(Minghui.org) An article titled “Incidents that Led to Evil 'Enlightenment' due to Strong Attachments” by a Dafa practitioner in Japan was published on the Chinese Minghui Website on June 23. It talked about a woman surnamed Chen (whom we call Chen Nv hereinafter), a practitioner from Singapore (originally from mainland China) who visited Japan in March this year. She went around and organized group sharings with local practitioners about her “high-level understandings of Fa principles,” which seriously disrupted the local cultivation environment in Japan.

It was said in the article that dozens of local practitioners were confused and misled by Chen Nv's alluring and deceiving words that encouraged them to try to “break through In-Triple-World Fa” and deal with interference from their Assistant Soul by retrieving “magic Fa tools” they had left somewhere in the three realms before descending to the human world.

Chen Nv was also said to have organized her followers to oppose members of the local Falun Dafa Association, accusing the latter of “blocking the cultivation path of others,” “disrupting the Fa,” and “persecuting genuine Dafa disciples” and so on and so forth.

The Japanese practitioners said that Chen Nv had close contact with a male practitioner surnamed Chen (whom we call Chen Nan hereinafter) in China through software. Chen Nv revealed that Chen Nan in China knew everything she shared with practitioners in Japan and that Chen Nan claimed that he was a dragon and that others were all kings of animal worlds below him, and that he was looking for “those who had cultivated well,” etc.

My husband and I were in great shock when we saw Chen Nan's name mentioned in the article, because not only did we know him, but we had also unwittingly done something wrong, which encouraged him to “search for Fa tools,” and by and by he deviated from the Fa.

We would like to share what we know about Chen Nan in China so that fellow practitioners would know the whole story, become clearheaded, and return to the righteous cultivation path.

Who Is Chen Nan in Mainland China?

Chen Nan, mentioned in the article, is a male in his 30s. He is from Shandong Province and started practicing Dafa in 2008 while he was a university student. He was unlawfully arrested in 2010 while still a student and again in February 2014 when he was working in Beijing. He was later sentenced to four years in prison.

My husband and I met him in early 2018 and learned that he was also a coordinator in his local area before he was arrested. After he was released, he went to work at a company run by a Dafa practitioner.

When we met him, we noticed that he was desperate to achieve something in life, and he was also facing some great difficulties with his parents. We reminded him to study the Fa more often. We didn't have much contact with him afterwards.

He contacted us again all of a sudden toward the end of August in 2019, saying that he was passing by and wanted to meet us to share some understandings. We met up with him and learned that he had changed jobs, still not settled down, and still had difficulties with his parents. But he didn't say much about Fa study and cultivation. We sympathized with him and hoped that he would soon settle down and cultivate solidly in Dafa.

As we were about to finish our chat, my husband mentioned a book written by a fellow practitioner in Taiwan about measuring energy levels. It's a book for everyday people to help them break away from atheist notions. Chen was very interested in the book and borrowed it to read.

When he came to return the book at the end of October, he talked with great enthusiasm and excitement about how profoundly he was inspired by the book. We were a bit taken aback but still enjoyed listening to him out of curiosity.

He told us that according to the methods in the book, he worked out that he was the god carrying an ax in the painting, “The Pledge,” and that the ax was his “Fa tool.” He said that his energy was greatly enhanced since he found his “Fa tool.”

This was how it all started with “looking for Fa tools” mentioned in the sharing by the Japanese practitioner.

Chen Nan also told us that he was helping others finding their “Fa tools” and offered to help us as well; he also talked about his previous lives with a tone of showing off.

Even though my husband had doubts about what Chen was talking about, he seemed to be completely captivated by what he was hearing and went along with him. I didn't feel quite right about what Chen Nan was saying, either, especially when he said that my husband and I were kings from animal worlds. “How could we be animals?” I thought.

However, I did not say anything to challenge him at the time, for fear that he might think that I was being narrow-minded. So, instead of pointing out his problems, I hypocritically praised him for his active thinking. Looking back, I feel utterly ashamed for being so selfish!

After he left, we thought about it and felt what he was doing was wrong. We sent him a letter the next day, making it clear that we did not want him to find “Fa tools” for us and hope that he would calm down and cultivate solidly in Dafa. 

We mentioned this to another practitioner who also knows Chen. He felt that it was a serious matter, so we decided to have a sharing with Chen together.

The three of us met with Chen a few weeks later and shared with him: Master has already given us the powerful Falun, and there is no reason for us to seek any other magic tools. We hope that he would focus more on cultivation and pay attention to every single thought he had in mind.

Even though we tried to help him, we failed to realize that he was actually disrupting the Fa, and we didn't take it as seriously as we should. I remember that he seemed to listen to us while we were talking, but as soon as we finished, he started spouting his stuff nonstop. 

We have never heard from him since, and it came as a shock when we read the aforementioned sharing by the Japanese practitioner on the Minghui website. We failed to point out to Chen that he was being interfered with by a demon from his own mind, and our advice to him was only shallow and superficial, mixed with selfish sentimentality.

From our limited acquaintance with Chen, we can see that he was facing a lot of pressure and conflicts after he was released from jail. Instead of dealing with them with the guidance of the Fa principles and cultivating himself, he opted to avoid them and tried to validate his own worth by seeking external forces or supernormal abilities. He fell victim to demons as a result and is being used to disrupt the Fa.

It's shocking to realize that a few practitioners in mainland China who failed to cultivate solidly have caused such serious interference among fellow practitioners in Japan.

In fact, the evil “enlightenment” advocated by Chen Nan in mainland China and Chen Nv from Singapore is all delusion and easy to see through when measured with the Fa principles.

Cultivation is indeed a serious matter. We sincerely hope that Dafa practitioners in Japan will quickly awaken and stay away from such interference. When there is no room for it, evil will naturally perish.

Let us all cultivate solidly in Dafa, as there are absolutely no shortcuts.

The above is only my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.