(Minghui.org) Several members of my family and I practice Falun Dafa and we recently discussed cultivation. Some have only practiced for a year or two. One who has practiced for over 20 years said something that touched me. He said, “One should put oneself in the lowest position and maintain a humble mind.”

Reflecting on my behavior, I realized I did poorly in this respect. I often write articles for practitioners’ websites and have often validated myself myself when I did. My attachments to zealotry and showing off would surface every time one of my articles was published.

I know that zealotry and showing off are attachments to validating myself and that a practitioner needs to eliminate them. I sent forth righteous thoughts to get rid of them, but the attachments reappeared again the next time one of my articles was published. I would send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them again. This went on in cycles. I felt helpless.

I was bothered by this for a long time. What my fellow practitioner said—“One should put oneself at the lowest position and maintain a humble mind”—helped me. It pointed out the root cause of my human attachment.

I am only a tiny life in this universe. My being able to write an article or do something for Dafa is because of the wisdom and abilities that Master gave me. I am nothing without Master and Dafa. I am the lowest, humblest life in front of benevolent Master. Putting oneself in the lowest position and keeping a humble mind is the fundamental mindset a practitioner needs in order to truly cultivate himself. This is clearly something I need to do. I feel this is the starting point for me to evaluate my cultivation state and to have respect for Master and Dafa.