(Minghui.org) I never think President Trump lost, never. No matter how dark the situation is, he has always been persistent in walking the righteous path. His victory is not defined by any human beings, but by how he has kept his promise to the divine. Trump still keeps fighting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) even with the current situation. He still keeps acting rationally.

The victory does not necessarily lie in whether he is crowned the President today, but in how he has accomplished his mission. Through his righteous actions and firm belief in the divine, he has exposed the evil forces and helped more and more people realize the crimes committed by the CCP. The justice is in people’s hearts. Trump said he did not lose. I very much agree with him.

The essence of the election was not to have Trump win an easy victory on the surface. It is an opportunity given by the divine for people to choose their future.

Sentient beings have been held hostage by the evil. With the limited time left, Dafa practitioners should be focusing on saving them wholeheartedly.

I never feel that this is over and that we can stop sending righteous thoughts for this now. The purpose of sending forth righteous thoughts is to save people. We should not stop doing it as long as we are still cultivating. We do not need to worry about what will happen next. It is also not going to be the same as prophecies have predicted. It is controlled by Master. Our position is not only to support Trump and awaken more people’s kindness and belief, but also to save more sentient beings.