(Minghui.org) After beginning Falun Dafa cultivation practice, I experienced a great improvement in my physical and mental health, and my moral character continues to grow steadily. Equipped with all the goodness of Dafa, I share Dafa's merit at work, in my family and in all that I do in my daily life. 

Treating My Students with Kindness

I am a primary school teacher. After I began practicing Falun Dafa, I tried to conduct myself according to Dafa's standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I didn’t pursue fame or benefits. I volunteered to tutor my students free of charge and bought school supplies for them. I often told my students how to be a good person so that they could grow up healthy and happy.

One year, five students transferred to our school from a forest farm in the mountains. They had poor academic performance and were dispersed to different classes, but none of the teachers wanted them. The lead instructor came to me asking, “What can we do about these kids? Their family situations are tough. They don’t perform well at school, and none of the teachers want them.” He thought it over for a long time and then told me: “I am embarrassed to tell you that we are assigning these kids to you. This is because all these years, we have given you all kinds of challenging students to work with and you have solved a lot of problems for the school. After careful consideration, we feel that you have the ability to manage them.” 

My boss and colleagues knew that I practiced Falun Dafa. I am a cultivator, and I need to consider others first. I told my boss that I would gladly take these students into my class. 

During class, I taught my students moral values and passed on the concept of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I taught them how to be good students. These five new students performed well in many areas. 

During the Chinese New Year I came upon the father of a former student selling candies in the marketplace. Happy to see me, he took my hand and offered to give me some candies, but I had already bought some. Then, he asked me to help guide his son who was spending too much time in an internet bar playing games. He knew that his son would be willing to listen to me. I remembered that when he was in primary school, this boy was obedient, well disciplined, and studied diligently. Now, he was in junior high school and I didn’t teach him anymore. But I practice Falun Dafa and can’t stand by and do nothing when I see a child needing help. I told his father I’d give it a try.

We went to see his son, who was so delighted to see me that he immediately gave me a gift of fine candy. After talking a bit, the boy lowered his head and said, “Teacher, I don’t feel like going to school anymore. My days are filled with school and tutoring. I don’t have any time to myself.” I talked to him about Falun Dafa and how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes such a good practice. He subsequently agreed to quit the Young Pioneers, a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organization. I told him to say these words in his mind, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I said that the sentences would help him remove his bad habits and he would in turn have a good future. Later, I found out that the young man had enrolled in a good secondary school. 

Harmonizing with Family

After my husband and I married, we lived with my in-laws and I did all the household chores. When my father-in-law passed away, my mother-in-law continued to stay with us for more than thirty years. She had five children who were well-off financially. Her salary was also at her disposal. As a Falun Dafa cultivator I treated everyone kindly, always placing the interests of others before mine and disregarding personal gains and losses. All these years, we never had any dispute with her other children, who never give her any financial support. I gathered the family together and most of the time, I treated them to dinner whenever there was a festival. Sometimes I clarified the truth when we gathered around the dinner table. All of my in-laws have withdrawn their memberships in the Chinese Communist Party organizations they'd previously joined. 

My sister-in-law often told her family that she was pleased to see me taking care of her mother so well. She suggested that they come to visit their mother as often as possible; after all, she was 85 years old now. Many remarked that we had a happy, harmonious family. 

While at the dinner table with colleagues one evening, we talked about taking care of the elderly. One person said, “My mom is difficult to please. She doesn’t like this or that.” Another person replied, “My dad has the same issue. He complains that this dish isn’t tasty and that dish is not soft enough.” Yet another person said, “We won’t live with our children when we get old.” Another colleague remarked that they would rather hire someone to take care of an elderly family member instead of doing it themselves. They all turned to me and said, “We have a lot of respect for you. We take care of our parents who don’t even live with us. But you have lived with your in-law all these years! How do you do it? You’re still young and so optimistic. We never see you sad.” I replied, “That's because I practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Some colleagues said, “Sounds like I need to learn Falun Dafa from you. Falun Dafa is great!” 

