(Minghui.org) When the pandemic recently slowed down in Taiwan, Falun Dafa practitioners in Yunlin held a one-day Fa study meeting in Kawada House on October 24, 2021. They read the teachings and reflected on their cultivation experiences and understandings of their responsibilities and mission based on the Fa’s principles.

In the morning they divided into six smaller groups and read the Fa. It hasn’t been easy to have an in-person Fa study due to the pandemic restrictions, and they were happy to see each other, and encouraged one another to remain diligent and work together to assist Master.

In the afternoon they gathered in the activity center to hold a big group Fa study and cultivation experience sharing conference. A few practitioners went on stage and talked about their cultivation experiences while participating in projects, eliminating attachments, validating the Fa, and clarifying the truth. Fellow practitioners said they were encouraged to be more steadfast in their cultivation.

Truly Looking Within

Shu Zhen said things that happened in her daily life showed her that she should look within. One day her tongue suddenly hurt so much that it even hurt when she swallowed her saliva. She kept looking inward to see why this was happening.

She thought, “I put a lot of effort into doing the three things! Why is it so painful?” She did not realize that it was related to her not guarding her speech. During the group Fa study she suddenly realized, “While I was studying the Fa in the morning Mei asked me who Jing was. I told Mei some details about Jing, including some of her past... I told Mei everything I knew.” After she thought about it, Shu Zhen realized this was wrong. “I gossiped about Jing and even said some negative things about her. This was wrong. I should look at the positive aspects of fellow practitioners.” As soon as she understood this her tongue stopped hurting.

A few days ago Shu Zhen’s lower jaw became swollen and her gums hurt a lot. She looked within and found the cause. There was a roselle plant in front of her house which was ready to be harvested. During the time she usually read the Fa she gathered roselle flowers and used them to make drinks. Shu Zhen even excused her skipping Fa study, thinking, “I have already cultivated for so long, skipping one day should not be a problem!” She added additional ingredients like hawthorn and licorice to make the drink more sour, or sweet. However, after she drank it, Shu Zhen’s gums swelled and the swelling continued for three days.

She remembered that she had experienced a few life and death trials in the past. She knew that Master prolonged her life so she could cultivate, assist him in rectifying the Fa, and fulfill her vows.

Instead of studying the Fa she wasted precious time concocting sweet drinks! From this experience Shu Zhen realized that practitioners must place great importance on doing the three things well.

Cultivating Oneself While Clarifying the Truth

Jia Qi started practicing Falun Dafa in 2011. Soon after she began practicing she went to Hong Kong’s Wong Tai Sin tourist site to clarify the truth. Since she was a new practitioner her legs still hurt a lot when she sat in the half-lotus position. Hong Kong practitioners asked the Taiwan practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts and make sure they eliminated their fear before they went out to do face-to-face truth clarification. Another practitioner told Jia Qi that if sitting in the lotus position hurt too much, she should ask Master for help.

Jia Qi recalled, “As soon as I closed my eyes, in another dimension I saw a monk. The monk was part of a human chain which was formed by a one person pulling another. I knew that Master was enlightening me.” She understood that Master was going through great hardship to save lives but she could not bear a little pain. She even wanted Master to bear her pain. She said, “I no longer asked Master for help. No matter how painful it is, I must bear it myself and not add to Master’s burden.”

Jia Qi tolerated the pain as her tears flowed. After the practitioners finished sending righteous thoughts the practitioner asked her, “Are you still in pain?” Jia Qi replied, “It was painful but I saw that Master is saving people and it’s already hard for him. I cannot create extra burden for Master anymore. Therefore, no matter how painful it is, I must bear it myself.” Since then, no matter how painful it is to sit in the lotus position, Jia Qi persists.

Eliminating Selfishness and Jealousy

Li Yun said, “When making phone calls to clarify the truth, many practitioners find it hard to pick up the phone and dial, due to fear. I did not have this fear. Instead, I was worried that talking on the phone would affect my children’s studies, disturb my husband, etc. Another problem was time. I only thought about my own convenience so I preferred to make phone calls on my own schedule. I did not want to be restricted to the duty roster. Due my selfishness, I did not attend the class about clarifying the truth through phone calls or join the duty roster.”

Li Yun realized that she needed to break through her selfishness and not allow it to stop her. She joined the class and joined the duty roster.

Li Yun also found her attachment of jealousy. When other practitioners talked about how many people they helped quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, she felt they were showing off and she was unhappy. When she criticized them she realized she was displaying her own jealousy.

Li Yun wondered if she could persist in making phone calls or would she keep switching to different truth-clarifying projects whenever she met with difficulties? She said, “If I can persist, I will be able to break through. During the process, I may need to go through many difficulties and xinxing tests, but I am progressing. If I keep changing projects, I will just be taking roundabouts, escaping, and then taking longer paths.”

When Li Yun examined herself she saw that she was not progressing. Instead, she was backing away from the difficulties. Seeing how other practitioners persisted despite great difficulties she examined herself. She said, “I persisted because I did not meet with difficulty. If the situation became challenging would I still be able to persist? This is why we need to compare ourselves with fellow practitioners in our Fa study and cultivation. Seeing how other practitioners persist, we can find our gaps and correct ourselves, and be diligent in our cultivation.”

Master Protects Me During a Life and Death Tribulation

Mei Hui from Dounan talked about her recent life and death tribulation. She said, “About two months ago I was riding my scooter and collided with a lorry. The lorry driver wanted to take me to the hospital. I said, ‘I’m fine. Can you help me get up?’”

Mei Hui said her body ached and she felt very weak. She asked the lorry driver to help stand her scooter back up. The driver was worried and wanted to take her to the hospital. Mei Hui insisted on not going, and said, “I’m fine, but thanks for your concern.” She handed him a flyer about Falun Dafa and a lotus flower keepsake and said, “Thank you for helping me.” She then got on her scooter and left.

Mei Hui said, “The moment he hit me I was not angry. I just did not want to cause him any trouble. I know that I passed this big test. I was grateful for the opportunity to eliminate karma and improve my xinxing! Wasn’t the accident a good thing?” As she drove away, she repeatedly thanked Master in her heart for protecting her during a life and death tribulation.