(Minghui.org) A few years ago, a practitioner started losing a lot of blood when her period came. This started to happen more and more frequently. She said that the same thing had happened to her mother and her sister-in-law, and they had to have their uteruses removed. This practitioner started to feel uneasy and even considered the idea of having her own uterus removed.

She resisted seeing a doctor, but her condition worsened and her family took her to the hospital. They found her blood had only 25% of the hemoglobin level it should have and her life was in danger. Her family was very upset and developed a bad impression of Dafa.

Another elderly practitioner lost her appetite and could not eat. She said that several of her family members had esophageal tumors. She also resisted going to the hospital, but her situation became serious so her family took her to the hospital several times. She was a very steadfast practitioner, but after going through an operation and several hospitalizations, she passed away.

With regards to myself, I often felt short of breath and this lasted a long time. It was quite uncomfortable. At first I thought it was Master cleansing my body, so I was not concerned. But I heard an ordinary person talking about someone who was short of breath; the doctor found a blockage in her heart and she had to have a bypass.

After that, every time I felt short of breath, I worried that I may have a blockage in my heart. I did not realize that this thought was wrong. I’d been like this for many years and I even thought if I got it examined, the doctor may say, “Oh, your blockage is so bad. If you weren’t a practitioner, you might have died long ago.”

I struggled to hold on as my symptoms got more and more serious. I felt helpless. I didn't know where I was going wrong. I realized that I had not sent forth righteous thoughts regarding this matter.

As the symptoms reached the point where I wasn’t able to breathe, I sent forth righteous thoughts to remove the interference from my body, but nothing seemed to change. I felt uncertain. Seeing other practitioners develop sickness karma, I became nervous. Some were bedridden and some even passed away.

It wasn’t that I feared death. I was afraid that I would not find the cause, and thus not be able to elevate myself and save sentient beings effectively. I felt bad. What should I do?

I carried on with my daily life as usual. Nothing seemed to have changed until two days ago, when I suddenly enlightened to something Master had said:

“From the very beginning, we require that hundreds of energy channels be opened up and make simultaneous rotations.” (Lecture 8, Zhuan Falun)

Master talked about opening up hundreds of energy channels. Why did I still think my heart might be blocked? Could this thought be correct? Wasn’t this an ordinary person’s thought? Wasn’t I putting myself at the level of ordinary people? Wasn’t I inviting illness by comparing my shortage of breath with a heart blockage?

I got rid of any thought of a “blockage.” As soon as I did this, I no longer became short of breath. Any worries about my heart being blocked disappeared completely. It was truly indescribable. Thank you Master.

Through this experience I realized: as a practitioner, if a symptom occurs we should never regard it as an everyday illness. If we do, we are inviting that illness. Although we don’t describe it as an illness, this thought will appear frequently if we don’t eliminate it. Our bodies will have more and more symptoms that feel like an ordinary person’s illness. You have acknowledged the existence of the illness. Even if you are steadfast in Dafa and diligent in sending forth righteous thoughts, the interference cannot be eliminated because you have an ordinary person’s notion.

Master wants us to look inward whenever we encounter difficulties. We should dissolve the improper thought when it first appears and reject it. We should think, “I am a practitioner. How can I match my situation with ordinary people’s symptoms? I firmly reject it.”

Only this way can Master take care of us, since Master only takes care of practitioners and not ordinary people.