(Minghui.org) I repeatedly watched the film “Eternal Fifty Minutes.” Scenes that happened 18 years ago came vividly flooding back to me.

I received an urgent phone call on the evening of March 5, 2002, from another practitioner. He asked me to help send forth righteous thoughts and said that they were doing something important. At that time most practitioners didn’t know about the TV interception. From his serious tone of voice I knew that it must be something very important and urgent. I immediately sat down and sent forth righteous thoughts. I felt I was sending out very strong energy and my entire body was enveloped in it. I later knew the important thing he mentioned was the “March 5th TV Interception in Changchun,” which shocked everyone in China and the international community.

Coincidentally, another thing that local practitioners in Changchun had to face on March 5th when the TV interception happened, was the trial in the Nanguan District Court against 13 Falun Dafa practitioners who had been previously arrested. The trial was to take place on the following day, March 6th. We practitioners cooperate as one body, and I needed to attend the trial. The sound of police sirens blaring all night on March 5th added to the tense atmosphere. I felt very depressed.

I got up very early on March 6 and lit incense for Master (to show my respect). I did as much housework as I could, and handed over money and other things that I took care of to my family members. I looked at my elderly mother, who was over 80 years old and nearly blind, and at my child, who was still a minor. I then opened the door and walked out.

As I watched Liu Chengjun looking at his child’s photo in the film, Weibo said farewell to his wife, and the other practitioners did heshi and said farewell to each other before they left the room, my tears welled up again. At that moment I felt as if I were one of the team.

On the night of March 5th, after the TV interception, while the police were crazily searching for and arresting the practitioners who were involved, some other practitioners in Changchun City hung up many truth banners near the Nanguan District Court. Many local residents had watched the practitioners’ broadcast on TV. When they came out and saw the banners about Falun Dafa on the street, they were shocked and said, “Falun Dafa has been redressed!”

On the way to the court, I saw the banners hanging along the street. The street was filled with police officers, police cars, and plainclothes officers. They stared at every person who passed by. When a female practitioner walking ahead of me was arrested for no reason, I quickly turned into an alley. I heard the residents on the street discussing the TV interception and the banners. Pointing at a doorway, one said, “Last night I saw banners hanging on this doorway, one on the left, one on the right, and a horizon one in the middle, just like the couplets we hang during the Chinese New Year.”

Because the police were searching everywhere for us, many fellow practitioners turned into that alley, and we sent forth righteous thoughts together. I met Liu Haibo and his wife there, Liu Haibo told me that the audio would be broadcast at 9:00 a.m., when the court trial was scheduled to start.

Liu Haibo and I managed to avoid the police and we reached the court. We saw another incident in front of the court. A young woman carrying her child who was about three or four years old was trying to enter the court. She was blocked and shoved by the guards. The child was scared and crying loudly. But the woman didn’t leave, and still tried to enter.

Liu Haibo and I looked at each other. We then asked the guards, “What is happening? How can you beat a woman carrying a child?” The guards noticed many people gathering at the courthouse gate, so they left the woman and went to disperse the crowd. Liu Haibo and I both left.

Shortly after, I heard that Liu Haibo had been arrested and persecuted to death in police custody. I felt extremely grieved. I only met Liu Haibo twice. Our cooperation in exposing the evil in front of the court was one of the times we met. I believe our cooperation that day was also our prehistoric promise!

From the Minghui website I later learned the name of the woman carrying her child. She was Shen Jianli, the wife of Zheng Weidong, one of the 13 arrested practitioners. I also read that she was arrested in front of the Nanguan District Court, and was persecuted to death two months later! At least two of the practitioners I met that day were persecuted to death: Liu Haibo, and Shen Jianli!

After that day, the police launched a massive search and arrested every Falun Dafa practitioner they could find.

The police attempted to try the 13 arrested practitioners once before March 6, 2002, but failed. They had planned to try them on January 14, 2002, but the local practitioners heard the news and kept calling the court, sending them truth clarification materials, and sending forth righteous thoughts. On January 14th, nearly one thousand Falun Dafa practitioners gathered on all floors and in the yard of the court, as well as on the street near the court. They explained the facts face to face to the court staffers and police officers.

One scene that happened that day was very impressive:

The officials canceled the court trial. The court staffers drove us practitioners out of the iron gate of the court and forced the 13 detained practitioners to board a prison van one by one. Those 13 practitioners all firmly walked out. We practitioners waiting outside the gate did heshi to them. The 13 practitioners also did heshi to us and looked at us with solemn expressions.

Suddenly, a teenage girl among us shouted, “Dad! Dad…” A male practitioner who was being shoved into the van looked back. He held onto the van door hard, trying not to enter. Hearing the tender and heartbreaking voice of the girl and watching the scene, every one of us was moved by the poignant moment.

The iron gate opened, and the prison van drove out slowly. The practitioners inside the van and those standing outside the gate waved to each other and did heshi. The scene was heavy, solemn, and dignified. Suddenly, one of the practitioners shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” All the other practitioners followed, “Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is good…”

The incidents described above happened before and after the “March 5th TV Interception” in Changchun. Although 18 years have passed, those scenes are still clear and vivid. As I watch the film, I feel as though it all happened yesterday.

I would like to close this article with what Jin Xuezhe said in the film:

“Eighteen years have passed. Although many of the practitioners who cooperated with me at that time passed away, we can still walk on their path, so that the entire world can hear the truth.”