(Minghui.org) With the sudden arrival of the CCP virus, the lively City of Wuhan became a ghost town. Many people died of the pandemic, and many were terrified. During the Eve of the Chinese New Year, the lockdowns were everywhere. Public transportation stopped, and shops were closed. People were anxious and worried about their life, and the entire city was in crisis.

As the night fell, I went out for a walk. I felt trapped at home and needed some air to relieve the pressure of fear. I felt even more nervous as I walked since the streets were deserted.

I looked around and saw a familiar light. I recognized it as the small supermarket that I often went to. The store was open, so I walked over and went in. I became more relaxed. I knew that the store was owned and staffed by Falun Dafa practitioners. I admired them for their serving the residents’ needs non-stop.

After that, I visited this store frequently. I heard customers say, “I know you practice Falun Dafa, that is why I come here.”

The salesperson told them: “Please remember that Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, it will keep you safe.”

Another customer came to the store and said, “You have everything we need, such a relief!”

Another customer announced, “Falun Dafa is good!” as they walked into the store.

The customers left the store with a smile on their face. I was happy for them because I knew that they would be safe, and have a good future.

Tonight, I went out for another walk and saw the familiar soft light again. That light reminds me of the warm environment inside, the smiling faces, and hope for humans.