(Minghui.org) I was arrested and detained at the police station for one day in May 2020. While there, I sent forth righteous thoughts for the entire day until I was released around 9 p.m.

I went to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping one morning at the end of May 2020. Two police officers approached me, saying that someone reported me for handing out Falun Gong materials. After they found a truth-clarification brochure in my purse and a few amulets, they arrested me.

I said, “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!” I explained to members of the public what was happening. One elderly lady said, “They only arrest good people and let bad ones off the hook.”

Before I got into the vehicle, a person handed in a bag of Falun Gong informational materials to the police officers. I was put into solitary confinement at the police station.

Adjacent to the room where I was held was the duty room, where police officers could clearly watch people in my room. Between these two rooms, there was an iron railing door and windows. The duty room had a couch by the wall, a few iron rings in the wall, and some handcuffs hanging in each ring.

Upon hearing that I was a practitioner, the officer on duty began to swear. He voiced his contempt loudly because of his misunderstanding of Falun Gong. When hearing that a Falun Gong practitioner had been arrested, quite a few police officers came to take a curios look at me. They also looked through the bag of truth-clarification materials.

A Hint to Send Forth Righteous Thoughts

After 8 p.m., a few people were brought into the room where I was held. Some were brought in for tax offenses, others had been in a fight. The police officer on duty said to me, “Since you practice Falun Gong, you can do the exercises.” He pointed to the others in the same room, “You follow her to learn the exercises.” Then he asked me to hurry up and show them the exercises.

I suddenly enlightened that Master was hinting I should clean this environment. I felt that Master was by my side! My righteous thoughts were amplified as was my confidence. I was so calm with no trace of fear. Then I said to people, “Let’s do the exercises.” I sat in the lotus position and erected my palm to send forth righteous thoughts. One of them tried to mimic me but failed, though his attempt made a few others laugh.

The police officer on duty said to me sharply, “Your mind is not clear, you are not serious enough. Don’t talk, do it seriously. Your hand posture is off, you should do it like this.” Then he did the lotus palm gesture to show me. I thought it must have been Master using him to remind me to seize this opportunity to send forth righteous thoughts in this evil den. Immediately I became very quiet.

Right then I experienced interference. A skinny police officer who looked very vicious told me his name and said, “I am the boss here.” Then he demanded that I tell him my name and my address. I said to him with a peaceful smile, “These are not important, only awakening your conscience counts.” He said, “Who is helping me? I am the one who is helping you.”

He asked me to hold my head up for him to take a picture. I didn’t comply and instead covered my face. He saw it and threatened me by saying, “Wait until we give you a good beating later. You will see if we dare beat you or not.”

When he couldn’t get any of my personal information out of me, he began to curse me using dirty language. I still smiled and advised him that only by believing “Falun Dafa is wonderful” could one escape from the current calamity, be saved, and have a future.

In the end, he became very upset and said, “I’ll come back in a little while. If you say nothing, at a minimum you’ll be subjected to a 24-hour interrogation, then we’ll take you to Gaotou Detention Center.”

Leaving the Police Station after Sending Righteous Thoughts

After he left, it was very quiet. I was focused on sending forth righteous thoughts. In my righteous thoughts, I added, “Eliminate every evil being and factor persecuting Dafa practitioners in the dimensional field of this police station; dismantle the evil lies against Dafa infused into police officers’ minds. Master, please save those police officers as well as the other detainees.”

I sent forth righteous thoughts and only when I got tired did I put my legs down from the lotus position for a while. I had my hands in the big lotus hand position when I heard someone saying, “Look, it’s blossoming, a lotus is blossoming.”

In the afternoon, I alternated between sending forth righteous thoughts and reciting the Fa. On that day, at around 3 p.m., a person who looked like a supervisor came to take a look at me. I overheard him saying, “This person is not from our area, she does not belong to us.” The police station was very quiet for the rest of the day.

At 9 p.m., the skinny police officer came back. Seeing me sitting there with my palm erect, he shouted at me, “What are you still doing here? Go!” I thought he’d come to interrogate me but when I asked for a paper cup for drinking water, he asked me, “Why do you need a cup?” I then realized what he really meant: he wanted me to leave. So I grabbed my purse and left the police station.

It was amazing. In 2015, I had been illegally detained at the police station for 15 days for handing out one truth-clarification DVD. I’d never have believed how I managed to leave that police station until it happened. It was because of sending forth righteous thoughts for the entire day.

At the time when I was walking out of the police station, I overheard the skinny police officer talking on the phone reporting about me to someone. It seemed whoever he was talking to no longer had any interest in dealing with matters concerning Falun Gong and wanted to shirk their responsibility.

Clarifying the Truth Results in Positive Changes

I came to enlighten that putting in consistent effort for over two decades in clarifying the facts to people has resulted in positive changes in people, the global environment, and China. Therefore, every little change in the human world involved practitioners’ efforts, as well as painstaking contributions and tremendous suffering by Master.

For instance, Master gave me the opportunity of sending forth righteous thoughts in the police station then strengthened me so that I could send such strong righteous thoughts for more than 10 hours, until I safely returned home.

When I walked out of the police station, it was very dark outside. I couldn’t see where I was going nor find a cab but Master arranged for a kindhearted young man to help me find a ride. Once again, I truly felt how secure and happy I was having Master around. 

The experience from that day made me feel that our Master is truly compassionate. Master has been using all kinds of opportunities to temper us, enhance our righteous thoughts, and increase our confidence. I’m determined to walk the last leg of our journey well, not let down Master, and cultivate myself well.