(Minghui.org) A thought came to me out of the blue one day: “What if Trump were the president of China?” Of course, this is just a hypothesis. Since China is now dictated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and its people have no real right to vote, there is no elected president. Let’s make a bold hypothesis: Suppose Trump is the president of China, how would China turn out according to his governance strategy in the United States?

“China First”

“America First” is an important concept that Trump articulated during his 2016 campaign. He used it as a principle to achieve the goal of “Making America Great Again.”

If Trump proposed “China First” in China, I believe no one would object, otherwise you would be accused of being unpatriotic.

Drain the Swamp

When he ran for the president in 2016, Trump proposed to “Drain the swamp.”

The “Washington Swamp” he was talking about is the corrupt bureaucracy that has developed in the United States, or the so-called “deep state.” It includes politicians, the media, large technology companies, businessmen, and certain organizations. They form the “Washington interest symbiosis” and use their power to hollow out the United States for their own benefit and lead to the deterioration of the U.S. national power, as dirty as the swamp.

The U.S. political and business forces are so intertwined that Trump could not sweep them all in more than three years, and they often tripped him up. Under the control of the “deep government,” the U.S. election turned out to be a comprehensive and systematic fraud that is shocking to the world, which also shows the evil nature of the “deep government.”

Compared to the “Washington swamp,” the “Zhongnanhai swamp” is deeper and even worse. China is now controlled by the second generations of the Reds, officials, and the rich, who form a huge “community of interests.” This swamp is unfathomable!

Just by looking at the CCP officials alone, the total number is so huge that their annual expenses using government funds are hundreds of billions of yuan. The huge amount of money from their squandering, waste and corruption costs a trillion yuan from the national treasury every year. They commit countless crimes, such as persecuting good people, covering up the truth about the epidemic, and manipulating the media to deceive the world, to name a few.

Trump’s burden would be much heavier if he were to drain the swamp of Zhongnanhai [compound of the central government in Beijing]. If he really could do it, he would surely win the support of hundreds of millions of Chinese people.

Tax Cuts and Cost Reductions

The U.S. financial industry, high-tech companies, and high-end service industries have profited from globalization, which led to an exodus of manufacturing, shrinking of middle class, and increased polarization of society between rich and poor.

Since taking office, Trump has scaled back the power of the federal government, vigorously cut taxes and fees, and taken multiple initiatives to revitalize the U.S. manufacturing sector. This kind of policy, similar to the ancient Chinese one of “recuperation, relaxation, and light taxation,” has been widely adopted by emperors in history in their prosperous dynasties.

In 2017, the Trump administration lowered the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% and the individual tax, benefiting businesses and families. With incentives for overseas manufacturing to move back domestically, about 7 million jobs were added within two to three years, reducing unemployment to a 50-year low of 3.5% before the CCP virus pandemic. It was also a historic rarity when the GDP grew 33.1% in the third quarter of 2020.

Trump's political achievements are obvious. The return of manufacturing has had a remarkable effect on revitalizing the American middle class, narrowing the gap between rich and poor, and expanding the employment and tax base. This prosperity that Trump has created is not a bubbly prosperity built upon the Internet and the financial sector, but a solid and stable prosperity.

China's taxes are among the highest in the world. The majority of the world's toll roads are now in China. Variant taxes and fees are countless and high. High housing prices alone have crippled many businesses and hundreds of millions of house owners. Many Chinese people cannot afford to see doctors, go to colleges, buy a house, or have retirement plans because of high and many taxes and fees, and exploitation by the elites.

If Trump cut taxes and fees in China, as he did in the United States, the people would definitely celebrate with firecrackers!

Withdrawing from World Organizations

Since Trump took office, he has withdrawn from many international organizations. Did he do it without any principle? No! Trump withdrew from the organizations heavily infiltrated by communist ideology.

For example, the United States contributed the most money to the World Health Organization (WHO) among all the countries, but the WHO is manipulated by the CCP and helped the CCP hide the truth about the CCP virus outbreak. As a result, Trump resolutely withdrew from the WHO.

To resist the infiltration of some pro-communist organizations of the United Nations, Trump also withdrew from them.

Trump's shrewdness and righteousness are reflected in his actions of not spending taxpayers' money in vain and being responsible for the people and the country.

On the contrary, China dispensed money around the world, to North Korea, Ecuador, Greece, Panama, Venezuela, and the list goes on and on. This money was hard-earned by the Chinese people but used by the Chinese leaders to buy their faces abroad. Isn't it good to use these hundreds of billions of dollars to improve the Chinese people's own lives?

Reclaiming Faith and Returning to Tradition

I watched a video interview of Trump in his early years and had a deep impression: Trump is an American with the true spirit of American tradition – he does not concede, but abides by the law and rules. He upholds the traditional American culture, believes in God, and values virtue. One of his famous quotes is “We don't worship the government, we worship God.”

Trump also focuses on family ethics, protects human rights, and opposes government authority, etc. He abhorred the drug abuse and sexual promiscuity advocated by the Democratic Party. He also opposes big government, high taxes, and high welfare advocated by the Democratic Party, which at the core is communism and legalizes robbery from the people. He affirmed many times that “America will never be a socialist country.”

Trump is essentially defending the interests of every American through rebuilding faith, returning to tradition, and allowing society to develop in a stable and orderly manner. China needs a president like Trump!

For decades, the CCP has systematically destroyed traditional Chinese culture with atheism, evolution theory, and struggle heresies of Marx and Lenin. The ancestral values of “benevolence, royalty, propriety, wisdom, and faith” have disappeared and were replaced by the CCP’s “falsehood, evil, and struggle.” People are now not afraid of retribution for their evil deeds and there is no moral bottom line. The country is full of bruises and holes.

Only when people begin to believe in the divine again can China begin to revive.

After knowing the truth, should Chinese people call on President Trump to uphold the traditions and founding principles of the country? Or should they embrace the dictatorship of the CCP?

Of course, I have no interest in politics. My purpose of writing this article to help people see the sharp contrast between the CCP and Trump.