(Minghui.org) As Falun Gong practitioners continue calling people in China to counter the defamatory propaganda against their faith perpetuated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), they encounter people from all walks of life. One practitioner who volunteers to make calls to China recently spoke with a former officer of the Ministry of State Security.

This practitioner dialed a number and spoke with a man on January 1, 2021. The man not only decided to renounce the CCP organization he'd joined but also sent the practitioner a follow-up text message afterward. 

“I used to work for the Ministry of State Security,” the man wrote, “but I have retired already. Is there anything I can help you with?”

Similar to the KGB in the Soviet Union, the Ministry of State Security (MSS) is an intelligence, security, and secret police agency for communist China. It also has offices at the provincial and more local levels. 

“No Problem at All for Me to Quit the CCP”

As soon as he picked up the phone, the man listened attentively. The practitioner explained to him that since the beginning of last year, the coronavirus has spread all over the world, with new cases and deaths occurring daily.

“We all have to be careful – at least we have to protect ourselves and our family, right?” the practitioner continued. “We all know that, ‘good is rewarded with good and evil meets evil.’ The same is also true with the pandemic. If someone chooses to support the innocent and break away from the notorious regime that harms people, he or she will be blessed.”

“Really?” the man replied, “can you explain that a little bit more?”

The practitioner said that as far back as ancient China, people believed that misfortune and disasters happened for a reason. When people deviate from higher moral standards and do bad things, there will be consequences. 

“It's the same thing with the pandemic,” she added. “The CCP had killed about 80 million innocent lives throughout its many political movements. Since all CCP members vow to devote themselves to the Party when joining any CCP organization, they could be in danger when the Party sinks. How about I give you ‘Xiang Rui’ as a pseudonym to quit any CCP organization you might have joined?”

“Yes, please. I am actually a CCP member,” the man replied. 

The practitioner then explained that the communist specter has manipulated many people to commit bad deeds. However, by acting on one’s conscience and choosing to separate oneself from the regime, people can cut ties with the CCP and be blessed by Heaven. 

“That is why pseudonyms work, yet using one won't affect your work and life in any way,” the practitioner explained. 

“No problem at all for me to quit the CCP,” the man replied. 

Becoming a Better Citizen

After quitting the CCP, the man did not hang up and indicated that he wanted to continue listening to the practitioner. So the practitioner explained to him more about Falun Gong.

“You know, we all know that there are many things that money cannot buy, such as health and happiness. But for 100 million Falun Gong practitioners around the world, they have achieved both without paying a penny,” the practitioner said. She added that the compilation of the main teachings of the practice, Zhuan Falun, has been translated into over 40 languages, which in itself is the highest honor for Chinese people both inside and outside of China.

“But inside China, the CCP had been suppressing Falun Gong since July 1999 and has launched countless campaigns to defame it. That is why many people have been misled by the propaganda and have therefore missed the opportunity to benefit from Falun Gong,” she said. “I am not saying that you need to practice it, but at least we need to know the facts about it.”

“Thank you for all the information. It is very important,” the man responded, still not ready to quit the call. 

The practitioner thus gave him some examples of how Falun Gong had changed practitioners for the better. Back in 1998, Qiao Shi, former Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, had conducted a survey on Falun Gong and found that the practice gives tremendous benefits. Many medical patients, including those with difficult illnesses or incurable diseases, had recovered by practicing Falun Gong, with a total cure rate of 98%.

She also explained that the practice teaches people to be better citizens by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. “Just imagine when more people are able to do this – being honest and considerate of others, how it could make a difference in society,” she said. 

“I can see that now, you are right,” the man replied. 

Staged Lies as Defamatory Propaganda

As the conversation continued, the practitioner brought up the Self-Immolation Hoax, one of the worst propaganda stunts the CCP has ever launched to slander Falun Gong.

“Do you know it was a staged event by former 610 Office head Li Dongsheng?” asked the practitioner. 

“I did not know that,” the man said. 

The practitioner told him that Li became deputy director of the 610 Office right after its establishment in June 1999. After serving as deputy director of China Central Television (CCTV) between 1993 and 2000, he became the deputy director of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China (SARFT) and directed the self-immolation setup

Detailed analysis of the footage has exposed many loopholes, including the fact that one woman was hit by an object from an agent onsite and died, while her daughter was murdered at a later time by officials as a cover-up. 

“Not only that, Tiananmen Square is big – larger than 61 football fields. How could the CCTV videotape the entire process from beginning to end, with close-up scenes, without preparation?” she asked. “Plus, the police officers who instantly arrived at the scene were carrying fire extinguishers and fire blankets. That would not be possible unless they carry those things all the time during their regular patrol.”

“You are correct,” said the man. 

The practitioner also discussed Wang Jindong, one of the main “characters” who set himself on fire in the incident. “Wang’s clothes were all burned and destroyed, but his hair and eyebrows – the most flammable things – were just fine. Also, the Sprite bottle between his legs, supposedly filled with gasoline, was fine too. This just doesn't make sense,” said the practitioner.

“Oh, with that I think it is a fake,” replied the man. 

Ready to Help

With regard to the pandemic, the practitioner also shared with the man some stories received by Minghui, in which people learned the facts of Falun Gong and decided to support practitioners despite the harsh persecution. In turn, they were blessed with improved health, including recovery from the coronavirus. 

“From the study of ancient medicine and traditional Chinese culture, we all know that people will be blessed for their righteousness,” the practitioner explained. “That is why when a person seriously keeps in mind that ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ he or she will have a safe future.”

The man agreed and thanked the practitioner. 

After obtaining information to overcome the internet blockade to access overseas news, the man sent the practitioner a message saying that he used to work for the Ministry of State Security (MSS) but had retired.

“If there is anything I can help with, please do let me know,” he wrote. “I look forward to such opportunities.”