(Minghui.org) Ah Yong has been able to see things in other dimensions since he was a child. He often saw an elderly man with a white beard looking after him in another dimension. The man sometimes showed him how to do his homework. If someone was sick, the old man sometimes suggested some medicines for the person to take, and the medicines worked well.

Ah Yong was in Beijing in the 1990s. A qigong master found him and recruited him as his disciple. He taught him some extraordinary abilities and qigong treatments. Because Ah Yong could see beings in other dimensions, people with hard-to-cure illnesses and whose lives were in danger came to see him. He could quickly get them to recover. He said that he was very busy and often saw patients until late at night. He didn’t know that his patients’ karma would transfer to him as a result and bring him numerous troubles in the future. His health deteriorated.

The qigong he had been practicing was banned in 1999. He felt lost because he could no longer practice it. His personal experiences in other dimensions had made him believe that cultivation practice could elevate one’s realm. He started to follow a famous master in Tibetan tantrism and practiced tantrism for three years. His master closed his third eye.

When his mother passed away, Ah Yong developed severe neuritis and went through hormone injection treatments. He became fatter but very weak. At that time, he was not able to cure himself. The old man who had looked after him disappeared. He felt helpless.

Luckily, Ah Yong met a Falun Dafa practitioner. When the practitioner told him about Dafa, Ah Yong's arrogance resurfaced. He talked about how he had cured illnesses for people and his glorious past. He despised the practitioner and didn’t understand why practitioners kept talking to people about Dafa.

Ah Yong told the practitioner that he had attended Master Li’s lecture sessions in Wuhan in the early 90s. He had seen Falun spinning with his third eye. The practitioner treasured Ah Yong and kept in contact with him. Ah Yong returned to his hometown from Beijing for the Qingming Festival to sweep his mother's grave. The practitioner invited him to lunch at a restaurant.

Ah Yong was fatter and weaker than before. The practitioner asked him, “When you cured illnesses for others, how could you settle the karma they had accumulated? You can see the real existence of beings in other dimensions, so you should know that the atheism that the CCP promotes is definitely wrong. Falun Dafa has persevered for more than 20 years despite the severe persecution. All other qigong have disappeared. The qigong you practiced has disappeared as well. But Falun Dafa has spread far and wide throughout the world. You can see things in other dimensions. Why did you come to this world? What is your mission? How can you return to your divine world?”

As the practitioner talked to him this time, Ah Yong listened. He followed the practitioner’s suggestion and bought a copy of Zhuan Falun.

The next day, Ah Yong came to see the practitioner and told him about an amazing scene he had seen. When he finished reading the book and was preparing to go to bed, Master’s fashen (law body) appeared and said to him, “You have a great predestined relationship with me. Otherwise you would have been dead long ago. Your body is full of bugs. You should read the book slowly with a calm mind and shouldn’t just flip through it. After you finish the book, go to see that practitioner and share this with him.”

Ah Yong was surprised to hear Master say that his body was full of bugs. With the help of the practitioner, Ah Yong learned the five sets of Dafa exercises and returned to Beijing.

In this muddled world filled with material temptations, people easily get lost. When he arrived in Beijing, Ah Yong became very busy and gradually stopped practicing Dafa. Several months later, Master’s law body reminded him to go to a certain city. Ah Yong thought it was inconvenient as his business and his family were both in Beijing, so he didn’t go. Several days later, Master’s law body told Ah Yong to go to that city and see that practitioner, or Ah Yong would die.

This time Ah Yong didn’t hesitate because he knew his health was worsening by the day. He left home the next day. He arrived in that city and went to see that practitioner, who arranged for him to watch Master’s nine lectures on video. When Ah Yong was watching the video, he didn’t see Master lecture on the TV but instead saw Master’s golden law body lecture to him in another dimension. He saw beautiful Falun spinning and other wondrous things. When he was practicing the second set of Dafa exercises, Ah Yong saw that he was huge and standing in the cosmos while the galaxy was moving and the earth was like a small ball.

One day, the practitioner saw a Tibetan Buddhist image on the front windscreen of Ah Yong’s car and Buddha beads in his car. The practitioner reminded Ah Yong of what Master Li had said about the principle of practicing only one cultivation way at a time. Ah Yong said, “You might not know. If I don’t put up the Tibetan Buddhist image, I would see ghosts from other dimensions hit my car. It’s really scary.”

The practitioner then questioned him, “Could you see Master’s law body, so sacred and noble, in another dimension when you were practicing Tibetan Tantrism? Could Tibetan Tantrism make you recover from your illnesses so quickly? Could you feel yourself so incomparably tall in the cosmos while practicing the exercises of Tantrism? Dafa will definitely protect Dafa disciples!”

Ah Yong mentioned an interesting scene he had seen. When another Dafa practitioner was sending forth righteous thoughts in a car, Ah Yong saw a beam of golden light emitting from the practitioner’s palm, and the monsters and demons in front of his car were eliminated instantly. Ah Yong burned the Tibetan Buddhist picture. The practitioner gave him a Dafa keepsake, and Ah Yong hasn’t seen any demons hitting his car since.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Ah Yong told me what he saw. One day when he was practicing the exercises, he saw that countless beings who had predestined relationships with him were in great danger and were shouting out for help. He couldn’t hold back his tears when he saw the miserable scenes.

On one occasion, when practitioners drove a lawyer who was defending a local practitioner to court, Ah Yong pleaded with Master Li to strengthen him when he was sending forth righteous thoughts. He saw Master’s law body appear above the court and send out countless beautiful Falun, which emitted tens of thousands of golden beams. When the beams of light touched the legal staff members in uniform, the bad beings on them in other dimensions were burned and became little black dwarfs. After he went home, he practiced the exercises and saw a black ball made up of karma drop from his body. He instantly lost three kilograms.

Ah Yong has had many miraculous experiences since he started practicing Dafa and said Dafa is truly amazing. He is now helping more people learn about Dafa through sharing his personal experiences.