(Minghui.org) The annually published Minghui calendar is designed by the Minghui.org website. Many people who receive these calendars feel that the pictures are beautiful, bright, and inspiring.

The back of the calendar contains information and short stories taken from Minghui.org such as, “An Elder Shares Insights About Good Health” and “Suggestions for Happiness in Marriage and Family.” Many people feel that these stories are touching and insightful.

After Minghui.org launched the calendar, Falun Dafa practitioners in China download and print it every year and distribute copies to the public. A special way to clarify the truth, the calendar is widely welcomed by people. The following are some inspirational stories about the calendar.

(Continued from Part 2)

Receiving Blessings After Distributing Minghui Calendars

My uncle’s sister Hua frequently came to see me. Whenever she came I gave her truth-clarification flyers which she always accepted. One time she took a Minghui calendar and before she left she asked for two more calendars. 

Before leaving for work in southern China, Hua visited me again. She told me that she’d be leaving soon but I asked her to postpone her trip for a couple of days. Hua usually listens to my advice and delayed leaving.

She came two days later and brought a lot of fruit with her. She went into the room where I keep Master’s portrait, set the fruit in front of it and lit incense for Master. She said, “Second sister, I was glad that I listened to you and postponed my trip. Did you know that the bus that I was supposed to get on got into an accident? Thirty six passengers were injured and two of them died.” I said, “Master is protecting you because you know the truth about Dafa and believe that Falun Dafa is good!”

Hua said happily, “I’d like to take more Minghui calendars!” Hua distributed the calendars to her neighbors and told them, “Master is here to save people and quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organization is completely free of charge. My second sister is a kind person who abides by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She supplied me with these calendars. Please read the short stories on the back of the calendar. Only by quitting the CCP and its youth organizations can one stay safe. Do you know how lucky I am? Master saved me and I was able to avoid a terrible accident.” She explained how she avoided the accident. Everyone she talked to decided to quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

Three years ago she bought a small house which cost 80,000 yuan. When her house was set to be demolished, the government compensated her the 80,000 yuan she paid for the house and gave her an additional 200,000 yuan. 

The Calendar Helped Me

As soon as a man from Northeast China saw me he happily said, “Big sister, I received blessings after I accepted a copy of the calendar you were distributing.” I was surprised and he continued, “I took a photo of the calendar and shared it with the people I know back home. When I applied for workers’ insurance my request was approved. Look!” as he said this the young man pulled out his cell phone and showed me a photo of the cover page of the 2017 calendar. “Thank you big sister! Thank you!” He asked for several copies of the calendar and said, “I’ll help you distribute them.”

Blessings Received from the Calendar

Wang and his wife are kind-hearted farmers from Zhangjiakou city in Hebei Province. Wang’s wife works on the farm while Wang works in a factory. Wang helps his wife when his work isn’t busy. Wang made over 20,000 yuan in two months and his wife also made roughly around 20,000 yuan. They repaid their debts and thought about building a new house. 

Wang recalled that while he looked after someone’s sheep, the man who owned them wanted to sell them for about 70 yuan each. In addition, the owner said that the young lambs would be free of charge. Wang’s neighbors said, “This is a really good deal!” Wang was reluctant and said, “I don’t have enough space to farm them, and I don’t have any grass to feed them.” Someone told Wang that he could graze the sheep on his property. This was truly a pie in the sky for Wang. Why did Wang experience such good fortune?

Someone gifted Wang a Minghui calendar during the winter of 2014. Wang said, “I have a lot of these calendars. Whenever I find them in the street, I pick them up, bring them home and hang them on my walls. My wife told me to be careful and not get caught by the CCP. I’m not afraid of the CCP. Let’s see what they are capable of!” Wang knows how brutally Falun Dafa practitioners are persecuted in China. Deep in his heart, however, Wang knows that Falun Dafa is good and treasures the Minghui calendars. He respects Falun Dafa and has decided to choose a bright future for himself. 

With the New Year on the horizon, practitioners who produce and distribute Minghui calendars sincerely hope that people in China can see through the momentary chaos. They encourage people to read the inspiring stories published in Minghui magazines and overcome all tribulations.

(The End)