(Minghui.org) I started cultivating in Falun Dafa in 2019. I want to thank benevolent, great Master (Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa) for giving me a new lease on life. 

Cause of Illness Unknown

I experienced severe diarrhea and came down with a high fever in the summer of 2019. I was hospitalized in the county hospital for 9 days, but infusions did not help me get better. Then, I was transferred to the Municipal People’s Hospital and was there for another 15 days, but the cause of my illness could not be found. Instead, my condition worsened. I also noticed blood in my stool.

Through networking, my family had me transferred to the Beijing Friendship Hospital. However, after another two weeks, the cause of my illness was still unknown. Later, the doctor did a bone marrow biopsy and suggested that I was suffering from a very rare disease. The treatment plan that the hospital had for me only had a success rate of less than one percent and was rather costly. During my hospital stay, I had already spent almost all of my family’s savings and my family had been borrowing money for my treatments.

Finally, one day, during a doctor’s round, the attending doctor told me in front of my family, “You actually do not need to treat this illness anymore. You won’t recover, even if you go for the treatment, so you are just wasting your money. Furthermore, you are also wasting our hospital bed space. Just go home to recuperate. You at most have three more months to live.”

My family had been keeping my condition from me. When the doctor said, “You actually do not need to treat this illness anymore. You won’t recover even if you have the treatment,” I was stunned. At that time, I really hated this doctor. I thought that he was arrogant. He told us that we also did not need to go to the other hospitals to look for doctors to treat me. He said, “If I cannot treat you, no one else can treat you.”

My family and I lost all hope. My parents shed tears, while my other family members and friends were all crying. Later, my family decided to transfer me to the county’s central hospital. As my father explained, “Dying in the hospital makes people feel more at ease than dying at home.”

Exposed to Falun Dafa

The day after I was returned to the county’s central hospital, my relatives and friends came to visit me. My aunt brought me the lecture recordings of Falun Dafa’s Master and the Dafa books Zhuan Falun and Zhuan Falun Volume II.

Actually, long ago when I was hospitalized in the city hospital, my aunt had already come to visit me. She asked me to remember the two phrases, “Falun Dafa is good,” and, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and also gave me a Dafa truth-clarifying protection amulet. At that time, my aunt was in tears and said, “What have I been doing? I did not even save the people that are close to me.” She was filled with remorse, and kept blaming herself. I cried too.

To be honest, before that, my family and my aunt’s family had some conflicts. At the moment that I heard these words from my aunt, all my hatred for her was gone. Instead, I was very grateful to her. I was transferred to Beijing the next day. I kept remembering the two phrases that my aunt had told me, and I also remembered to recite them quietly in my heart.

Saved by Master Li

During my stay in the Beijing hospital, I bled heavily. I felt that I was going to die immediately, as my whole body felt cold, and I was so sleepy. The doctor was frightened and gave me an emergency blood transfusion. Only after that, did my condition gradually stabilize. I kept reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” in my heart. I did not know how many times I recited those words. Now that I think back, this sudden bleeding was to take my life, but Dafa’s Master saved me.

After returning to the county’s central hospital, I made up my mind to practice Falun Dafa. At that time, my heart was always influenced by Dafa. Before obtaining the Fa, I had already wanted to read Master’s Dafa books when I was in Beijing. I called my aunt and made arrangements for my family bring the books to me. As I was in Beijing, my family was worried and did not dare bring the books to me.

After obtaining the Fa, I listened to Master’s lectures in the hospital. A few days later, I finished listening to all nine of Master’s lectures, and I felt that Dafa is just too precious. After having finished reading Zhuan Falun once, my perspective on life changed completely. I felt that I was suddenly enlightened. Through studying the Fa non-stop, my health improved.

Before this, since I was hospitalized (starting from the Municipal People’s Hospital), the doctor had asked me to refrain from eating. My weight then dropped from over 90kg to around 60kg. I was emaciated, and I looked horrible.

