(Minghui.org) I heard about Falun Dafa from my mother in 1995. After witnessing the miraculous improvement in her health, several members in our family began to practice, including my sister and me.

My sister later had a granddaughter named Jiao. She was very smart and, even at a young age, could memorize long poems such as the 754-word Pipa Xing (Song of the Lute Player).

Tragedy Strikes

Something happened a few years ago that changed everything. Jiao had a fever and later went into a coma. Emergency rescue in a hospital did save her life, but brought new worries. She would not respond if someone talked to her, nor would she go out to play. To make things worse, she forgot things that she had learned earlier and did not even know how to call out to her parents or other people in the family.

Both my sister and her daughter Jing (Jiao’s mother) were very worried. They visited many renowned hospitals in China, and each time the diagnosis was autism. The mother and daughter visited many places in two years and spent lots of money, but there was little progress. In the end, Jing had to quit her job and took Jiao to a major hospital in Shanghai, only to find that it did not help, either.

Later on, Jing signed Jiao up for a training course at an autism treatment center. Before that Jiao was relatively quiet. After some days at the treatment center, however, she developed a bad temper and could not express herself well. When people did not follow her wishes, she would cry and yell loudly. When given food that she had not asked for, she would stomp her feet and cry. The training course had three lessons per day, at a cost of 350 yuan (or $55) per lesson. Coming out of the class, Jiao’s eyes were red every time. She would not say what was taught in the class. It was unclear if she did not know how to explain or if she did not care to do so.

After a while, Jing heard about an autism school in Qingdao City, Shandong Province. She and Jiao stayed there for over a year but did not see any change. Someone brought up the idea of a witch doctor, and Jing did find one. After that treatment, Jiao hardly slept at night. After her family went to sleep, she would open the cabinets and then close them. She would repeat this simple action for hours. When others tried to stop her, she would cry endlessly. After getting tired at 3 or 5 a.m., Jiao would go to sleep and would not get up until noon.

Time went by quickly. At age 10, Jiao did not know anything except for whether she had eaten enough. She did not know how to put on clothes or comb her hair. She damaged computers and other things in the apartment, leaving others to spend lots of time cleaning up after her. After eating too much, she would use a finger to dig at her throat. When she got upset, she would hurt herself, leaving bruises on her face and arms.

Then Jing heard about a school for the mentally handicapped and signed up for it. Because Jiao got up late everyday, she would go there late every day and come back early. Her grandma (my sister) often accompanied her in the classroom. When she was in a bad mood, she would cry and yell in the classroom, disturbing the other children.

Turning Point

When visiting my sister in 2020, I was very sad upon hearing the story. When Jiao came by, I held her hand and said, “Sweetheart, I am your granny.”

Jiao looked at me and replied, “I am your granny.”

My sister then explained to me that the girl could not tell the difference between you, me, and her.

Having practiced Falun Dafa for over 20 years and seeing this, I knew that only Dafa could help save Jiao.

“You know that an everyday person cannot change his or her fate, unless that person wants to cultivate,” I continued, “How about you read Zhuan Falun (the main teachings of Falun Dafa) together with Jiao?”

My sister said she had slacked off these years due to worrying for Jiao and traveling with her everywhere for treatment.

As we discussed further, my sister said that she would be diligent from then on. I also recommended that she help Jiao recite “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” In addition, they could listen to audio lectures from Master Li and Jiao could recite Hong Yin (collection of Master’s poems).

During the daytime, I went to my sister's place, and the three of us studied the Dafa teachings together. In the evening, my sister played Master’s audio lecture for Jiao along with Dafa music. It was pretty tough in the beginning. As soon as we started reading Zhuan Falun, Jiao would run around asking for food.

I knew something had gone wrong, so I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all elements that interfered with my sister and Jiao. Twenty minutes passed and Jiao improved a lot. Even after studying the Dafa teachings just once, I could feel her changing.

A Lovely Girl

We often sent forth righteous thoughts before studying the Dafa teachings. When we studied afterward, she was able to listen attentively. In addition, we taught Jiao to recite “On Dafa” in Zhuan Falun. She was a quick learner and could memorize it quickly.

Not only that, for poems in Hong Yin, Jiao could memorize them after we taught her three times. Miraculously, she even recalled the poem Pipa Xing that she had forgotten several years ago.

Nowadays, Jiao goes to bed normally every day and she does not make a fuss at night. Her face is clean and beautiful. The bruises from self-harm are long gone. Whenever we meet, her first sentence would be, “Hi, granny!” What a lovely girl.

Our relatives and friends were surprised by the change – how was she cured so quickly? Plus, she was able to memorize poems now. We practitioners know that this is the power of Falun Dafa. That is, keeping in mind “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good” will help people be blessed.