(Minghui.org) Several practitioners in our region who claimed to be “on a special mission,” organized meetings in more than a dozen counties and districts under the jurisdiction of our city, and Xinzhou, Datong, Guangling in Shanxi Province, as well as Xilinhot in Inner Mongolia. They used the excuse of helping fellow practitioners break through sickness karma, rescuing fellow practitioners, instructing how to send forth righteous thoughts, and giving suggestions for overall improvement. These “special meetings” during which people gave speeches to practitioners usually have dozens or even a hundred attendees. The speakers have designated drivers (fellow practitioners) to pick them up and drop them off at various meeting places, and what they talk about is all about how well they have done.

One of the practitioners was persecuted and sentenced for many years. After being released from prison, she did not contact other practitioners and interact or read the Fa with them, but instead she wandered around. These practitioners say things like, “Everyone is a coordinator.” They look for practitioners who are willing to cooperate with them and provide an audience for them. They identify the people in each county who are willing to invite them to conduct these so-called sharings as coordinators. They used this technique to coordinate a large area in our region, as well as some cities in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia. Some practitioners talked with them and pointed out their problems, but they refused to listen.

During their “sharing” meetings, they vigorously promote exhibition boards, banners, and pendants. When fellow practitioners pointed out that this was extreme behavior, they said, “Whoever doesn't cooperate or doesn't do it is not diligent and not keeping up with the Fa-rectification progress.” At a meeting of nearly 100 people, they said, “Whoever doesn't cooperate and use these exhibition boards will go to hell.” At their urging, some practitioners put up exhibition boards and asked fellow practitioners to pose as people standing in front of the boards, and took photos of them. They wanted to publish the photos on Minghui to show off the effectiveness of their exhibition boards.

A practitioner in our area was recently arrested and detained. Examining what happened, some practitioners recalled that this practitioner provided a “communication environment” several times for those who traveled around for these “sharing meetings.” The meetings often involved dozens, even a hundred people who were invited by local organizers. The speaker boasted how well he or she has done and the listeners constantly expressed admiration. Many people didn't pay attention to safety, and brought mobile phones with them, which sometimes rang while they were talking. Some practitioners who blindly follow them have been involved in car accidents, or their cars were confiscated by police on the way to a meeting. But they still refused to realize they had a problem.

I think the reason for this and other extreme behaviors and obvious failure to meet the Fa standards among Dafa disciples in our region is because there are omissions in our group. We did not pay attention to Master’s teachings on this subject when the problem was pointed out by the Minghui editorial article “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa.”

In “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa” published in a Minghui editorial on May 4, 2013, it was clearly stated:

There are no shortcuts in cultivation. There may well be many similarities between the issues faced by Dafa disciples inside China and elsewhere. Then it stands to ask: Do these issues that are emerging in the final period—where something that’s done seems right but is in fact wrong—and such disruptions of the Fa amount to a sifting of the sand? One can only become true gold by rectifying one’s attitude toward cultivation, learning to take the Fa as teacher, truly cultivating inwardly instead of depending on others’ instructions, elevating xinxing with the Fa’s guidance, and meeting the Fa’s requirements.

As Dafa disciples we must be cautious about holding experience sharing conferences. Master set a precedent for us. Fa conferences mustn’t be held too frequently, and papers must be screened so that there are no papers that promote and elevate words and actions that go against the Fa at the conference. Coordinators should not have the attachment of trying to one-up each other, competing, seeking fame, and validating themselves. Coordinators mustn’t take people that they don’t know well to the homes of other practitioners and material production sites. Helping fellow practitioners is the right thing to do, but whenever human attachments and demon nature get mixed in, it will be taken advantage of by the evil. It is a boundless sin to mislead Dafa practitioners and disrupt the Fa: could you ever pay for it?

Again it should be said: Holding special sessions at which people give speeches to practitioners, or traveling around expressly to “share understandings” with practitioners, amounts to disrupting the Fa. For people who are able to do such things in China at a time when the CCP still persecutes Falun Gong, there must be complex factors at work behind the scenes. We would like to remind everyone to take to heart the articles that Master has written for us Dafa disciples: “A Heavy Blow,” “Bear in Mind Forever,” “Cultivators’ Avoidances,” and “Stability of the Fa.” It would be best to memorize them and measure oneself against them. 

The practitioner who was arrested and detained read this Minghui editorial and also felt that it was inappropriate to invite and organize such “sharing meetings.” But a few others had a different understanding, thinking that regardless of who organizes it, it is a good thing as long as it's beneficial to fellow practitioners, and only certain individuals inviting practitioners to such touring experience sharing meetings made it possible, and able to continue over the years.

In cultivation, we should never do anything based on our own notions. We should take the Fa as our guide. For general guidance we should look at Minghui.org. Of course there are also some practitioners who remain silent, as if this situation has nothing to do with them. The cultivation of us Dafa disciples is serious, and we can only choose to follow the path of righteous cultivation that firmly upholds the Fa. I believe that we should not only look at the superficial reasons why a fellow practitioner was arrested, but also look from the Fa's perspective for the root cause of why the evil took advantage of our loopholes. Let's not give the old forces any excuses to persecute us.

Some of our local practitioners have lost their lives due to persecution. Some have lost their lives due to their illness karma, and others have died in car accidents. Does this have nothing to do with the xinxing of each one of us? Some practitioners don't cultivate their speech, and constantly create gaps among practitioners. The reckless actions inadvertently play the role of splitting the whole body. 

Some are obsessed with the speaker's so-called ability and eloquence, and become dissatisfied with the local coordinator, to the point that they talk about overthrowing the current ones and arranging new coordinators. These have kept the local area from eliminating gaps among practitioners for many years, and instances of persecution continue to occur.

I would like to ask all local practitioners to look inward and see what role each of us has played in this process, whether positive or negative. Ask yourself if it was arranged by Master or by the old forces? We should be true disciples of Master, and not be driven by human thoughts to go our own way. We should harmonize the whole body to minimize losses, and completely disintegrate the persecution. Let's look inward, strive forward diligently together, and follow the path arranged by Master.