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Some Thoughts on Cell Phone Security from the Perspective of “Self”

Jan. 31, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Although we have been talking about cell phone security for many years, especially those of us in China, I’ve noticed that some practitioners still do not realize the gravity of this issue and do not pay attention to it.

As far as I know, here are several indications that one’s cell phone is being monitored:

1. There are echoes or noises when the phone is in use.2. The cellphone gets hot when not in use.3. The cell signal is poor, and the phone sometimes cannot make or receive calls.4. The battery drains quickly and needs to be charged every day or two. (This doesn’t apply to an old battery that needs to be charged every day.)

There might be more indications. But even if we haven't experienced any of the above, it doesn't necessarily mean our cellphone is safe.

Recently in my area, many practitioners were arrested. Some of them didn't pay much attention to cell phone safety. For example, one of them always brought his cellphone even when making truth-clarification materials or discussing sensitive information with other practitioners. When a fellow practitioner reminded him that the cell phone might be monitored and potentially tapped, the practitioner didn't believe it and unknowingly allowed the authorities to gather a lot of information through him.

I noticed that practitioners who do not believe the potential dangers of cell phones always carry their cell phones with them. They call other practitioners by name and discuss the projects they work on over the phone. Sometimes, they even disclose details of fellow practitioners’ private lives.

Some of the reasons why they do not take cell phone security seriously might include the following:

1. My phone has limited functionality.2. I only use it to call my family.3. I have changed to a new phone/number.4. I am not afraid of being persecuted.

From my perspective, all these reasons are focused on “me.” These practitioners may have strong egos or too much confidence in themselves. They instinctively reject other practitioners’ opinions that are not in line with theirs.

Maybe we can view this issue from another perspective. We know Master once said that every cell phone is a listening device. When we are around fellow practitioners, shouldn't we care about their safety? Isn’t it just being responsible for us to put our cellphones away? When we can abide by this notion without fear or worry, I think we are following Master’s guidance.

Here’s what Master said about cell phones in “Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference(Team Blue Translation):

“Disciple: May I ask Master to talk more about the issue of safety in cellphone use.Master: There isn't much to talk about here. You are carrying a listening device on you. Besides spies and governments, anyone is able to monitor you at will, and it's very simple. That's all it is, and whether you keep it on or off, it doesn't make any difference. I am speaking here, and you know, the evil CCP is listening over there as well.”

My understanding is that, whether a cell phone is being monitored or not, since Master has already told us that a cell phone is a listening device, we should not ignore this issue or take our own thoughts for granted. For the sake of fellow practitioners’ safety, please pay attention and take cell phone security seriously.