(Minghui.org) In Zhuan Falun, Master said,

“The universe is by nature good and kind, and so when a person is first born he shares in its defining qualities: zhen, shan, ren. As more lives come about, however, people enter into community with one another, and some grow selfish and no longer worthy of the realms they are in. And so they must fall to a lower plane, since they are not allowed to remain where they are. But then, in that new realm, they may again change for the worse and not be allowed to remain, whereupon they drop again. And the cycle could keep repeating itself until, in the end, they fall to the human plane.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

As Master taught us, we have to cultivate in this human world and improve in the complex social environment. Only then can we improve quickly and return to the origin.

Right now, the United States has provided such an opportunity to both America and the rest of the world. Because of the U.S. general election, the entire society has been stirred up by an invisible force. Almost everyone’s heart has been affected by the election. This society – which appeared quiet, fair, and peaceful in the past – was suddenly polarized in the past two months, with two extremes in the spectrum of different attitudes towards the election results. It is fair to say that everyone in this society has been placed at a specific point in the spectrum, to be separated and selected. [Editor's note: “general election” in Chinese to cultivators can also mean “grand selection” of people for salvation.]

The U.S. election is also a process of selection, similar to gold panning, the oldest and most basic method of extracting gold. Minerals are placed in a large container with plenty of water, followed by agitation so that gold particles would settle to the bottom due to its high density.

Right now, everyone in this world is also going through rounds after rounds of selections. What is remaining is gold ore, and what is removed is dirt and sand. During the process, however, no one has an easy life during the agitation. But without this step, how can they be differentiated? After all, the existence of this society is not for us to have an easy life. Rather, it is a process to purify and elevate ourselves. Therefore, this is a great chance for everyone to demonstrate whether he or she is gold or not.

Even for Falun Dafa practitioners, the U.S. general election is a chance to expose many human notions and attachments. That is, it allows practitioners to see their own shortcomings.

For example, in everyday society we know that graphite and diamond are two forms of carbon – scientists call them allotropes. Although both are composed of carbon, their arrangements are drastically different, making their properties almost opposite. Graphite is very soft and slippery, while diamond is the hardest substance known to man. But to convert graphite into diamond requires an extremely painful process, namely, at least 2000ºC and 100,000 times of atmospheric pressure. That is, the new properties are forged during this process.

Similarly, the unstable and complicated conditions also temper a practitioner's character. During the election, many practitioners were able to identify attachments that would have been unnoticeable under normal circumstances. This gives us a chance to rethink who are we, what we want, and how firm our faith is in the Fa. Those who are determined are able to change themselves and uplift their minds, elevating to a new height. From this angle, isn’t the U.S. general election a great opportunity to improve ourselves? And it is not something that those who cultivate in seclusion and do not participate in everyday society's activities could encounter.

As a Dafa practitioner, I have been calmly sensing all these, while being enlightened to the essence of cultivation. I have also felt the wonderfulness of the Buddha Fa and witnessed the miracles of salvation that Dafa has offered to people. We are living in this earthly world, yet our mind is not in it; we cannot ignore the rampant evil doing bad deeds, but that does not mean we are lost in the superficial phenomena.

Therefore, we should let go of our notions and stop limiting ourselves in a fixed mindset. We need to think about how to put our understanding of the Fa into practice, to wake up, lead, and help people recognize the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party. By inspiring people to be good and wake up their conscience, we can help them come to know Dafa and be saved.

Thinking of these things, my mind is calm and I have strong faith in Dafa. Then, one of Master’s poems also came to my mind:

Dafa is Great

Falun Dafa is greatThe colossal firmament,illuminated by the Fa’s lightOnly after the immense forceof Fa-rectification sweeps through,Are the boundless wonders known

Falun Dafa is greatGradually enters the human realmThe sentient beings need not worryGods and Buddhas are smiling(Hong Yin Vol. II)

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