(Minghui.org) By chance, I met a 90-year-old man and introduced him to Falun Dafa. He has since harvested true happiness!

One day, an elderly man accidentally left his camera at my place. I ran after him and returned the camera. He was very grateful and said, “You did not pocket what you found. There are so few people like you nowadays. Thank you so much.” I said, “Don't thank me, thank Falun Dafa's Master (Li Hongzhi). It is He who led us to become better people.”

“You Must be Careful, Don't Tell Anyone Else!”

He asked curiously, “Oh, who is your Master?” I said, “Do you know what Falun Dafa is?” He replied, “I know. You must be careful, don’t tell anyone else. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is very evil. Be careful for they will arrest you.” I said, “It’s okay. Everyone here knows that I practice Falun Dafa, and no one would disclose it to the authorities.” He said, “That's because you are such a kind person!”

I described the miraculous changes that happened to me after I began practicing Dafa. When he learned that I had changed from a man with a lot of incurable diseases to a good person who was physically and mentally healthy and cared about others, he became curious. He said that he had previously been afraid to take truth-clarification materials when they were offered, because he thought that Falun Dafa was engaging in confrontations with the CCP and “hitting stones with eggs.”

He said, “I know firsthand how bad the Communist Party is. They purged me as an alleged 'rightist' and persecuted me. As they were persecuting me, they forced my children to follow their ways. They did not allow them to call me 'Dad' and forced them to make a clean break from me. Otherwise, my whole family would be punished. 

“My wife had to raise the children alone. She broke down from constant overwork and died early. I now live alone, have no family, and no one who cares about me. My children don't respect me and never speak to me so patiently like you just did. And you don't mind that I am old. I am really happy today!” I told him to come to me if he needed any help in the future.

“Do You Dare to Read This?”

During the conversation, I learned that he was a retired official in his 90s. From his words and deeds, I could see he was well-mannered, had a broad range of knowledge, and was very kind. I thought, “Master brought him to me. He came here to learn the truth and be saved. I must let him understand the facts about Falun Dafa.”

The second time he came to my place, I held up Zhuan Falun and asked him, “Do you dare to read this?” He said, “Of course,” and took the book home. A few days later, he stopped by and told me, “I have a hard time reading because my vision is weak.” So I gave him an MP3 player containing Master Li's recorded lectures.

A few days later, when the player ran out of power, he came over again. He said that he had listened to all of the lectures. There were two other practitioners in my home that day. We talked with him about Falun Dafa and the persecution. I also showed him the video titled “Stone with Hidden Words.” 

When he saw that the cracked stone revealed the naturally formed Chinese characters “The Chinese Communist Party will perish,” he couldn't hold back his tears and became too emotional to speak. Then the practitioners continued to explain the facts to him and said, “You’re more aware of the evil deeds of the Communist Party than we are. Now Heaven wants to eradicate it. As a party member, you would be buried with it. But you will be safe if you relinquish your membership.” He asked some more questions, and we carefully answered them.

All his concerns were eliminated and he readily withdrew from the CCP. He added, “The book Zhuan Falun cures the roots and the soul. There is nothing political in there and no CCP mentality. The information it contains makes sense scientifically.” We were very happy for his understanding of the truth.

White Hair Turns Black

Later, my new friend decided to move. Before he left, I showed him the video of Master teaching the five exercises. He was reluctant to part, and I told him to keep listening to the lectures.

About a month later, he called and told me excitedly, “My hair has turned completely black, and there is not a single white hair. Someone asked me, 'Did you dye your hair?' I said, 'No.' 'Then why is your hair so black and shiny?' I looked in a mirror and was stunned. What he said was true. 

"In addition, Winter is approaching, and young people are wearing hats and thick winter coats but are still shivering from the cold. I am wearing a white tennis hat and the light clothing I used in summer, yet I still feel pretty warm. I am really blessed. Thank you so much!”

Falun Dafa is indeed miraculous. More than 100 million people have benefited both physically and mentally from practicing it. Every cultivator has come across stories like this. Our great Master has taught us the law of the universe: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, told us about the fundamentals of being a human being, and led us down the bright path of cultivation. The lives of people who enter Dafa are joyous and blessed!