A week after listening to Master’s lectures, I was able to eat some light porridge. Later, Aunt told me, “Why don’t you read Zhuan Falun?” Thus, I started to read the book. Before I finished reading the First Talk in Zhuan Falun, the bloody stool symptom which had stopped for more than 10 days came back. I was as though I had relapsed. 

Stopping and Returning to Studying the Fa

Therefore, the doctor stopped me from eating again. My mentality was not stable, and I stopped studying or listening to the Fa. I did not know that the reason for my not being able to get the Fa into my head was because of all sorts of disturbances. Once again, I started to weaken and my condition worsened by the day. I even had the thought of transferring to another hospital. This situation continued for over 10 days.

I had a bloody stool every day, and the doctor administered transfusions on a daily basis. On top of that, my liver and kidneys also started to show signs of deterioration and my eyesight was blurry. Every day, I had many injections. One of the injections which I had to take daily, was to help increase the count of my white blood cells, as my white blood cell count was low. The doctor said that this was like fighting a war. In normal circumstances, we would need to wait for the white blood cells to mature before sending them out to resist the virus. However, as my white blood cell count was too low, they could only replenish my body with immature white blood cells to fight the war. Yet, this situation did more harm to my body. I said, “Then, don’t inject them anymore. Things can’t go on like that.”

At that time, I was in a bad mood, and I did not want to see anybody; I just shut my eyes and did not talk to anyone. I was afraid of seeing the sunlight, so the curtains were always closed. My family stayed with me, but I did not allow them to speak. I was feeling especially troubled every day.

One day, Aunt came to visit me again. My mother told her about my condition and she hurriedly said, “Why doesn’t she study the Fa? How can this go on? Do you still want to transfer to another hospital? This thought is wrong. These are all disturbances by the old forces.” My mother let my aunt persuade me. Aunt said, “You must study the Fa and listen to the Fa properly, or else it can become very dangerous.” Aunt kept talking to me. What was strange is that at that time, I felt agitated when I heard anyone talk to me, but when Aunt talked, I felt like listening to her.

Then, I picked up Zhuan Falun again and started to study it seriously. That night, I even had a dream: Master was by my bedside. After cleaning up my intestines, Master placed them back into my body. At that time, I thought, “I am fine now. Master has repaired my intestines.”

The next day, I did not have any bloody stools, and it continued like that for three days. On the fourth day, the doctor allowed me to drink a bit of millet oil. My mother fed me two spoons of the oil. During the first time, I could only drink two spoons of millet oil and I had to be fed bit by bit. Then, I drank about six small spoons of millet oil. After a day of observation, all seemed fine with me. After that, we started to increase the quantity of millet oil gradually over the next several days.

“After practicing Dafa,” I told my family, “I recovered from my illness. It is Dafa’s Master who saved me.” My family and I once again witnessed the power of Falun Dafa.

Later, I would throw up whenever I took medication. Even if I managed to take any medication, it would not have any effect. Therefore, I gave up taking any medication. Initially, my family did not agree to that, but after seeing that I threw up once I took any medication, they no longer forced me to take any. I also asked the doctor not to give me any more injections and to reduce the infusion drips gradually. I could take my meals normally every day too. After four months in the hospital, I was discharged.

Grateful for Sharing the Precious Dafa

Falun Dafa saved me. It is Master who saved me. My mother witnessed this and also started to cultivate in Dafa and listen to Master’s lecture recordings. I was also very grateful to Aunt for sharing such a wonderful practice with us.

Since my mother and I obtained the Fa, the conflict between Aunt and us was resolved. If we had not obtained the Fa, I think that the conflict between our families might not have been resolved even in our lifetimes. Now, I am like a daughter to Aunt. Aunt has only one son, and I told her sincerely, “From now on, you have a daughter, one whom you did not give birth to or raise, but who will be filial to you.” I really see Aunt as my mother. Falun Dafa changed me.

