(Minghui.org) Last night when I was sending forth righteous thoughts for President Trump, I suddenly found myself sitting in a place like a football stadium. The entire venue had an off-white color and was of very fine quality. I had a thought that the stadium was made of materials from other dimensions. I was the only one sitting on the bleachers. There were no football players or other spectators in such a big venue. As I was wondering where everyone else was, a thought came to my mind: “Just sit there and don’t pursue the results.” 

After I finished sending righteous thoughts, I kept thinking about what the sentence meant. Suddenly, I realized that as “sit” (zuo) has the same pronunciation as “do” (zuo) in Chinese, maybe Master was giving me a hint that I should just do it without thinking about the result. 

From studying Master’s newest article, “Greetings to the Taiwan Fa Conference,” I understand that it is Master who is rectifying the Fa and that as His disciples we are assisting Him. It is Master who makes the arrangement and decides the result of human affairs. What we need to concern ourselves with is how to fulfill our own responsibilities. Only when we put ourselves in the right position, are we truly assisting Master, or we might just cause trouble and obstacles for Master in His Fa-rectification.

Master has taught us in Zhuan Falun,

“That’s obviously not something you could do. These things are in the hands of one’s teacher; it is he who does them. And this is why it’s said that one only needs to focus on practicing and one’s teacher will handle the rest. It is actually he who handles things, whatever you might hope or try to accomplish.” (The Second Talk, Zhuan Falun, 2018 Translation Version)

Master also said,

“On one occasion I allowed my mind to be linked with the minds of four or five enlightened ones in extremely high realms. Their level of attainment was so great that non-practitioners would think I was exaggerating were I to describe it. They wanted to read my mind. Others have no way of doing that, given how many years I practiced for; their powers have no way to breach my space. Nobody is able to know me or what I am thinking. Yet in this case, I consented to their wish to know my thoughts, and linked my mind with theirs for a period of time.” (The Third Talk, Zhuan Falun, 2018 Translation Version)

So even those extremely high level beings don’t know what Master is thinking or what He plans to do, how can other beings, including us, know what’s the next step Master will take? Rather than spending time trying to figure that out, we might just focus our energy on sending forth righteous thoughts well.

Actually from Master’s lectures of “On the General Election” and “Greetings to the Taiwan Fa Conference,” as well as the Minghui editorial “We Must Know and Be Clearheaded about Our Principles and Fundamentals,” it has been made very clear as to what we should do. From my understanding, whether it’s the U.S. election or the massive “Zero-out” harassment campaign in China, these are for everyone in the world to position themselves, including Dafa disciples.

Master said, 

“So every thing that every being does positions himself for the future. And that includes all human beings. Whatever a human being does positions him.” (Teachings at the Conference in Switzerland)

We know from the Fa that human beings are the weakest and can be easily manipulated by the beings in other dimensions. Once controlled, that being is lost and is no longer him or herself. 

While sending righteous thoughts for the U.S. election, I’ve found that many of the evil beings in other dimensions had strong energies and abilities. Many of them are very good at disguising themselves. Human beings are simply inferior in front of them. So we shouldn’t expect ordinary people to fight off the evil themselves, but we Dafa disciples should take the responsibility to eliminate those evil beings for them. And as Master is rectifying the Fa to save sentient beings, we also have the responsibility to assist Master in this mission.

When we send righteous thoughts, we are eliminating the evil communist specter and other factors interfering with human beings. Only after those evil beings are eliminated, can human beings make a rational choice without foreign interference. And only then, are they making the real choice on their own. This is such an important matter that concerns the salvation of so many people; how can we not do a good job at it?

For all these years, practitioners outside of China have been sending righteous thoughts to help us in China. But this is the first time that we in China are sending righteous thoughts for the U.S. It’s just so important and urgent. This period of time will pass by very soon. We should understand its importance and cherish it. Whether we do a good job in sending righteous thoughts or not is related to which direction humanity is heading and its ultimate survival.

Let’s all remember what Master has taught us,

“Doing, but without pursuit—So constant, abiding in the Dao.” (“Abiding in the Dao,” Hong Yin, Translation Version A)

Above is my understanding at my limited level. I welcome fellow practitioners to point out anything that is not in line with the Fa.