(Minghui.org) The cultivation of Dafa disciples is cultivation in the Fa-rectification period. Presently we are in a transitional period before the Fa-rectification fully unfolds in the human world.

In the past four years, President Trump has been working tirelessly to bring the nation back to its traditions, all the while fighting communism. With strong faith in the divine, he never backed down despite all the vicious attacks against him.

Especially during the U.S. election, despite the unscrupulous slander, he has continued on the path guided by the divine. I believe Trump is the chosen one and everything he is doing right now is unveiling the beginning of the Fa rectifying the human world. The evil is resisting as it dies. However, the righteous force is unstoppable.

I felt disappointed and frustrated on January 6 after the U.S. Congress certified the president-elect. I could not study the Fa with a calm mind. Later I realized that I had put too much focus on the gains and losses in the human world. Whether Trump won or lost on the surface, I should still send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and to support him.

I reminded myself that I should not be attached to anything in the human world and that Master has arranged everything. There is a purpose for everything. The ultimate result will be the best. The leftists can be this evil because the communist demons are manipulating things behind the scenes. Dafa disciples should strengthen their efforts to eliminate communism to help people break free from the evil’s control. The bottom line is that Dafa disciples will be leading everyday people out of this test of “election.”

Don’t Be Puzzled and Do Not to Make More Trouble for Master

When I first started sending forth righteous thoughts for the U.S. election, I did not know how to do it properly. One practitioner said, “Eliminate the communist demons.” I felt it was simple, focused, and powerful.

One day while I was sending righteous thoughts, I began to feel frustrated about how complicated and chaotic the situation in the U.S is now. Immediately, Master’s Fa came to my mind:

“You want this, he wants that[Each tries to steer this affair]Both pitiable and absurd it is’Tis the Lord of Fa rectifying the firmamentWhat could manage to escape it?” (“Look Attentively,” Hong Yin II)

I became clear-minded right away: I need to focus and try my best to do what we are supposed to do – eliminate the communist demons.

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