(Minghui.org) I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner, born in 2009. My grandmother spoke to me about the nine special words, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” the day I was born. She said I started smiling at four days old when she read the poem “Tempering the Will” from Hong Yin. It seemed as if I understood that I was being saved by my grandma, and since then my grandma would read the Fa to me every day. 

Being Diligent at a Young Age

Master always arranged for me to be by my grandmother's side whenever she studied the Fa. When my grandmother clarified the truth, I helped by waving at people when I was 11 months old. I studied the Fa and clarified the truth with my grandmother every day. Our family opened a store when I was three or four years old and my grandmother would often go to help. As a result, she was very busy and did not have as much time to study the Fa. I said to my grandmother one day, “Is this how you treat a little divine being from the heavens? You need to come back every night at 4 p.m., no later than 7 p.m., to read the Fa to me!” My grandmother was taken aback and later told me, “It was your words that brought me back to Dafa.”

Cellphone Addiction Almost Causes Me to Drift from the Fa

My school started to have virtual classes online because of the lockdown during the CCP virus (coronavirus). I was given a cellphone to complete my remote class work, and this almost resulted in me drifting away from the Fa.

Master enlightened me one day in October, and I realized my cultivation state was hanging on a dangerous edge. I told my grandmother to change the password on my cellphone and to lock it away when I was not doing my school work.

I started cultivating again under Master’s protection and my grades improved. This issue allowed me to understand the danger of cellphones and also helped me to remain steadfast in my cultivation. 

Clarifying the Truth

My grandmother came to pick me up after school one night. An elderly lady started to talk to us as we were walking up the hill. She praised me for carrying my own backpack and belongings. My grandmother thought that this was an opportunity to clarify the truth to the lady. The elderly lady gladly accepted what we told her and kept nodding in agreement. Seeing how well it was going, I took out a truth-clarification calendar and handed it to her. I told her that it was free and she happily accepted it. I smiled and was really happy because she has been saved. She knows the beauty of Falun Dafa and I am truly happy for that sentient being.

Thank you Master for your boundless salvation. Thank you for not giving up on me when I deviated from the Fa. Thank you for bringing me back. Thank you Master!