(Minghui.org) Ms. Li Li was a native of Heilongjiang Province. She had a difficult life, losing her mother to an unknown illness in 1992, and her brother to a brain tumor in 1994. She got married in 1981 and was a victim of domestic violence through most of her marriage. Her husband had extramarital affairs, eventually divorced her in 1996, and soon married the widow of her late brother.

Despite the hardships and heartbreaks, Ms. Li held to Falun Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and even her ex-husband protected her after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began the persecution of Falun Dafa in 1999. A TV reporter, a friend of his, intended to interview him and have him blame Falun Dafa for breaking up his marriage with Ms. Li. He firmly turned down his friend's request for an interview. While Ms. Li was being detained for her faith, he kept her Falun Dafa books in a safe place. After she was released but forced to live away from home to avoid further arrests, he took good care of their son.

Ms. Li later died as a result of the persecution. This 10-part series was her own account of her story.


Although I experienced misery and unhappiness, I remained cheerful, and was kind to those that mistreated me.

(Continued from Part 3)

Chapter 2: Obtaining the Fa and Solid Cultivation

All the incidents left me lost in the maze of life. I kept searching and failing, and almost collapsed.

A coworker from the Teaching and Research Office came to my home one day in the summer of 1992. She was very happy and said, “I just attended a qigong class and was introduced to a new qigong cultivation called Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa). It is very good.” Upon hearing the words of Falun Gong, I jumped out of bed and said, “Please teach me now. I want to learn.”

She taught me to hold the Law Wheel (the second set of the Falun Gong exercises). When pausing for a break, she said, “No rush. You can also attend the Falun Gong class. I guarantee you will not regret it.” We were good friends and I trusted her.

Several days later, my son and I went to Master’s seminar at the Jinlin Provincial Party Auditorium. This was the first time I saw Master. He wore a white striped shirt and he was tall.

My impression was that the system is truly righteous. He is very upright and is different from anyone I have met. As my son and I were quietly listening to Master, I suddenly noticed light on Master, golden light. My son also saw it. I thought, “This is so extraordinary. Why is everything so good?!” After the seminar was over, I hurried outside to see Master. Master was in a blue truck sitting in the cargo bed. I did not know why I was so happy, but I just wanted to practice this cultivation called Falun Gong.

When my husband Lu came home from Wuhan University during the summer break, I said to him, “While you are here I will attend a qigong class. It is called Falun Gong and I don’t want to miss it.” To my surprise, Lu agreed without hesitating and said, “You can go. I will give you a ride there and back.” I was very happy.

Most Memorable Day

The most memorable day of my life was September 7, 1992. On that day I formally attended Master’s 10-day lecture seminar. What Master said was something I had never heard before. I was so excited and happy that every day after arriving home, I told Lu whatever I could remember (while recalling the past, I understand now that what I did was not right, since we cannot take Master’s Fa out of context).

During the seminar, because I was listening to a lecture every day, I had many chances to see Master. Every time we had a break in the middle or after a lecture in the evening, I tried to stand near Master. I just wanted to see him, although I did not know why. I followed Master wherever he went. One day after the lecture, several of us were the last to walk out of the auditorium, and were lucky to walk with Master. Master and several practitioners were walking in the front, while I followed by myself. As I continued walking, I followed by stepping on Master’s footsteps. After walking for a while, I blurted, “Walk by following Master’s footsteps.” Upon hearing my words, Master looked back and smiled.

I did the exercises after getting home, including the sitting mediation. I had never crossed my legs before, so my leg was tilted up high like an anti-aircraft gun. My legs were very painful after a short time. My stomach also ached, so I had to put down my legs and go to the bathroom. I could not stay in that sitting position for even ten minutes. One time when I moved up my legs for meditation, they were painful after a short time. I then saw Master appearing high up on my right side, dressed in a suit just like in the lecture during the day. Master pointed at my legs and said, “Don’t put them down!” From then on, I understood when feeling pain while crossing the legs, we should forbear as much as possible.

By the time of Master’s third lecture session, there was no Falun Gong book published yet. We only had a thin booklet with a yellow cover. After the session ended, I read the booklet at home. Upon opening it, I saw Master’s picture in black and white. I looked at the picture carefully, feeling that Master was very kind. Suddenly my eyes became tight and they gathered inward. I thought that someone was adjusting the focus. After the adjustment was completed, Master’s picture began to change, one frame after another, and it was vivid and clear. In one frame, Master was a young man in his 20s, a Chinese literati. In another frame, he was typical Westerner, deep eyes, high nose bridge, depressed cheeks, and pointed chin. I did not know if he was British or American. There were also other frames. Not clear on what this was all about, I was a little afraid at what I was seeing. I immediately put down the book.

Was What I Saw Real?