Overcoming the Illness Karma Tribulation

After returning home from the hospital, I studied a lot of Fa. Later, I also obtained Master’s Fa teachings from different regions, Master’s recent writings, and so on. Gradually, I started to practice the exercises. My body recovered very quickly and my appetite increased greatly. Two months later, I regained my normal body weight.

However, when the Chinese New Year was about to approach, I had stomachache again. At that time, I did not know how to look at this situation based on the Fa. I just tolerated it and studied the Fa every day. I also overcame it. After the Chinese New Year, my hair started to fall out until I became bald. At that time, I understood that Master was cleansing my body. Soon, my hair started to re-grow and I got a head of new black hair.

I had my menstrual period in February 2020. As this was this first period that I had since I came down with my sickness eight months ago, I was especially happy. My body must have recovered fully so that I could have my period again. Usually, when I had my period, I would get diarrhea. This time I also got diarrhea, but I was too happy to care about it. Then, I had a bloody stool. This time, I was shocked, “Why did I have bloody stools again?” I started to feel uneasy about it.

After a while, I went back to my bed and studied Zhuan Falun. I calmed myself down and looked within. 

Master said, 

“There once was a person who went through a great deal of spiritual effort and was on the verge of becoming a holy being (arhat) with divine standing. So it was hard not to be happy—he was about to depart the three realms and gain eternal life, after all! But joy is an attachment, and it meant he was excitable. A holy being should be completely detached, however, and not stirred by anything. So he fell and his efforts were in vain. He had to start all over again and work his way back up. After enormous efforts he made it back to his previous stage of achievement. Yet this time he was worried, and had to tell himself not to get excited or he would fall again. And with that fear, he fell again. For that too was an attachment.” (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

This was a real enlightenment. As I looked within based on the Fa, I saw that I got carried away when my health improved, and I grew fearful when the symptoms came back. I sent forth righteous thoughts. The next day, everything was back to normal. I was really thankful to Master for enlightening me so that I had the chance to improve my character. and my cultivation level rose.

After that, some small bumps, that looked like abscesses, grew on the inner side of my right arm. The skin around the bumps was red and swollen, and they felt a bit itchy but I did not dare to scratch them, as it hurt a lot when I tried scratching them. Every time I had diarrhea, the red swollen bumps would reduce a bit; if my stools were normal, the bumps would swell up. This condition continued for about four to five months. I did not understand why that happened.

I had a stomachache and diarrhea for about a week in October. After recovering from the diarrhea, I also gained strength. At this time, I suddenly realized that the small bumps on my arm were gone. I understood that Master was cleansing my body. I once again witnessed the power of Falun Dafa. This further strengthened my persistence in believing in Master and the Fa.

Experiencing Life and Death Tribulation

I once again went through an illness karma tribulation in the spring of 2021. This time, it was really a life and death test.

I was not diligent in my cultivation at the time. I could not catch up with my Fa study and do the exercises. I became lazy in my cultivation, and seldom studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, and sent forth righteous thoughts. I helped out with farm work at home, During my free time, I would play with my mobile phone.

One day, I felt that my stomach ached and I did not want to eat anything. My belly felt swollen and stuck, and it hurt. I also had a fever. At that time, I did not think about it much. I thought that I was just going to go through another tribulation, thinking that it was a small tribulation.

Then, my condition worsened. I thought that it was a small tribulation and let the ache continue for about three days. One morning, I had bloody stools and the amount was quite a lot. At that time, I was a bit scared and called my aunt to tell her about the situation. Aunt immediately came to my house, and we both looked within to find where our xinxing may have problems, but could not find any problem. 

After studying the Fa for an hour together, I started to have bloody stools again, and had lost my energy. I lay on the bed and could not study the Fa anymore. Aunt said, “You rest for a while first. We will study the Fa again tomorrow.” Aunt left and I fell asleep. That night, I still prepared dinner and forced myself to drink a bowl of millet porridge. My husband did not know about my condition. He just went to work after dinner.

Later, my mother came and I told her about my condition. Mother reminded me to study the Fa properly. She helped me increase my righteous thoughts, and she did not show any fear. Later, I asked my mother to go home.

