(Minghui.org) After Falun Dafa practitioners persevere in exposing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s persecution of their faith in the past two decades, not only have many ordinary Chinese people come to understand the truth, but many police officers have also realized the illegality of the persecution. The police who knew the truth used various methods to protect practitioners in their jurisditions and chose a bright future for themselves.

Some officers found ways to alert the practitioners before following the order to arrest them. Some officers called the practitioners beforehand. Some knocked on the practitioners' neighbors’ doors and shouted that they were “looking for a certain Falun Dafa practitioner.” Others knocked on the practitioner’s door and shouted, “We are from the Public Security Bureau!” as a way to signal the practitioner not to open the door.

Here are several such stories from Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

Young Policemen Change, Cease Interrogation

When several fellow practitioners were clarifying the truth to people, a plainclothes officer called the police and took a picture of the practitioners. Some fellow practitioners noticed the situation and left. But two elderly practitioners were arrested. 

Two young policemen attempted to interrogate them. These two practitioners kept telling them that Falun Dafa practitioners did not do anything wrong and are kind people who just want to practice their faith. They also urged the officers not to follow the CCP and do bad deeds, or there would be consequences. 

In the end, the officers stopped the interrogation and drove the practitioners home.

Plainclothes Officer Ask for Amulets

One day a practitioner was sending righteous thoughts in public when a plainclothes officer came over. He told the practitioner that he was a policeman in this area and said, “I know you practice Falun Dafa. Your amulet is very good. Can you give me one?” The practitioner gave one to him and also persuaded the officer to quit the CCP and its related organizations.

Justice Will Prevail

After a fellow practitioner was reported and taken to the local police station by a person who refused to listen to the truth, the police detained that person instead and released the practitioner. 

There was another incident in a supermarket. A fellow practitioner tried to clarify the facts to an elderly woman, but she refused to listen and blamed the practitioner for being against the government. A man nearby heard them and shouted: “She practices Falun Gong. Catch her!”

As this practitioner has come often to this supermarket and clarified the facts to most of its staff members and helped them quit the CCP and related organizations, nobody paid any attention to the yelling man. And the practitioner left the supermarket safely. And the Dafa practitioner walked out of the store calmly.

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