(Minghui.org) Many practitioners shared their insight regarding the attachment to emotion (qing.) I want to discuss the issue from a different perspective.

Older Practitioners and their Children or Grandchildren

Practitioners who are troubled by thoughts of their children or grandchildren – is there some attachment you have not let go? Your children or grandchildren’s issues that troubled your heart is probably caused by something inside you, yourself. Master used the matter to expose your attachment of emotion.

After you recognized it is an attachment, you can suppress and eliminate it. Then, when you look back, isn’t it trivial and simple?

Entangled by Emotion—How to Break Free

Looking at it from a different perspective, the other person is so good that you love being with him or her, or so bad that you are always resentful of him or her. When you calm down and look inside, isn’t it karma you accumulated in previous lives or earlier this life? Master might just use this person to expose your attachment to emotion and pay back the karma at the same time.

When you can look at it from a higher level, you will see that it is just a human issue. We are cultivating to surpass the human plane. The emotion or karmic relationship certainly hold no value for a practitioner. Master will remove most of the bad substance as soon as you become determined and take action to eliminate it.

Addicted to Video Games 

It is a matter of will power. You must strengthen your will power to overcome the desire to play video games. You can participate in more Dafa activities to occupy your time. You can write an article and submit it to the Minghui website. The feeling of becoming a particle of the Fa is pure happiness and indescribably sacred.

Don’t be afraid of meeting with practitioners who are troubled by emotions. You should be happy that Master is using these matters to help you improve your xinxing. The karma can be partially paid for and mostly removed easily if you can look within.

Besides, we should help when we see a practitioner experiencing a tribulation. We have been so fortunate that we have obtained the Fa and are guided by Master in person at this unique time. Why are you hesitating? Be brave and charge forward!