(Minghui.org) On my way to pick up my granddaughter from school on June 9, 2019, I came across the mother of one of her classmates. We walked and talked all the way there. She coughed badly whenever she spoke. I felt sorry for her and urged her to get it checked out.

She said, “I have gone to many famous doctors. They all said that they had no cure for my cough. They could only offer conservative treatment and the outcome would depend on my luck. The cough is just like this every day. I really cannot help it. I am so uncomfortable. I cannot sleep well. I have to sit up in the middle of the night, otherwise I would be out of the breath. Sometimes, I wonder why my life is so bitter. I have no confidence that I can survive. What should I do?”

She continued to say, “I do not dare to stand in the crowd to pick up my daughter after school because I cannot control my nonstop coughing. The cough makes other people uncomfortable and they look at me with strange expressions. I waited in a place where no one would be there and picked up my daughter after other parents and children left. She thus was always the last one to get picked up. She did not understand and got angry sometimes. But there is no other way. I do not know when this problem will end.”

I told her about the health benefits of Falun Dafa and how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been persecuting it. I also urged her to quit the CCP and she readily agreed.

Before parting, I told her that if she sincerely recited the auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” she would be blessed. And she said she would give it a try.

One week later, we met again. She greeted me from afar, “I want to tell you a miracle! My cough is gone without taking any medicine. I only recited the auspicious phrases every day and the cough disappeared.”

I said, “You do not have to thank me. I just passed the word to you. It was Dafa's Master who actually helped you. You can thank him, the founder of Falun Dafa.”

There is another story about my younger sister. My sister started smoking in her twenties. Her health had then been bad and her chest always hurt. She got short of breath often, especially when she was angry. She took medicines every day.

I went to her home one day. She said, “I have been having shortness of breath again these days. I feel tired after walking for a few steps. It is really annoying.”

I told her to sincerely recite the auspicious phrases. She said she would, but I did not think she was serious but just tried to be polite.

One day, she went out to run an errand. The problem occurred halfway. She was out of breath and squatted down to catch her breath. At that moment, she thought of the blessed words that I had told her and sincerely recited them a few times. She was soon able to breathe and stand up.

She was extremely excited and immediately called me. She said, “Sister, Falun Dafa is really miraculous! I was out of breath and almost passed out. I then recited the auspicious phrases you told me and it worked. The miracle indeed happened to me. I really believe in Dafa this time!”