. These workers all made a great future for themselves.

The factory’s business was temporarily closed for a while, but after a few months, it reopened. The owner called me and asked if I could come back. I decided not to go back because all the workers there and most of the buyers had quit the CCP.

But the owner called me three times, urging me to return. I decided I would work there while the owner looked for another person. The owner said, “I only want to hire a Falun Dafa practitioner.” He gave me an extra 300 yuan at the end of the month. He later found another Falun Dafa practitioner to replace me.

No matter how much we do, we are in fact just fulfilling our prehistoric vows. I know that we would not be able to do anything without Master’s protection and the guidance of Dafa. I have to do the three things well and save people. Master has to bear a lot in exchange for every single day that Fa-rectification has not ended. So we must cherish every moment, cultivate ourselves well, and save more sentient beings.