(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2016, and although I have only been cultivating for three short years, Dafa, for me, is quite intricate and supernatural. I am very grateful for the tremendous compassion Master Li Hongzhi has bestowed upon me and all beings! 

I want to share some of my dramatic changes and growth in gaining a deeper understanding of the Fa teachings.

Obtaining the Fa Is Not Easy

Before cultivating, I was introverted and disease-ridden. The relationship between my husband and me was very tense, and my in-laws were indifferent to me. 

I was depressed and exhausted every day. Sometimes, I would cover my head and sob in agony that life was so unfair. When everything seemed hopeless, Master Li arranged an opportunity for me to encounter Dafa. I met a Dafa disciple named Austen, who introduced me to the practice and told me what his family experienced from doing it. I also learned the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa. 

But I did not start to cultivate right away, because I was under the influence of the religious heritage of my ancestors, who were all Buddhists. I thought that Dafa was not beyond the scope of Buddhism, just somewhat deeper. 

Austen later encouraged me to try the practice and let me watch Master Li's video lecture series. I didn't understand much of the teachings at that time and felt it was too mysterious. 

Even so, my body felt better and better every day, which puzzled me. He then advised me to study Zhuan Falun and Master's Fa teachings. Although I could not really comprehend them, my health continued to improve. 

In 2015, my mother died. I was a very emotional person, so her death was traumatic for me and I was grief-stricken.

My health collapsed and I ended up with leg pain, gynecological issues, fibrocystic breasts, and migraines.

When Austen saw me suffering, he said, “You haven't yet really gotten into cultivation. I would suggest you learn the exercises first, and if you like them, you can continue. Otherwise, you can stop and go back to your medications. It doesn’t cost you a penny anyway.”

I took his suggestion and learned the four standing exercises first. The first time I did the second exercise (Holding the Wheel), I only lasted for seven minutes, but when I woke up the next morning, the pain in my breasts was gone. It was a miracle! 

Four days later, my arthritis leg pain, which had plagued me since childhood, disappeared. I could feel a continuous flow of heat running through my legs. Master was clearly purifying my body. Austen told me that Master was taking care of me. 

I felt Master's compassion and witnessed the wonder of Dafa. I told myself, “From now on, I will truly cultivate Dafa and never give up!”

Austen gave me all of Master's Dafa books written before July 20, 1999. This time I really got into studying them. The more I read, the more I understood. I regret I obtained the Fa so late. 

For quite a few days, when I read Zhuan Falun, I could not hold back my tears of gratitude. Sometimes, I could not help weeping when I became a little more enlightened about what I was reading. 

I felt like a lost child who had found her parents after being separated for many years.

The Joy of Being Immersed in Dafa

Shortly after that, not only had all my ailments disappeared, but I felt refreshed and in good spirits and I returned to my normal weight. 

Witnessing these significant changes, my brother and sister also started to practice. 

Master said, “If you cannot love your enemy, then you cannot reach Consummation.” (Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia)

By cultivating compassion and forbearance, I was kind to my husband, so he felt cared for. I was also loving to my mother-in-law and was able to melt her indifference. They both felt my kind heart and began changing, too. 

My mother-in-law started treating me well and told other people I was the kindest, most dutiful and honorable daughter-in-law. This led her to start to cultivate, too. 

I was in tears seeing how the resentment between us was resolved in such a compassionate way. I was also happy they were helped by Dafa. 

As a Dafa disciple, I knew that, along with self-cultivation, I had a responsibility to help people. The cultivation environment in my county was not ideal at that time, as everyone was afraid to step forward whenever there was even a little sign of trouble. 

The practitioner responsible for printing the truth-clarification materials was afraid to keep any supplies and equipment in her home. 

Austen then brought the computer and printer to my house and encouraged me to take over the task. I was happy to do it and quickly learned how. 

In addition, I distributed fliers, put up posters in public areas, and actively participated in many projects to help save people. Every time I went out to clarify the truth, I kept my mind pure and righteous. 

