(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. I was not married, so I often went with other practitioners to different places to spread Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong).

Immersed in the Buddha Fa, I felt very happy and fulfilled. After former leader Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, however, our group no longer met to study the Fa teachings together.

I was newly married and gave up cultivation. Fortunately, benevolent Master didn’t give up on me, and, with practitioners’ help, I returned to cultivation in 2005.

After I began to cultivate again, I encountered a lot of interference. For example, my mother-in-law practiced Christianity, and she believed the lies put out by the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP). As a result, she was against Falun Gong and so was my husband.

I understood that I lagged far behind in my cultivation and had to make up for lost time. I needed to study the Fa more and hold myself more strictly to Dafa's requirements. I have now been going to group study every week.

Distributing Dafa Informational Materials

After work I got home from work, I faced household chores, so the only time I could distribute fliers in nearby villages was late evenings.

With Master protecting me, I was not scared to go out late at night. I left after sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight, and by the time I returned home, it was almost dawn.

There are usually a lot of dogs in the countryside, but when I started distributing Dafa materials to each household, most of the time the dogs didn’t make a sound—they just barked occasionally. I would sent righteous thoughts, and they would stop. One time, just as I was putting a brochure on a door, I heard a big dog breathing heavily. I said, “Don’t bark!” And it didn’t. I was no longer scared of dogs barking. Sometimes when one dog started barking, all the other dogs would follow. I quickly distributed the brochures while sending righteous thoughts, then left.

One time, after I’d passed out fliers from one end of town to the other and was heading back, I heard people talking as they came toward me. I wasn't scared and didn't think of hiding, when all of a sudden the lights went out.

As soon as I got on the main road, someone on a motorcycle headed toward me and stopped. It was very late, and the road was empty. I thought the person was coming after me, but I walked up to him while sending righteous thoughts. When I reached him, he asked me for directions.

I could feel Master protecting me again.

Family Tribulation Did Not Stop My Cultivation

At that time, we lived in a courtyard, and whenever I opened the door, it was very noisy.

Every time I went out, my mother-in-law could hear me. Because she didn’t want me to go out, she’d lock the door from the inside. When I came back, I realized I couldn’t get in, but I didn’t want to knock on the door and disturb my neighbors. The main road passes in front of our house, and it wouldn’t look good if I just sat there and waited until morning.

I started to walk away, but then I thought, “I was doing the most righteous thing. I should go inside proudly—my family must open the door for me.” As soon as I knocked on the door, my husband let me in. He asked me if I was out distributing fliers, and I told him not to worry about it. From then on when I went out, he no longer questioned me.

After my husband and I divorced around 2011, I began leaving fliers at apartments in nearby buildings. I covered several buildings each time I went out.

When practitioners were handing out truth-clarification DVDs, I began to distribute them in person. I also made truth-clarification phone calls, and sometimes I’d go with other practitioners to the market to tell people the facts about Falun Dafa, and help them quit the CCP.

Displaying the Goodness of Dafa

I have been arrested and illegally detained twice for telling people about Falun Dafa. I also submitted a lawsuit to bring former leader Jiang Zemin to justice, so I was arrested and detained.

I was released after I made a breakthrough under Master’s protection. Thinking back, I found where I felt short.

It was due to my not studying the teachings enough, my lack of righteous thoughts, my harboring an attachment to doing things, and my not paying enough attention to my safety.

When I was detained, my husband was under great pressure. When he asked me to give up cultivation, I told him I would rather die. When he had an affair in 2011, I didn’t argue with him or fight with the other woman. I just asked him to be considerate of our son and his parents.

He still wouldn’t change his mind about a divorce, because the other woman was pregnant and she had divorced her husband. Shortly after, my husband asked me for a divorce again, and I agreed, but I kept custody of our son. My ex-husband gave us a monthly allowance of 600 yuan. We settled the divorce amicably.

My mother-in-law cried when she heard about our divorce. I promised to take care of her, which I did. People in her neighborhood and our residential area all thought highly of me. I let my words and actions show people how wonderful Falun Dafa is.

After my divorce, I found a caretaker job. I could study the Fa at my break and print Dafa informational materials at night.

Doing the Most Righteous Thing

Whenever I had a weekend day off, I’d participate in our group Fa-study. We met in a residential area at a senior practitioner’s rented home. Three years ago, that practitioner moved out, and we lost our Fa-study site. I thought, “If we don’t have a study group, how can we possibly form one-body?”

So, I invited the practitioners to come to my home to study the Fa. At that time, I was under a lot of pressure, and I also was fearful because I had been arrested three times. If many people came—so many coming and going—it might not be safe. I was also afraid that my neighbors would gossip when they saw so many visitors coming to my home.

Then I thought, “If I only do what is right, I should not be afraid. And what should I be afraid of with benevolent Master by my side? What I am doing is the most righteous thing, and whoever comes to my home is coming for the most righteous reason. I should let go of all attachments to harmonize the one-body.”

So that others could study as usual, I left the key to my apartment with a senior practitioner, who would open the door for others when I wasn’t around.

I thought, “Master, for practitioners, everything we have should be good. We should have enough time to do the three things. Our finances should not be a major issue, and we should have regular days off. Master, please help your disciple find a good job.” Soon enough, that came to be. My new job was basically the same but with less work, four days off every month, and better pay.

Beginning last year, a few of us decided to make good use of our one day off every week by sending righteous thoughts towards our local police, procuratorate, and the 610 Office in the morning, followed by group Fa-study in the afternoon.

There have, however, been many things that I did not do well, especially after I was released from police custody. I became a bit hesitant about telling people I knew the truth about Falun Dafa.

I still have many attachments, such as to showing off, zealotry, lust, and self-interest. I also have difficulty cultivating my speech.

I will cultivate more diligently and do the three things well.