(Minghui.org) I’m a doctor and I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. I’d like to share how practicing Falun Dafa saved my marriage and my life.

Resolving Family Conflicts

I’d always had bad health. I was born with bad vision—nearsighted in one eye, farsighted in the other, and astigmatism in both. I started to wear glasses when I was in elementary school. I had a stroke at the age of 16 and was unconscious for eight days. When I woke up, I had memory loss. I also had rheumatism and my antistreptolysin O levels were very high. My nerves were bad. No Western or Chinese medicine helped.

When I became an adult I went to a fortuneteller who said I’d had a serious illness (the stroke) and that it would have a direct impact on my future and studies. He also predicted that I would have an even more serious illness when I was 30, and it would affect my job, family, and future.

After I got married, my husband constantly criticized me, and did not help around the house. Our child was less than a month old, cried all night, and disturbed the neighbors. My health was poor and I was sleep-deprived. Weak and exhausted, I asked my husband to help take care of the baby. But he turned the child over face down on the bed and smacked her bottom to get her to stop crying. But she cried even harder. I took the child and made myself take care of her. I lost all hope—as ill as I was, I had to take care of my child and do the housework all by myself. By the time I was 26, I was ready to get a divorce.

A friend then invited me to her house to watch the video lectures of Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa. I went out of politeness, but after listening to them, I understood that everything in life, good or bad, happens for a reason. I was moved by what Master said. I took home the main book of Falun Dafa Zhuan Falun and read it every day, as if I had found a treasure. That is how I embarked on my cultivation journey.

Three days later, all my illnesses went away. I was overjoyed! It was the first time I had experienced what it was like to be free of illness. Words cannot express my gratitude to Master! I did not do anything but simply read Zhuan Falun daily and follow the principles taught in the book. Yet the suffering I’d endured for years disappeared. I felt it was a miracle! This made me even more determined to cultivate.

Whenever my husband or mother-in-law treated me badly, I acted according to Dafa’s standards of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. I stopped resenting my husband and did all the household chores without complaint. He once came home in the middle of the night after gambling. He woke me up and said he’d lost several hundred yuan. He asked me to cook something for him to eat. I got out of bed without a word and calmly prepared a meal. Astonished, he said, “You have changed!” He started to read Zhuan Falun and began to practice, too!

My husband became a different person after taking up Dafa. He thought of me all the time. He came to pick me up from work and even bought me clothes. All my coworkers envied me for having such a good husband.

My mother-in-law also started to read Dafa books, and my family members learned to get along with one another.

In my fourth year of cultivation, when I was nearly 30 years old, my head suddenly began to hurt while I was on my way to work. I knew this was the symptom of a stroke but at the same time I regarded it as Master eliminating my karma. Because the hospital where I worked did not have a CT scanner, I went to another hospital. The scan showed it was a stroke. The staff were astonished when they learned I came in alone.

I went home and did not take any medicine. Instead I did the exercises, read the teachings, and went to work as usual. A week later, the pain in my head went away. With the CT scan in hand, I told the director and deputy director of the hospital where I worked about the incident. They were astounded because what happened to me could not be explained according to current medical science.

Putting My Patients First

In China, pharmaceutical companies bribe doctors to prescribe expensive medications. I’ve followed Dafa’s principles strictly since I began practicing. I treat my patients like family and try my best to look after them and save them money.

A man showed up in the emergency room, but the hospital refused to treat him because he had no money. I paid his medical expenses out of my own pocket so that he could be treated. Some patients write me thank you notes while others give me a thumbs up, saying, “It is rare to run into a doctor as good as you.” I would not be able to do this if I did not practice Dafa.

One winter I was working the night shift. There was a flood in the middle of the night and the water quickly rose to our calves. The pharmacy was on the ground floor. If the medications got wet, the hospital would suffer a great loss. Only three of us were working that night, and two were Falun Dafa practitioners. We began to bail out the water.

It was mid-winter, and a thick layer of ice soon formed on our trousers. The water covered our legs, and was freezing cold, but because we acted promptly, the hospital was spared financial loss and was able to remain open the next day.

I once met a woman who had severe rheumatism. Her finger joints were swollen, deformed, and very painful. After I wrote her a prescription, I said, “Medicine can alleviate your pain, but it cannot cure you.” She said, “I know. I’ve been to many large hospitals and spent a lot of money. I use whatever I earn from selling grain every year to pay my medical bills.”

I told her, “There is one way—practice Falun Dafa.” I gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun and she took it home. A few days later, she returned, and she was a different person. She said the swelling in her joints had subsided and the pain was gone. Inspired by her positive changes, some of her neighbors began to practice Falun Dafa. Everyone said that Falun Dafa was extraordinary!

Blessed for Believing Dafa Is Good

My son-in-law’s brother was the deputy head of a police station. He had read Dafa books and knew that Falun Dafa was good, and that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) fabricated many lies about the practice. Whenever he was given orders to persecute practitioners, he always came up with excuses to avoid getting involved. Because he knows what is right and wrong, his career is going well and he was promoted to deputy director.

A few years ago I was detained for refusing to give up my faith and for telling people about Dafa. I met two women who were detained for appealing to the government on other matters. I told them the truth about Dafa. One of them accepted what I said and agreed to renounce her membership in the CCP. The other woman disagreed with what I told her and believed the CCP’s lies about Dafa. Several days later, an official came to see the woman who’d quit the CCP and apologized to her. She was given 100,000 yuan in compensation and released. Things did not go so well for the other woman who did not believe in Dafa.

One time I clarified the truth to a stranger and he asked me for an amulet. He said he had a relapse of arthritis and was in pain. When he decided to quit the CCP, his pain immediately went away.

I know many examples of people being blessed after learning the truth about Dafa, but have listed just these few. If you are reading this article, I hope you realize that Falun Dafa is good!