(Minghui.org) I lost my bearings and felt perplexed for a few days after what happened with regard to the U.S. election recently. It revealed many of my attachments. With regard to affairs in the human world, Dafa disciples cannot go around it, but must enlighten from the Fa in order to cultivate away human attachments and assist Master to rectify the Fa.

Awakening People Through a Harsh Lesson

In the past few days, the leftist forces lost their minds, making it seem like the United States has run into socialism overnight. President Trump is targeted by all kinds of traditional media and silenced by social media. Even lawmakers and ordinary people who speak up for him are also implicated.

It used to be said in debates that those Westerners who thought Chinese socialism was good should go to China to experience it for themselves. The Americans in the past had no sense of how it felt under the rule of communism on the other side of the ocean. Yet after this election, people were shocked by how the communist specter has taken over the United States already. Even the country’s President was censored. What is unfolding in the U.S. reminds people of communist China.

On the other hand, it feels like a bitter game. Although President Trump and those patriots were wronged, their sacrifices might awaken more of those who had supported the left before. For many people, they may not have liked Trump before, but I believe they aren’t as evil as the Communist Party members who like to topple people and step on them to make sure they never rise again. Many people are still good-natured, but have been deceived by the mainstream media. There are also those officials at all levels who have betrayed Trump, but as long as they still have that bit of conscience, their hearts will be tormented and disturbed. After all, most U.S. politicians hopefully are not as wicked and reckless as CCP officials.

If understanding the evil nature of communism is the standard of salvation, then what has happened to Trump is exactly a chance for those people to understand it. When they experience these personally and see it with their very eyes, including the Cultural Revolution-style suppression of Trump and his supporters, the destruction of the American constitutional system from top to bottom, and the censorship of free speech, maybe it will help them sober up.

Of course, maybe this was originally a desperate struggle by the evil in the other dimensions in their final moment, and Master just used it to beat the evil at its own game and to save those who still have their conscience.

Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts Play an Important Role

There has been constant chaos, ups and downs since the coronavirus broke out. Especially during the U.S. election, it feels especially different. It seems that the way of us doing things is very narrow. We can neither stay indifferent nor go overboard, because we want to save the world's people regardless of their party affiliation or political views.

During this special period of time, I should be focusing on sending righteous thoughts to eliminate evil. But when I did it, I felt that my righteous thoughts were not directed, a little wishy-washy and not as powerful. I looked within. I felt my heart was anxious. My mind was racing. I was not able to settle down and that, of course, affected my sending forth righteous thoughts.

News about the election out there is overwhelming. Some Dafa disciples’ media have played a huge role in the process. But when I watched and followed it closely, I noticed they affected me greatly. Especially after the January 6 Capitol Hill event, my heart felt heavy, knowing that I was affected and interfered with.

On the other hand, the audience for practitioners’ media is ordinary people. In their programs, they will be talking about things from ordinary people’s angle, not how a Dafa disciple should be looking at things. For us, we shouldn’t be following those practitioners and be driven by human emotions, but to constantly judge things based on the Fa. Practitioners who work in the media can make their own inferences or predictions, but we should not look at problems with human logic.

I also realized that I had resentment and contempt for those betrayers and leftists, and have admiration and appreciation for the righteous people with a sense of justice. However, both are human emotions and human hearts, which have directly affected the purity and power of my sending forth righteous thoughts. I shouldn’t be concerned about who are bad or who are good. Even for those bad people, their human side may not know it so clearly, as it’s the evil factors in the other dimension that are manipulating them.

I realized when I got stuck in worldly affairs too much, my righteous thoughts were not able to reach the evil factors in other dimensions. When I had resentment towards people, my righteous thoughts were pushing them down instead of saving them.

Master taught us:

“Under trying circumstances of any type, you must all keep steady in thought. Just by staying unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.” (Teachings at the Midwestern U.S. Conference)

During this election, my human attachments surfaced. I experienced emotional ups and downs with the ever-changing situation externally. I was too attached to see justice served and I got discouraged when things did not happen as I had expected. It is alright for ordinary people to think this way, but we as Dafa disciples have to be careful, as our thoughts may make certain things a reality and bring out a more negative outcome if we don’t think about things based on the Fa.

It is vital for us to reinforce ordinary people's righteous thoughts, help them clear the obstacles in the other dimension, add positive elements to each person's heart, and thus make their righteous sides stronger. We should also help those people who stand in the wrong line to wake up to their conscience and choose the right position.

We must not complain about, resent, or blame people, but have confidence in them and convey this confidence to everyone. We do this because of our firm belief in the Fa. We do not acknowledge anything arranged by the old forces. No matter what disadvantage the righteous side is in, Master is the one who came to rectify the Fa. How is it possible that justice is not manifested and evil is not swept away? Even Trump has been persevering and carrying on, how can we feel discouraged?