(Minghui.org) One day in early autumn, I went on a business trip far way from home. I called my wife at noon and wanted to tell her that my schedule changed. However she didn't answer my call. “Maybe she is outside informing people about Falun Gong as usual,” I thought. 

Then I called her again at 4 p.m. but she still didn't answer. I was a little worried. Two hours later, I still couldn't reach her. I became so anxious that I didn't know what to do. The only thing I could think of was calling my mother and telling her to hide all Falun Gong books in a safe place. 

After I hung up the call with my mother, my heart was beating hard and my hands couldn't stop shaking. Standing in the middle of the street in a strange city, I had mixed feelings. I couldn't tell if I was aggrieved or what, time seemed to have stopped!

As a Falun Gong practitioner, my wife can be taken away at any time for upholding her faith or talking to people about the persecution of it. I couldn't help but think of what might have happened to my wife. Maybe she was reported when she was talking about Falun Gong. Or what else could have happened to her? I tried to suppress all of my negative thoughts but failed and began tearing up.

I decided to go back home right away. I went to the train station but there was no way to get back the same night. The earliest time I could arrive home was 10 a.m. the next morning.

Half an hour later, my family called to say my wife was back home and nothing was wrong. Somehow my heart was beating faster even though it was a false alarm. I felt as if I had a heart attack. Before any accident happened, I immediately alerted my mom of my physical condition and asked for her help. She tried to calm me down and said I was just too nervous, if I started to pray to Master and recite the words “Falun Dafa is good,” my condition may get better. I followed her suggestion and was back to normal after half an hour.

Even though my business trip was supposed to last 3 days, I went back home the next day. Upon seeing my wife at night, I had a lot to say but somehow nothing came out!

It has been like this for so many years but why was my reaction still so intense? Was I scared? Seems not. My wife has been detained at a forced labor camp for her belief. After she was released 7 years ago, I have been helping her rescue other practitioners. 

Over these years, there have been many stressful and scary experiences, and also some heartwarming scenes. There were several times I even risked my job, my family, even my life to rescue practitioners, but in the end, I suffered no danger or harm. I believe that it is all because I am always under Dafa Master's protection.

Refusal to Cooperate with the “Zero-Out” Campaign

The CCP started a nationwide “Zero-out” campaign attempting to force practitioners to renounce their faith. I received phone calls from the police station and my local community. They told me that they would stop harassing me if I could help them get my wife to sign the statement to renounce Falun Gong and a short video of her renouncing Falun Gong verbally. 

I replied to them, “What is wrong with her practicing Falun Gong? She is a regular person who has not harmed anyone or damaged anything. She simply does exercises and cultivates her mind in order to have a healthy body and be a good person. I do not understand what kind of society can not accommodate these good civilians? Is cheating and stealing good? I won't persuade her to sign the statement or record such a video; do not ever call me again.” 

A practitioner learned of my experience a few days ago and asked me, “Aren't you scared when rescuing others?” I replied, “Of course I am scared. But as a human being, what else can I do? Sometimes, I thought of giving up when it was too dangerous; however, somehow I sensed it was my responsibility and my mission, I can't back out. At critical moments, I also prayed to Master. A lawyer told me that their job would be easier if there were more Falun Gong families like me. He hopes more families and people can come forward and seek justice.”

The brutal persecution of Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, has been going on for 21 years. On behalf of millions of practitioners' families, I thank practitioners for your perseverance in your belief and your hard work to expose the communist regime's persecution. I also hope that more practitioners' families will join me in supporting practitioners and fighting to bring the persecution to an end.