My Husband's Destiny Is Changed

After our marriage, my husband switched jobs. His new job required that he spend lots of time out dining and drinking with his clients. Eventually he became addicted to alcohol. When there was no alcohol served with his meal he would just rather not eat. Eventually, having alcohol was as easy as drinking water and he would go off and drink by himself. Therefore, he was drunk all the time. When he was drunk he did all kinds of things, even verbally abusing and beating up people. He often yelled, “I want to kill you.” When he was at work, co-workers avoided being in the same room with him. 

Our family was also afraid of him. He was left alone. Of course he treated me badly too, so badly that I can’t even talk about it. Everyone in the family advised that I divorce him. Because our children were young, I didn't give up on our marriage. Life was hard to endure, but I persisted and went to work every day. 

When my husband was drunk and created problems in the middle of the night, I often went out and walked alone on the streets and dared not go home because I was afraid that he would kill me. 

I walked so much that my feet became blistered and often bled. In the wintertime I would take refuge at a practitioner’s home. Whether inside or outside of the home, day or night, there was no peace. 

My husband drank so much that his health deteriorated. He was extremely skinny, staggered, and fell countless times. He cruelly burned his own body with lit cigarette butts. He almost lost his job because his workplace wanted to fire him. But I just wouldn't give up on him. Finally, his manager said they'd give him one last chance. But this “last chance” repeated itself several times. 

My husband almost died from drinking several times. Once, a hospital rescued him. Another time, while working the night shift, he went outside and drank during his break. It was a cold and snowy winter night. He drank so much that he lost consciousness and fell to the ground. The next day when people opened the door to leave, they found my husband lying in the snow, already frozen. They recognized him and rushed to notify me. I woke up my son and got a neighbor to help.

When we found my husband his eyes were wild and he was soaked with urine. His body was stiff and then he totally lost consciousness. We dragged him into the car to go home. On our way home, I repeatedly asked Teacher to save my husband. We couldn’t let him die. 

When we got home, I didn't put my husband on the bed heated by hot bricks, as neither his arms nor legs could bend. Using a pair of scissors I cut open his clothes. His shoes were frozen to his feet, so I poured cold water over them. After a long time, they could finally be taken off. I used cold water to rub his body and let his feet soak in it too. My hands got icy cold. Gradually, my husband regained consciousness. He could open his eyes and wiggle his fingers. This situation lasted for a whole day. Then he finally woke up at nighttime. If he had been sent to the hospital or wrapped with a blanket on the hot bed, I believed he would have died. But he didn't show any sign of residual problems following this experience. Later on, everyone said I saved his life. Actually, it was Dafa that saved my husband’s life. We witnessed the miracle of Dafa!

Since beginning Falun Dafa cultivation practice, I have followed the standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and treated my husband well and cared for him, regardless of how he verbally abused me. I didn't give up on him. When he was clear-headed, I told him about the beauty of Dafa. Later, I told him if he believed that Falun Dafa is good, his destiny would change. I took pity on him instead of giving up on him. I kept asking Teacher to save him and help him quit drinking. Gradually, he drank less and less.

When he was clear-headed, he said, “I don’t want to drink anymore. When I drink too much, I suffer and our family also suffers. I owe you a lot. You never gave up on me all these years. Whenever I was about to lose my life, it was always you who saved me. If you weren’t there, I would have died by now.” I told him that it was Falun Dafa and our Teacher that saved him. 

I encouraged him by saying, “The next time you want to take a drink, in your mind ask Teacher to help you. Repeat, 'Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.' Only when you believe in Dafa can your destiny be changed and can you quit drinking.” Gradually, he stopped drinking and his health got better and better. By the fall of 2017, he had successfully quit drinking alcohol. 

Falun Dafa has changed my husband’s destiny. Not only did he successfully quit drinking, but he also regained his health. His character has totally changed. He used to be hot tempered but now he is gentle, considerate, caring, and kind to others. Now our family is truly happy.