When I picked up the book the following day, I thought, “Was what I saw yesterday real? If I take a look again today and see the same, it would be real.” I sat upright in the chair and respectfully placed Master’s picture vertically on the desk – the same frames appeared one after another just like the day before. So I knew it was real.

I then thought, maybe I could check who I was in the past with Master’s help? I found a picture of my full body image and looked at it. The frames also appeared one after another. I found myself a woman in four previous life cycles, and a man in only the last life cycle. In addition, those women were very beautiful. Looking at myself right now, I noticed that I was not as good-looking as what I saw. In fact, I thought that I was ugly. How could one become more and more ugly? I could not understand this, but I knew that what I saw was real. I also knew a little about Master’s previous life cycle then. But something puzzled me. How could Master be a foreigner in the past? Why would I see this? At that time, I just felt it pretty good and did not think about it too much. Since I saw it, I just let it be. I did not think it was special, and just casually mentioned it to a few practitioners.

I found myself changing. I was happy, and my body was more relaxed than before. Once when waking up from a nap at noon, I opened my eyes and saw a blue book on my left side. The book was half open, and next to it appeared a crystal shoe. It was very pretty, and clear, with a crystal light. This shoe then started to move forward, step by step. I did not know what book it was at the time, but I later learned it was China Falun Gong (now known as Falun Gong). Lu already went back to school. My son’s celestial eye also opened after he attended Master’s seminar. He could see all kinds of scenes, displayed on a white wall, just like watching a movie.

I was curious about what he saw and asked him to look at the wall in the room every day. One day he told me, “Today I saw a monk, an old monk. There were nine dots on his bald head.” The next day, he said, “Today I saw a girl holding a bouquet of flowers. When I looked at her again after a while, she cried.” I did not care much about what I saw myself, but was very interested in what my son saw. Every day I asked him to watch, and it became a pursuit.

When coming back the next time, Lu saw me always asking our son to look at this or that, and he was angry, “Why are you so weird asking the child to look like this every day. You should do something meaningful.” His anger awakened me. Although I did not know this was a hint from Master, I knew that I should not continue doing that; otherwise, our son could be ruined.

Visiting Master’s Place

One day, the same coworker from the Teaching and Research Office called me and said, “Let’s visit Master’s place.” I was happy and decided to join her with my son Lu Lu, who just turned nine. After arriving at Master’s place, we saw that some people were already talking with Master. The apartment was very small and we immediately left the building and waited for Master outside. This was the first time I went to Master’s place.

The vicious propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) later claimed that Master lived in a luxury residence. It made me very sad to hear these lies. I could be a witness testifying that Master lived in a dilapidated building even compared to ordinary residences in Changchun City. Master lived on the fourth floor and there was no heating. Inside the entrance was a small aisle, very narrow, with a tiny kitchen on the right hand side. This aisle led to a small suite, with the outside room a little bigger and the inside room even smaller. The place was very simple with no decorations, and just a few pieces of furniture. On the walls were several pictures of enlightened beings of the Buddha school and the Dao school, drawn by Master with crayons. They were very eye-catching. Master was very good at drawing. I have also kept one set of them.

A sword was hanging on Master’s wall. As practitioners left one after another, several of us also planned to leave after meeting with Master. Master came out to send us off. At the entrance, my coworker introduced my son and me to Master. Master first looked at me from top to bottom and said, “Very good.” He then looked at my son from top to bottom and said, “Good.” Suddenly one question came to my mind. I thought about it and asked, “Master, why when I see things, are there always many of them and they are all together?” Master spoke softly, “That is the way it is.” I understood Master’s words and knew this was normal. This is what happens when part of the real situation in other dimensions is reflected here. I said to Master, “I thought every one is like this.” Master did not say anything.

When I saw things, there were always many of them. I was unable to separate them or count them, as they were not clear. It was as if they were mingled together at the same time at the same location. In fact, they are not from one dimension at all. Therefore, I could understand the dimensions that Master talked about later on.

Before cultivation, I often felt tired when reading books because lines on the page were often combined. When looking at objects, I often felt fuzzy, as if they were not real. I often bumped into others when riding a bike, so I stopped riding. But my eyesight is good. I did not pay attention to this inborn situation in the past, thinking that everyone was like this. I did not really understand it until I attended Master’s class.

After the third lecture session ended, Master was going to Beijing to give lectures. Together with Lu Lu, that coworker, and several practitioners, we sent Master off at the train station. In front of the cab, we took a group picture that included Master, Master’s daughter, my coworker, her youngest boy, Lu Lu, and me. Master went in the cab. Before the train was moving, he was talking from inside the train car with us who were standing outside.

Master took out several business cards and distributed them to practitioners. Master did not give one to me initially. I thought that, if Master gave me one, I would accept it. Otherwise, I could not ask for it. I stood there without moving. At that time, Master looked at me and gave me a business card. I immediately accepted it. The train slowly started to move. We stayed there watching until the train was far away.

(To be continued)