(Minghui.org) (All names are aliases) In the summer of 2019, Tianci reunited with her old friend Xiaojie, whom she hadn't seen for almost 20 years. They were both excited, and Xiaojie told Tianci the things she did for her when Tianci was detained in a labor camp for being a Falun Dafa adherent.

Tianci held up a banner that said “Falun Dafa is good” on Tiananmen Square in 2000 and was arrested and sent to a forced labor camp for two years. Chief Li of the labor camp lived in the same neighborhood as Xiaojie and happened to be a good friend.

One day, Li was sitting in his yard looking unhappy. Xiaojie asked him what was wrong and Li said, “There is a Falun Dafa practitioner jailed in our labor camp. She refuses to do the work and is on a hunger strike. It is really troublesome.”

Xiaojie asked, “What is her name?” When Li said the prisoner's name, Xiaojie was shocked, “Isn’t she a friend of mine?” Then Xiaojie asked Li to write out the name to be sure that it was her friend.

Xiaojie said anxiously, “She is my best friend, be sure to treat her nicely.” From then on, Xiaojie began trying to get Tianci released. She went to the Jurisdiction Bureau, the forced labor camp, and other offices. She told the officers that Tianci was a good person who never lied. Tianci was later released on medical parole.

The friends hadn’t seen each other for many years and had lost contact. When Xiaojie learned that Tianci was experiencing hardship, she was not afraid. She supported her without hesitation. However, Tianci didn't know what her friend had done to help her.

When they reunited, Xiaojie told Tianci what happened, and that all the police officers who helped Tianci had been promoted. By contrast, the leaders of the forced labor camp, except Chief Li, were jailed for bribery. They had received retribution for persecuting practitioners. Li was blessed and stayed safe because he helped Tianci.

Tianci later learned that Xiaojie was, unknowingly, also blessed. Xiaojie’s son had a serious health problem that began in childhood, and he had two kidney transplants. Only nine years after the first transplant, he needed a second one. Seventeen years had passed since the second surgery, and the transplanted kidney was still working well. Wasn’t this a blessing from Dafa?

After that meeting, Tianci visited Xiaojie and brought her a pamphlet and USB drive containing information about Falun Dafa, as well as a video teaching the five exercises. She also clarified the truth to Xiaojie and her son. The mother and son then agreed to announce their withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

When they met again, Xaiojie told Tianci, “When my son comes home now, the first thing he does is read the information on the USB drive, and he doesn’t want to stop. Now I know how attractive Falun Dafa is!”

Tianci visited Xiaojie again two months later and gave her a recording of Master Li teaching the Fa in Guangzhou, the exercise music, and a recording of two pieces of music, titled Pudu and Jishi.

On another occasion, Tianci went to her friend's home and gave the mother and son a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. Her son said he couldn’t see the characters clearly, so Tianci went home and fetched her mother’s book that had a larger font. Before the Chinese New Year, Tianci went to Xiaojie’s home with three other practitioners, and they all shared their cultivation experiences with them.

During the pandemic lockdown period in February of this year, Tianci went to see Xiaojie. Just as they entered the residential area where Xiaojie lived, they saw the mother and son coming out.

When the son saw them, he immediately walked up and exclaimed, “Aunt Tianci, after I finished reading Zhuan Falun, I saw Master Li's law body. I have learned all the exercise movements according to the book The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection. Will you come to my home and correct my movements?”

Tianci was very happy. They went to the family's home and Tianci corrected the boy’s movements. Tianci said to him, “Master has been taking care of you and your mother for many years because your mother helped a Dafa disciple during a very difficult time, which was a great thing to do.”

“Please remember: ‘It is difficult to acquire a human body; it is difficult to be born in the Middle Land; and it is even more difficult to attain the righteous Fa. If you can obtain these three things, you have supreme luck.’ Be sure to cherish what you have and follow Master Li to return to your true home.”

Xiaojie and her son later became Dafa practitioners. Tianci felt joy for them from the bottom of her heart.

Looking back, Tianci and Xiaojie met 40 years ago because of their favorable predestined relationship. Xiaojie later helped Tianci when she was being persecuted. This led them to meet again 20 years later, and paved the way for Xiaojie and her son to obtain the Fa.