(Minghui.org) I was born to a big farmer family in Northeastern China in 1961. At the time, the “Great Leap Forward” had just ended and food was scarce. Tens of millions of lives were lost from hunger and illness. My mother ate a wild herb and was poisoned when she was pregnant with me. She also had hepatitis A and thus stopped breast feeding me when I was not yet one full month. Because of malnutrition, I was very weak when I was young.

Congenital Diseases

I was born with yellow skin sores in my entire head except for a small part near my right ear. I thus could only sleep and be held in one position before I was four years old. This resulted in a deformed head and unbalanced facial features. The left side of my head was slightly convex and the right side concave. The face was larger on the left and smaller on the right. My eyes were also not even in size. My neck and mouth were also not positioned right and four limbs crooked.

I did not receive any medical treatment because my family was very poor. I could afford to see doctors only after I graduated from college and had a job. But I was told that many of my organs were damaged and that I had to live with the illness in my whole life without any hope of cure. I thus lived gloomily.

Unbelievable Physical Changes

In late April 1997, I witnessed the healing power of Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa. A practitioner with a decade of stomach ulcer and cranial neurasthenia regained his health completely after practicing Falun Gong for five days. It was incredible but real. I thus started to take up the practice. My life was completely changed.

Master Li (the founder of Falun Gong) said,

“If you want to quit, it is guaranteed that you can do it....If you read this lecture in the book, it will also have this effect.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

I was vexed by smoking and had tried to quit it six times without success. On May 18, 1997, about three weeks after I started the practice, I suddenly stopped smoking right after I read Lecture Seven in Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong.

After quitting smoking, my chronic lower back pain caused by a rheumatic lumber muscle suddenly vanished. Other health problems including heart pain, difficulty breathing, and indigestion also disappeared.

I had two warts at the bottom of each foot, which caused tremendous pain when I walked. I had been bothered by them for years and tried all sorts of things, but nothing worked. One day after the practice, those warts suddenly disappeared miraculously. I deeply believed that this miracle came because of my cultivation.

Those miracles had a great impact on my world view. The atheism that had been instilled in my life almost disappeared. My view on personal fame, gain, and love have greatly changed since. I really understood that returning to my original, true self is the only goal in life. I naturally became a Dafa practitioner, without any attachment of desire for healing and fitness.

One day in September 1997, I was arranged by my workplace to have an annual physical examination. I told the stomatologist that I had a sick mouth. The doctor said, “Your periodontal membranes, gums, and throat had had serious problems. They look fine now. You should keep doing whatever method you have used to take care of them.” I was surprised at the findings.

The X-ray film showed a 2-millimeter wide bright straight line on each side of my chest. The lines were on the flowing route of energy during the third set of Falun Gong Exercises, “Penetrating the Cosmic Extremes.” Another two doctors took more film and reviewed them repeatedly for a long time. They did not know why this happened, but said that it was because my pectoral muscles were too well developed.

From this checkup experience, I realized that a cultivation phenomenon cannot be explained by medicine. After that, I decided not to get examinations and medical treatments any more.

As I kept practicing Falun Gong, the pustules on the head, boils on the face, the acne, swollen lymph nodes on the neck and other lumps gradually vanished like the melting ice and snow. Also, the deformed head and unbalanced face were corrected. The left side of the head caved back in and the right side popped up, making the whole head round and smooth. My face was balanced and wrinkles reduced. The crooked limbs were also straightened.

My body changes surprised all my relatives and friends. They almost could not recognize me. Witnessing these changes, they believed that Falun Dafa is good. An elderly person that I had known for a long time saw my changes and said, “Master is really great.”

Twelve years later in 2009, during a physical checkup, I measured about 5 inches taller.

The doctor also examined me with use of an ultrasound machine. He said that my liver had a bright spot but he did not see any light source. He was confused. He could not explain why since my liver was very healthy.

The great physical changes from practicing Falun Gong not only have motivated myself to practice hard, but also helped me clarify the truth to people more easily. Today, many people who witnessed my changes always said “Falun Dafa is good” every time when they see me.

Dafa has benefited me a lot. I cannot express my deep gratitude to Dafa and Master in words.