That night, around 9 p.m., I started to vomit and vomited out some millet porridge. Then I had a lot of bloody stools and could no longer walk. My vision was blurry, and I felt that even breathing was difficult. I started to feel scared and unstable. As I still had two children at home, I called Mother and said, “I am not feeling well. Can you come and keep me company?” As the next day was the Qingming Festival, my father did not want to let Mother come over. Because we did not dare tell my father about my actual condition, I just said that I had quite serious vomiting, so I would like Mother come over and look after me for a night.

Hearing that, my father became scared, as he had been worried about my health. He followed her to my house and saw the vomit in the dustbin. He began to worry about my health, got scared, and wanted me to go and get medication and an injection. He also called my husband and asked him to come back to look after me. Mother came earlier than my father. She saw my bloody stools and was so scared that she did not dare say anything. My father only reached my house after the bloody stools were cleared so I was lucky that he did not see that. Now that I think back, everything was arranged by Master.

The next morning, at 5 a.m. When the sky had just turned bright, I sat up and was going to get out of bed. Mother asked me what I was up to. I told her that I wanted to do the exercises. So I got out of bed and stood by the bedside to do the first set of exercises. It took me some time to do the exercises while resting on the bed in between. Noticing that I had strong righteous thoughts, my mother felt at ease and left.

After that, I started to study the Fa. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, I only drank some millet oil and went to sleep after that. The next day, I only practiced the first, third, fourth and fifth exercises. I did not practice the second exercise as it takes a long time.

After lying down, my belly just felt bloated and uncomfortable. I thought that if this was telling me to do the exercises, I had better do them. After doing the second exercise, I felt that my belly no longer felt bloated. 

This was really just like as Master said, 

““Nothing is truly unbearable or impossible.” And it really is so. It’s an outlook you only stand to benefit from. So the next time you are going through a real trial or tribulation, try to keep this in mind, and see if you can bear it. Or when faced with what seems impossible, and even if others say so, try to keep this in mind, and see if it might just be possible. I believe that if you can do that, you will always find that there is light at the end of the tunnel.” (The Ninth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I persisted in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises every day, and I recovered. Once again, I witnessed Master’s benevolence and Dafa’s power. I understood that when in a tribulation, if one can believe 100% in Master and the Fa, one will overcome it. The tribulations that Master set for us are based on our xinxing level. Master believes that his disciples can overcome them, so his disciples must also believe in Master and Dafa.

Whenever I go through a tribulation, I will recall Master’s saying, 

“There is no affect between master and discipleThe Buddha’s grace remolds Heaven and EarthWhen disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond,” Hong Yin II). 

Master’s Fa kept encouraging me to strive forward.

During this tribulation, I understood that I really lagged behind in studying the Fa, doing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth. I became lazy. I remembered this lesson well. From now on, I must study the Fa, do the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth. I must do well in the three things that Master has asked us to do.

Since obtaining the Fa, my mind and body have changed greatly. I became more kind and tolerant. When educating the children, I also take reference from the Fa principles that I learned in Dafa. My elder daughter often saw scenes from other dimensions; my younger daughter also likes to listen to Master’s lectures. Sometimes, both girls do the exercises with me. My elder daughter’s body had relatively strong reaction to the exercises. I told her, “This is Master cleansing your body for you.” Both girls respect Master very much and they often kowtow to Master before his portrait. This is really “...one person practicing, the family benefits.” (Teachings at the Conference in Australia) My husband also identifies with Dafa very much and is supportive of my cultivation.

No words can express my gratitude to Master. From now on, I can only study the Fa well and use my experience when validating the goodness of Falun Dafa and save more sentient beings.

I want to improve together with fellow practitioners, get rid of all sorts of human attachments, and the attachments to fame and personal gain. I want to return to my original, true self.

I am a new practitioner and my level of cultivation is limited. If there is any room for improvement, I hope that fellow practitioners can point them out to me kindly.