(Minghui.org) Recently many practitioners have been caught up in the U.S. election. I would like to share my viewpoints.

I realize that “Dafa disciple” will be the most noble name in the new universe in the future. We are the defenders of the universe’s Fa-rectification. We exist for Dafa and we exist together with Dafa.

Today we live in everyday people’s society to assist Master in rectifying the Fa in the human world. What is the goal of sending forth righteous thoughts for President Trump? It is to support the righteous factors in the human world. Trump represents the righteous side and he is against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In the meantime, we can save more people by eliminating the evil interference and helping more people gain righteous thoughts, so as to choose the righteous side. The human world is part of the universe’s Fa-rectification. It is what Master wants to do and it is also our responsibility.

No matter what approach we take, we need to do it without any pursuit. We should not have any attachments and should not be affected by things in the human world. We need to have a clear mind: this is the cosmic change led by Master’s Fa-rectification. We need to keep up with the pace of the Fa-rectification because we are leading everyday people onto the right path and saving them. We should not be impacted by everyday people or place our hopes in them, no matter how great they are.

Just like the U.S. election, we shouldn’t just wait for Trump to eliminate the CCP if he takes office, but we should be more proactive ourselves in eliminating the evil and fulfilling our own responsibilities as Dafa disciples.

Why does the CCP still exist? The only reason is to test Dafa disciples. As long as all disciples do well, the CCP will no longer exist. No matter who becomes the American president, Dafa disciples are the hope for everyday people.