(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 2019. A close friend of mine is a practitioner. He is like an older brother to me. He told me about Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) many times, but I was not interested. 

He then gave me an MP3 player with Falun Dafa content last year. I listened to some of it, which piqued my interest. I realized that Master (Li Hongzhi) was attacked unfairly and that Dafa practitioners were trying to improve their moral standards. I then decided I also wanted to practice Dafa. 

When I thanked my “big brother,” he said, “Thank Master, not me. You were predestined to practice Falun Dafa.” I did not quite understand what he was telling me but felt very happy. 

Learning to Overcome Obstacles

Since I had not learned the five exercises yet, the only thing I could do was sit in the single-lotus (cross-legged) position. After one hour, my legs really hurt. I repeated the sitting meditation for three more nights. 

On the fourth night, as soon as I sat in the single-lotus position, something caused me excruciating pain. A powerful force then seized it and expelled it through my arm. I realized that Master was cleansing my body. After that, I felt a huge sense of relief, as if I’d become a new person. My heart was filled with joy! 

The next day, I asked my “big brother” to teach me the five exercises. I could not do the double-lotus position for the sitting meditation, so I put one leg on top of the other and that knee was almost a foot above the floor. Even in that position, I still felt intense pain. This bothered me and continued for many days.

Master Li said: 

“If you cannot relinquish the attachment or concern for illness, we cannot do anything and will be unable to help you.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

It suddenly dawned on me that I was too focused on the pain and wanted relief. This became an attachment. I realized I should focus on the exercise, not on my feelings. 

A Dream of Reaching Consummation 

One night, I had a dream. I was trying to catch up with a home-bound bus. The bus was scheduled to leave momentarily, so I started to run to the bus station. I saw many practitioners and their relatives on the bus already. A tall practitioner was checking names off on a roster. I heard my name called. But the bus was an open wagon without a door, and I needed help to get in. Before that could happen, I woke up. 

I was disappointed. Then I thought, “Master has made arrangements for everyone. All practitioners’ names are on that roster. No genuine practitioner will be left out!”

I hope all practitioners cultivate diligently. We will eventually board the big bus to return to our true home.

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