(Minghui.org) I moved to the United States more than a decade ago because I was persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party for practicing Falun Dafa. I called home on June 8 of this year and heard my father’s melancholic voice on the other end: “Your mother suddenly had stroke symptoms yesterday morning. She can’t speak or walk. Your brother took her to the hospital. Your sister is on her way home from Shanghai. She should arrive soon.” I comforted my father, telling him not to be too worried and to take care of himself.

I called my sister after I got off the phone with my father. She was on the train and would be reaching our parents’ place in about half an hour. She had learned about our mother’s mishap yesterday and immediately bought tickets to travel home. Her daughter had exams coming up, and her husband was busy with work. She was very worried about my mother and had no choice but to leave them home.

I told her that the best thing to do was to get my mother to recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good.”

My sister is not a practitioner. In the past, I have often told her to remember that Falun Dafa is good. I cited cases where people miraculously recovered from incurable diseases or averted danger through reciting these phrases. She believed what I told her. My parents were skeptical however. Whenever I spoke to them about Falun Dafa on the phone, they changed the subject. I knew that they were afraid the phone was tapped, and they would be persecuted by the CCP. My sister said uneasily, “Mom cannot say anything now, what should I do?” I told her she could recite the phrases by our mom’s ear and get her to recite them in her heart. It would also work if my sister chanted the phrases on my mother’s behalf. My sister agreed.

I called my sister the next day. She was in the hospital. Our mother was on an intravenous drip. My sister had stayed overnight in the hospital to take care of our mom, and she was exhausted. I asked her if she had told mom to recite the phrases. She said that she had. Our mother was willing to recite them and asked my sister to write down the words so that she could remember them. Our mom could only say one or two words at that time.

My sister held the phone next to our mom. She called my name with great difficulty. I said to her, “Mom, don’t worry, you will be fine.” I instructed my sister to keep reminding her to recite the phrases, because it would be more effective that way.

When I spoke to my sister on the third day, she said our mom was taking a stroll in the corridor. I was surprised and delighted, “Mom can walk so soon!” My sister reported that she could walk just like a normal person. However, she still could not speak very clearly and could only manage to speak a few simple words. I reminded my sister again of the importance of getting her to chant the phrases. I told her our mom would definitely recover soon.

On the fourth day, my father told me that the doctors had examined my mother. They said her condition was not serious, and that she did not have a cerebral infarction. They planned to take an MRI the next day and see what happened. This time my father spoke with energy, and he seemed to be in better spirits.

My sister told me on the fifth day that our mom had done the MRI and the results would be out the next day. She said that mother was getting better now. Both my mother and sister had gone home overnight to have a good sleep. Our mom had even rushed to help my sister with the bags, and her speech had improved too.

When I next called home, my sister told me that according to the MRI results, the blood vessel walls in our mom’s brain were very smooth, so it was therefore not easy for blockages to develop. If her recovery was good, she would be able to speak like before. Everyone in our family was elated to hear the doctor’s diagnosis. My mother and sister returned home to sleep every night, and went back to the hospital in the morning for an intravenous drip.

A week later, my sister returned to Shanghai. My brother took our mother home from the hospital every night, and they returned each morning for the intravenous drip. Twelve days later, my mother was discharged from the hospital.

I spoke to her a few times after she got home. She was fine, although she still had trouble speaking long sentences. I continued to remind her to recite the phrases.

I rang home a few days ago. I could hear that my father was in great spirits. He then passed the phone to my mother. She kept telling me to wear a mask when I go to work and to not be complacent because the coronavirus is still very severe in the U.S. I was astonished to hear that she was speaking in a loud and energetic voice. I said, “Mom, you’ve recovered so soon. You talk like you used to. You must not stop reciting Falun Dafa is good.” She said happily, “I recite it, I keep reciting it.”

I am grateful to Falun Dafa and Master for saving my mother’s life.