(Minghui.org) My 69 year old older sister began practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. She had suffered with various diseases since she was a teenager.

My parents worried about her, and I felt sorry for her when she was in pain. When her suffering was intense, her temper flared.

I was fortunate to begin cultivating Falun Dafa in 1997 and I asked my sister to learn. My sister has good inborn quality and is honest and kind. Her diseases were gone soon after she began cultivating.

My sister was diligent in cultivation, and the two of us would go out together to validate the Fa. We distributed brochures, put up banners, and made phone calls. I was touched by her sincere heart. My sister overcame sickness karma a few times with her firm belief in Master and the Fa.

My sister once had a bad fall on the icy road. She told me that at the moment she fell she was thinking, “It’s okay. Master will protect me.” She got up slowly.

She later told me, “My whole body became black and blue, but I was okay.” I told her that Master protected her. If an ordinary person had such a fall they would get a concussion. My sister thanked Master from the bottom of her heart.

However, my sister felt great pressure from her family. My brother in-law was deceived by the Chinese Community Party’s (CCP) lies, and does not believe that Dafa is good. He scolded my sister and would not allow her to practice. He blamed me for advising her to cultivate. I tried to convince her to be firm and continue to practice.

Over the past two years, my sister developed more and more human attachments. She still has WeChat on her phone and plays “Tik Tok” to make a little money.

My sister’s life was in danger on May 20, 2021. She passed out. The doctor said that her cervical spine blood vessels were extremely narrow - a symptom of high blood pressure, cerebral infarction, and dementia. Her symptoms increased in the hospital.

My younger sister called me and told me that my older sister’s mouth was a bit crooked and she could not use her right hand. I quickly called my older sister and said to her, “Nobody can cure your illness. As long as you understand and believe in Dafa, you will be fine.” I knew I needed to help her overcome this tribulation.

I put down the phone, and my younger brother called to ask if I wanted a ride to the hospital. I quickly prepared to go. Master is so compassionate to make such an arrangement for me.

Seeing my sister’s condition, I sent strong righteous thoughts. Even if she has an omission, the old forces are not allowed to persecute her. My sister is a cultivator and Master will take care of her. I helped her to look within.

My sister told me that she could not continue cultivation as she had started taking high blood pressure pills and stopped studying the Fa and practicing more than six months prior. She put away all her Dafa books and asked fellow practitioners not to send her the Minghui Weekly. I felt bad that she did not understand. She thought that she could no longer cultivate.

I told my sister, “You did not pass the test of taking medicine, but it doesn’t mean you can not practice anymore. Master asked us not to use WeChat. You didn’t listen, and still played Tik Tok. These things are pulling you down.”

When sending righteous thoughts at six o’clock, I said to her, “Let’s send righteous thoughts for one hour.”

After one hour, my sister’s face had changed, and she was smiling. My other two younger sisters were all amazed and agreed that she looked well.

My sister changed back to her healthy and kind appearance again. In the past, she dragged her legs and walked slowly. She could now walk briskly. My younger sister saw her walking normally and agreed that she is different now.

My family was worried about my sister, thinking that the cerebral infarction could only get worse. They have seen her change and witnessed how amazing Dafa is. All four sisters happily sang the songs composed by fellow practitioners.

Through Fa study, and reading fellow practitioner’s sharing papers, my sister’s xinxing improved. She frankly told her husband, “I must practice as my illness was not cured in the hospital but by cultivating Dafa.” Her husband had nothing to say.

Master said,

“What’s to Fear?
Should you have fear,
it will seize upon youIf thoughts are righteous,evil will collapseThe cultivator’s mindis loaded with FaSend righteous thoughts,and rotten demons explodeGods walk the earth,validating the Fa” (Hong Yin)

My sister is back to Dafa cultivation. Words can’t express our gratitude to our compassionate Master.

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