(Minghui.org) Last October, I saw two people chatting online that the Great Firewall to censor the Internet disappeared for a few hours on that day. They thought something must have happened.

Two weeks later, I saw an article on the Minghui website titled “Human Notions and Attachments Prevent Us from Accessing the Internet” and realized what happened on that day.

The number of evil beings is really small now. They are still rampant on the surface, but the craziness shows that they’re afraid of their ultimate demise.

Recently there was a lot of news about breaking through the Great Firewall, like the United States government and a company that was launching satellites to build a low orbit network. We welcome everyday people’s efforts to bring down the firewall. But Falun Dafa practitioners have a special tool, our righteous thoughts, that can disassemble the internet censorship.

Human notions will impede the effectiveness of our righteous thoughts. I had a successful experience recently to overcome that. One day, at the beginning of sending forth righteous thoughts, I focused my mind on the thought, “human thoughts are not my true thoughts.” Suddenly, I sensed a strong energy from a more microscopic level fill every cell of my body. My mind was cleansed and the energy was surprisingly strong.

This experience told me that we should not solely depend on the technology of everyday people. A cultivator cultivates a righteous mind by eliminating all human notions. Our righteous thoughts have mighty power! Let’s use them to destroy the evil firewall!