(Minghui.org) I use the Freegate software to surf the internet. I always use my spare time to visit the Minghui website. Whenever I read or contributed experience sharing articles, sent congratulatory E-cards to Master, or submitted lists of people who quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I was never blocked. 

Master said, 

“… thinking about eliminating the bad thoughts, karma, bad notions, and external interference in their minds.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference”Guiding the Voyage)

Does it mean that the effect will be better if we cleanse our thoughts in the same way before we surf the internet? That is for sure! We are not visiting the websites of everyday people, we are visiting Dafa websites, ones that the evil has been spending tremendous resources to block. The evil wants to cover up the truth. This is a battle between righteousness and evil, an epic battle that concerns whether or not many sentient beings can be saved. 

Master Li reminded us, 

“…think about it, the evil is persecuting us and spreading huge lies--how could we not expose them? We have to let the world's people see their evil nature, see the wicked acts, and see the truth!” (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

It is our mission to break through the internet blockade and awaken the conscience of sentient beings – we are on the righteous side! Based on this standpoint, we should free ourselves from fear and visit our websites with a pure heart. When our mind becomes selfless, breaking through the internet blockade will become easier. 

Our Responsibility to Spread the Truth

Many Chinese people are longing to break through the CCP's firewall, and that’s why anti-blockade software programs are in high demand while the CCP is trying to cover up the truth. 

Therefore, it is our mission to help people learn the truth. Having access to the truth is a basic right of the general public. 

Spreading Anti-blockade Software Widely 

Master said,

“There are a lot of Dafa disciples who are computer experts, scientists, and people with top-notch talent. That is why the web technologies developed by Dafa disciples are the only ones in the world that can break through the wicked CCP’s internet blockade.” (“Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day”)

The anti-blockade software program is just like a golden key, which connects Dafa practitioners through Minghui so they can form one body to assist Master in the Fa-rectification, and awaken the conscience of sentient beings. Therefore, it is our responsibility use our righteous thoughts to strengthen practitioners doing technical work. 

In recent years, the CCP has escalated its investment in the internet blockade, but our fellow practitioners working in this area are also continuously researching and developing new anti-blockade software programs. Nowadays, these software programs are widely used among Chinese people from all walks of life. 

One time, I saw a young man sitting on a bench by a shopping mall, glued to his cell phone. I walked up to chat and introduced the anti-blockade software to him. He smiled and showed me the Freegate and Wujie programs on his phone. I asked him how he got them. He said a woman gave him an internet card with a QR code, which he scanned to download the programs. He also said he had given the programs to many friends. 

Practitioners are spreading anti-blockade software so that people can visit the Dafa truth clarification websites such as Minghui, Epochtimes, and NTD television. The truth is dissolving the lies and awaking the people. 

Letting Go of the Attachment to Relying on Others

Knowing that overseas practitioners keep upgrading the Freegate software, we can rest assured that the evil is also intensifying its internet blockade efforts. 

Many local practitioners had the same feeling. Some older practitioners were not able to read Minghui Weekly on time. Other practitioners who planned to download videos and other materials from the Minghui website also had to spend a lot more time because the connection speed became very slow. 

The Minghui website is like our home. Hence, when we visit our websites, we should let go of attachments – such as fear, pursuit, irritation, and relying on others. Actually, it is also an attachment to rely on technician practitioners to stay on top of upgrading the software. 

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect our technicians. What I mean is, if we just wait for these practitioners to upgrade the software whenever we come across problems, that can be a loophole which will be utilized by the old forces. They will make the CCP concentrate their resources to attack the upgraded programs. 

I suggest that when we meet with difficulties in visiting our websites, we calm down and concentrate our mind to look inward and to try to find and eliminate our attachments that hinder our breaking through the blockade. Meanwhile, we can try at another time, or try different programs or methods. It is very likely that the connection will become smooth again. 

Believing in Master and Dafa

Master said, “They've never been able to block the Minghui website!” (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

Every time I visit our websites, I keep Master’s teachings in mind. Master has said that the evil could never block the Minghui website, no matter how hard it tried! What Master said is the Fa, no excuse is allowed. I keep my mind firm, and free myself from any suspicions. Therefore, I was never blocked, not even when the CCP intensified its efforts during the start of the pandemic. Although the Freegate program has been upgraded quite a few times, I can still use the older version. 

A cultivator’s righteous thoughts are powerful; they can split a mountain. A non-practitioner's equipment or techniques are at the molecular level, but our righteous thoughts are from more microscopic dimensions, which cannot be restrained by the surface. The years of battle against the internet blockade have proved Master's assertion: “A demon will never be higher than a Tao.” (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun

Our righteous thoughts can dissolve the internet blockade in one instant!