(Minghui.org) For years, I was so sick that I forgot what it felt like to be illness-free. I survived on medication. I was full of illnesses from head to toe and all my organs were malfunctioning. I felt hopeless and thought, “Unless an immortal descends from the Heavens and helps me, I will never be healthy again.” I always had this feeling that one day, a divine being may really come from the Heavens and help me. I did not know where that thought came from, but I kept feeling hopeful. With all my illnesses, I did not want to be a burden to my family. When I suggested a divorce, my husband was relieved and quickly started a new family. 

A Ray of Hope

Master said,

“Predestined ties of countless lifetimesEach has Dafa as its guiding thread...” (“The Difficult Path to Godhood,” Hong Yin II). 

In December 1993, I was fortunate to obtain a copy of Falun Gong. On January 6, 1994, I attended Master’s Nine-Day Seminar in Guangzhou. Thousands of people from all over China flocked to Guangzhou to attend the classes.

One practitioner said that he lived 8,000 miles away. When he heard that Master would hold this class he traveled to Guangzhou. He kept asking if Master would really come. Although he was very worried, he was determined and said he would not rest until he found Master. He climbed over mountains, crossed rivers, took trains, changed ferries, and even took a plane—making the long journey to Guangzhou. When he finally obtained the entry ticket to Master’s class, he was so happy that he wept. He was fortunate to meet Master in person before the class! This was what he shared with fellow practitioners who attended that Nine-Day Seminar.

All the local Guangzhou practitioners who owned vehicles quietly helped the practitioners who came from long distances. Just when we were about to start asking for directions, a teenager driving a motorbike stopped in front of us and asked, “Are you here to attend Master’s Nine-Day Seminar?” We replied, “Yes! Yes!” He said, “I am here to help you. Don’t worry. Let me take two of you to your hotel before I return to fetch the rest. Is that okay?”

After he heard where we were staying, he said, “That place is not far from Yue Xiu Park.” He smoothly brought us to our hotel.

We were very touched. This practitioner who we never met before felt like a family member we had not seen for a long time. His selfless behavior also set an example for new practitioners like us. This was an example of the high caliber of Dafa practitioners! 

Master delivered such a great Buddha Law right to our doorstep! Everyone was in a joyous mood and Guangzhou felt so peaceful and wonderful at that time. Even the weather was brilliant, enhancing the beauty of the blue sky that was spotted with white clouds.

Master said,

“Oh how many the years, looking for the master,Finally the day has arrived to meet him. ...” (“Destined Return for the Holy Fruition,” Hong Yin)

Everyone was eager to see Master. Many practitioners arrived at the venue long before the designated time for the class and waited for Master. When Master punctually arrived and entered the venue, thunderous applause went on for a very long time. Over four thousand people attended the lectures.

When Master started the lecture, everyone listened attentively. No one wanted to miss a single word.

Master used very simple language to talk about profound Fa principles. In order to help us understand, Master even cited practical examples from everyday life, including small stories. Master’s lectures were always interesting, and he led practitioners into the situation that he was describing so that they frequently laughed from the bottom of their hearts and applauded warmly!

Master’s classes always made people thirsty for more as he wanted us to reap a bountiful harvest from the 9-Day Seminar. This was really a very rare chance that could not be missed! There is an old Chinese saying, “Once you pass this village, this inn will no longer be available,” When we heard Master say this during his lecture, all the practitioners in the venue applauded warmly in unison.

What Master told us were things which we had never heard or seen before in any books. Through Master’s lectures and studying Zhuan Falun continuously, I gradually understood that what Master taught us was actually the great universal law and a stairway to Heaven!

Master Helped Me Eliminate My Karma and Illnesses

Master told us that he helped us by reducing the suffering from our vast amounts of karma. He pulled us out of hell, cleansed our souls, and pushed us forward. Without Master’s own suffering and sacrifice, we would definitely not be able to cultivate and we also had no right to cultivate! Practitioners wept as they listened.

My lumbar disc protrusion was very serious when Master held the classes in Guangzhou. I would paste many pieces of medicinal plaster on the area, which cost 80-yuan a piece and I also applied herbal medications, but none of them worked. At that time, my monthly salary was only a few dozen yuan so there was no way I could afford the treatment.

After listening to Master’s lectures, I understood that all my illnesses were caused by my karma, thus I should endure it. Master also explained Western medicine, Chinese medicine, and qigong treatments. He also told us the Fa principles about how he helped his disciples eliminate their karma. He explained everything very clearly!

I understood that all illnesses and hardships were caused by the karma I created myself either in this lifetime or in my previous lifetimes. I harmed others to benefit myself or did other things that caused me to lose virtue. Therefore, I must abide by the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance to be a good and virtuous person. When faced with conflicts, I must look for my own shortcomings and treat others with kindness and understanding.

Master told us the origin of illnesses and the principles behind how cultivating in Dafa helps us eliminate our illnesses. During the class, Master cleansed our bodies. He took away all the big and small problems in my body!

Master Taught by Example

When it was almost time for the class to start one day, everyone waited for Master. Only the assistant practitioners were outside the hall. When Master came he saw that the bicycles had fallen over so he began picking them up and neatly arranging them.

One practitioner came late and noticed a tall gentleman tidying up the bicycles. She thought that man was an assistant practitioner so she slowly walked past him into the hall. However, as soon as she entered the hall, every practitioner stood up and applauded warmly. This practitioner did not understand why so many people not only applauded but were very emotional. She was baffled as everyone looked in her direction. She turned around and saw Master right behind her! This practitioner was full of regret that she dared to walk in front of Master and did not let Master go first in respect. 

At that moment, she suddenly realized: the gentleman who was carefully tidying up the bicycles outside was actually Master! Master was teaching his disciples by setting an example for them.

Master did not quicken his pace to overtake the practitioner who was walking slowly in front of him. Instead, Master just walked behind this practitioner. And who was this practitioner? It was me! 

Before I began practicing I was not courteous—I did not know how to give in to others no matter what. I always aggressively charged forward. Years later when I recall what happened that day, I still feel bad that my xinxing was so poor. Master’s vast benevolence is deeply engraved in my heart and it has become an eternal force that motivates me to cultivate diligently. 

During the class, Master was leading practitioners towards higher levels and the practitioners’ xinxing improved rapidly. We all changed from initially vying to rush into the hall and sit in front, to letting others go first and entering the hall in an orderly manner. Some practitioners voluntarily gave up their seats to others and they sat in the last row. Practitioners who were well off financially even helped practitioners who did not have much money. We all learned to sacrifice for others and to put others before ourselves.

Before Master began the lecture, he always told everyone: if anyone found a lost item, to place it on the rostrum and the owner of the item could come and get their things after the lecture.

More than 20 years have passed, but I still vividly recall those touching scenes while I attended the last classes Master held. I also keep reminding myself of what Master said. It motivates me to be more and more diligent in my cultivation!

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