I saw very good results and experienced many miracles. On one occasion, it was raining when Austen and I went out to tell people about the persecution. While we were driving down the street, there were torrents of water, and people were running around trying to stay dry. Yet, looking at ourselves, neither of us was wet. 

I felt full of joy, knowing it was Master who protected us and gave us an invisible shield, which prevented us from getting wet.

Relaying the Facts to Counter the Persecution

On the morning of June 12, 2018, when a fellow practitioner and I had just finished our sitting meditation, I got a phone call from someone I didn’t know who told me I had to go to the community office to fill out a registration form. 

I went without too much thought. At the office, several officers snatched my phone and pushed me into a police car. 

I wondered, “Who are you? What are you doing?” I asked. They said they were the police. 

I said, “Even the police need to be reasonable. You can't just arrest someone for no reason! What did I do wrong?” 

They didn’t answer, just asked me where I lived. I did not tell them or cooperate with them, because I knew they wanted to search my house to get “evidence” to justify persecuting me.

After a long standoff, they started to slap the table. They were menacing and attempted to threaten me. I, on the other hand, was very calm. 

Master said,

“If you are a true practitioner, our Falun will safeguard you. I am rooted in the universe. If anyone can harm you, he or she would be able to harm me. Put simply, that person would be able to harm this universe.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun

As long as I met the xinxing standards for a practitioner, the evil would not be able to touch me. I asked calmly, “What do you want?”

They could no longer hold back: “If you want to practice Falun Dafa, you can just do it quietly. Why did you promote it on the internet?”

I suddenly understood: “Oh! Just for that? Why are you making such a big deal about it?” I then told them how wonderful Dafa is, about the persecution, and how the Party lies to poison people’s minds. 

“Dafa disciples are good people and do not break the law. Jiang Zemin and the CCP are breaking the law!” 

At the same time, I was sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind them. They eventually stopped asking me my home address and took me to the county police department, where I continued refusing to cooperate. 

I just kept telling them the fact about Falun Dafa, even though they detained me overnight. 

Because I firmly believed in Master and Dafa without fear, they did not know what to do with me, and their attitude softened. The person in charge of my case no longer wanted to deal with it, so he passed it to someone else.

The next day, my husband came to visit. He advised me to cooperate with the police, to consider the consequences, and to especially consider how it would impact our young daughter. 

I was moved and wavered. Persuaded by my husband and deceived by the police, I gave them my cell phone password so they could access my phone. 

I had initially refused to do this. Giving in like this subjected me to the old forces’ arrangements, and I was admitted to a detention center that night. 

I realized I had been moved by qing (emotion) and fear, lost my righteous thoughts, and allowed the evil to take advantage of me.

I told myself to negate such persecution: “The fact that I am here now is for me to clear away the evil and help the people who have predestined relationships with me. I will return home in less than two weeks after telling these people the facts.”

I later enlightened that it was wrong even to set a two-week limit, because this was the same as allowing myself to be persecuted for that long.

In the detention center, I told the prisoners and the guards the truth about Dafa. I helped four people withdraw from the CCP, and the rest of them understood the truth and knew that Dafa was wonderful. 

At noon on the fifteenth day, someone from my county police department came to take me home. I knew Master has resolved everything me.

Later on, I found out that, after I was arrested, local practitioners sent righteous thoughts for me around the clock and did so for quite some time after I was released. 

On top of that, they promptly had the news of my arrest published on the Minghui website. I am very grateful for their help.

I also learned they’d released me after the Procuratorate was unable to collect any evidence, because my phone had stopped working. After they got it on again, all the contents were gone.

Master said,

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond” in Hong Yin Vol. II)I realized that our compassionate Master was and always is protecting me. He arranged such a good environment with supportive practitioners around me. 

I am determined to cultivate myself and go beyond human sentiment. I will strive to gain a deeper understanding of the principles of the Fa, cultivate diligently, and do the three things we are asked to do.

I must live up to Master's expectations and follow Him to return to my true home.